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Pedestrianized urban areas - pedestrians crossing streets, residential tiles with no road access

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I have returned to playing SC4K after quite some time off and I started toying with the old idea of mine of making largely pedestrianized cities with bus rapid transit serving as the major/only means for longer journeys. This was inspired by some exploration of how such systems work in some cities with intelligent urban planning that I've enjoyed during my recent travels (see, I even make my travel plans according to how can I develop my SimCities!)

Using pedmalls, HOV lane markings and bus blocking tiles, I have reached really great results here, seems like the Maxis simulators really do reflect the reality quite well. People walk to wherever they can, take the buses etc. They even walk far longer than they should, but then given that pedmalls are the size of the house ;) I guess they also bike around.

I have two small issues tho, which are more visual in nature than anything else:

  1. Pedestrian crossings - unless I am mistaken, my pedestrians won't cross streets. They will go to a street through a pedmall. They will follow the street. But they won't cross the street perpendicularly to the traffic to continue on a pedmall on the other side of the street. More specifically, they also seem unable to cross a road tile with a road-top bus stop on tip. This makes me use the pedbridge tiles that come default in the pedmall tile menu, but those are, with all due respect, quite unsightly for the low-rise, low-density residential environments I am developing. If pathing works for those, I was wondering if there was a pedestrian crossing tile that works the same, but is essentially flat?
  2. Residential tiles requiring road access - to most of you this is "d'oh", but I have only now "discovered" that while for commercial tiles a pedmall in front of it is enough for it to be "connected", for a residential tile it isn't so, they do need at least a street adjoining from any direction. This does work well with rowhousing with parking in the rear, where the entrance faces the pedmall and the back with parking adjoins the street (even if the fences that pop out make little sense), but I could certainly up the density (and balance out the gigantic pedmall tiles) if I could get rid of the extra tile of network per residential tile. Any way around it?

I guess I might not be the first person to raise those issues, so there either is a nice mod or set of plugins to alleviate those, or they were discovered to be impossible to overcome, but I am too daft to find any trace of those.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Pedestrians won't jaywalk. They'll only cross streets at intersections. However, I know you can find some pedestrian crossing bridges on the STEX. What I don't know is if they're functional. It's worth checking out though.

But residential zones always requires road access. This is hard coded into the game and can't be changed.

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  • Original Poster
  • Fatherted, you're my hero! Please tell me you will make them work with Euro street skins and sandstone textures :D


    How about waiving the "street connection requirement" for houses tho, y'all?

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    NAM's ped-mall tiles are technically "roads", only they don't provide car access.

    Did you connect the ped-malls at the residential end to a mass-transit station?

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  • Original Poster
  • All my pedmalls connect to roadtop bus stations at some point, most of them are running perpendicularly to a road on which the roadtop bus stops are placed. The PedMall tiles are ostensibly insufficiently "road" for the simulator, as when the residential tile is only connected to the network with pedmalls and no roads/streets, it gets a "no car" zot.

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    Residential buildings need the option to take a car, you cannot force sims to always use public transport, because High Wealth especially has a bias towards cars. If they don't find that car route, they throw a tantrum and leave. Low Wealth will generally work well since they don't have any bias towards cars, just towards public transport and whatever's fastest, but they still need access to things using a car.

    You can trick it though into trying to use it and failing, defaulting to pedestrian anyway.

    Normally, simply a network tile with a car path on it is sufficient to provide the car 'option', but the pedmall tiles don't provide car paths for obvious reasons.

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    Lately I've found pedmalls to be very handy for things like little commercial malls where I would otherwise have built parks or just planted trees. When zoning only two tiles deep with my 2 x 1 lots, I find I sometimes have an area that is five tile wide. So I put 2 x 1 residential on the outside of this, a set of 2 x 1 C on the inside backing them and a ped mall in the middle. Makes a nice mid-town residential/commercial block.

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      • By Handyman
        Can someone point me to the english readme for this mod? It looks interesting but I would like to know more about it.
        NAM PedMallTiles FaceLift MOD
      • By CheshireKate
        I'm attempting to build a city in which car usage is minimized. To that end, I've added a small industrial area in which contains no roads of any kind, only railroads and pedestrian malls. It has grown nicely, and people are getting to work by taking the tram to their nearest train station and hopping on the train to the industrial area. On the surface, it looks like everything is running nicely:

        But let's take a look at where all the freight is going:

        It looks like all of the factories are sending their goods along the train to the connection with the neighbouring city instead of sending it to the port. I'll note that the neighbouring connection is quite a ways off screen and that even the furthest factory from the seaport is still significantly closer to the port than it is to the next city. As a result, every one of my factories that sends freight has "long" freight times.

        As you can see, the seaport has a railway connection, and it is connected to the rail system. It also has a "road" connection via pedway to the train station, so it has workers too.

        Can anyone explain to me why nobody ships their freight through this port? It is a CDK3 Container Seaport which accepts rail connections, but its used capacity is 0.

        The second issue is that this industrial area is fairly hilly. It's actually relatively flat compared to the surrounding areas, and I spent quite a bit of time smoothing the bumps and making the grade from the coast up to the hill that acts as a buffer between this area and my R/C neighbourhoods as gentle as possible:

        However, if you zoom in on some of these diagonal train stations, you can see they look absolutely terrible when put on a slope. Not only that, but many of the pedestrian malls are half-buried under grass, giving the whole area a weird, janky look:

        I tried using a slope mod to ensure my rails were built using realistic grades, but even with the least restrictive mod I could find, the area was still too hilly for me to lay down these tracks. Are there pedestrian tiles and diagonal railway stations that play more nicely with slopes, or do have to bite the bullet and flatten everything, leaving weird-looking, extra steep slopes at the edges of the area? And if I do that, what do I do with the train tracks at those steep edges?

        My last question doesn't really require any screenshots. Put simply, industry generates garbage. With no roads, the only way for me to remove this garbage is via rail. Do any mods exist that allow this?
      • By skallben
        Hello all!
        I found this on the workshop. Basically it's a setup that allows for multiple metro exits from one platform. Or atleast did, I don't know if it still works.
        So is it possible to connect different metro stations via underground passages?
        I tried just putting and moving tunnels with MoveIt in game but could not make it work.

        Why do  I want this?
        * Realism. Say we have two lines on different depths, pedestrians walk UP to street level and to the next station.
        * Practicality, too many pedestrians in the way for cars, trams, buses. Same as IRL.

        So I am not a modder, I just want to put this out there to see if it's remotely plausible. And if so, hopefully inspire someone in this fantastic community.
        Actually, when I Think about it. Paradox should make a DLC on this: The Underground. Passages with shops, malls and different exits, levels etc.
      • By 11241036
        This plugin will allow you to place PedMalls with lanterns (works with all 5 paved PedMall types that come with the NAM). There’s no specific pattern, you will be able to control where lanterns will be placed: There’s a rarely used feature within T21 files where you can make props depend on the orientation of a certain network. This might not make sense for most networks, however, it seems useful for pedestrian malls, and in this plugin, this is being used this way: If the PedMall puzzle piece faces north (or west), a lantern will appear when plopping the PedMall tile, if it faces east (or south), there won’t be a lantern. Please note that I’ve made two versions of this plugin – one with lanterns from rich residential areas, and one with lampposts from mid-wealth commercial areas.
        Please refer to the readme for further information, especially on how to install it.
        Available languages: This plugin doesn't change or add any language-sensitive content; the readmes, however, are available in English and German.
      • By matias93

        (I'm pretty sure this is not the right place to ask for this, but it looks to me as the closest one; please move the thread if it's neccesary.)
        I have an idea for a very simple mod to the pedmalls that could ease the creation of dense W2W commercial districts: to make covered galleries using props on pedmall lots. Sure, many custom buildings include galleries, but since they are not modular, the options are very limited.
        With just 4 props (straight, corner, tee and cross) a very flexible system for covered galleries could be archieved, and since pedmalls allows for commercial buildings to grow in front of them, W2W blocks could be easily built just zoning 2x2 lots.
        To generate the ilussion of a continuous gallery, the props should overhang the pedmall lot at both sides (making a very wide gallery -16 meters width) and to blend pillars in front and back (BSC parks fences are a good reference to do so). Overhanging to the sides would also help to blend the roof structure to the facades of the buildings (which are a bit spaced from the sidewalk); I suspect that anything from 10 to 15 meters height would be appropiate to match the first floors of most W2W buildings.
        To add props to pedmalls is something that has been already done with the light pole in the sidewalk textured lot, and expansions to that were made by Moonlinght and Paeng, proving such changes as feasible. About the props themselves, maybe the optimum result would imply a translucid glass roof (like SimFox RTMT tram station) and a Beaux-Arts iron structure, but considering the technical difficulties, a less ambitious solution would also be much appreciated.
        Finally, it is noteworthy that this galleries could also be used as a cover for facades, sorrounding W2W blocks, in a way similar to the parisian Rue de Rivoli.
        I hope some of you, talented batters and lotters, could consider this idea, that I could not realize by lack of skill, and overall, of free time to do so. Any sugestion will be also greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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