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Only low wealth residentals grow issue

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I got great help from Nonny and Capt figuring out a previous issue, so I was hoping to get help with another issue I'm experiencing. For some strange reason, my region is only growing low-wealth residents.

Again, I have CAM and NAM as well as a bunch of other plugins. I don't use any demand boosting mods. I don't think it's a plugin conflict because I'm able to build fine prior to today and I've only added one plugin in the last several days (NDEX Atom Club plugin), which I've removed to see if that might be the cause... but the problem still persists.

Here is the situation:

I setup my region with 3 connecting citiese. I've laid out transportation consisting of roads, aves, highway, subway and a monorail. I experienced the lag issue which I posted about prior, which has been resolved. I placed civic, education and hospitals in a few areas as well as a bunch of commercial ploppables. Bascially I lay out everything first and place zones last.

For some reason, when I lay out my zones, only Low Wealth Residentals grow. I have plazas, parks, trees, landmarks, but still only $s develop... I let it run to the point of having 500000+ population of ALL $s. Demand for $$$ is very high and desirability is green.

Assuming there was an issue with that region, I loaded up the New York and Fairview Maxis default regions and the problem is pretty much the same. I've also loaded up other custom regions I have and it's the same issue with a small exception. That exception is sometimes smaller $$$ will grow but never more than single family homes. Also, $$ skyscrappers sometimes grow, but eventually delapidate even though there are jobs and max demand.

For my current region I periodically make backups as I'm laying out things just in case I want to go back to an earlier point. I've tried loading up the backups, but the problem still persists.

I know using ploppables to boost R demand is lame, but it works to get the CAM skyscrappers quickly. I've also used this method many times in the past so I don't think that is the cause of the problem.

In short:

- Only $ residents grow inspite of having full education, civic and hospital facilities.

- I've tried using backup versions of my regions, but problem still persists.

- I've tried using Maxis default as well as other custom regions which previously worked fine... problem still there.

- I should also add that I loaded up one of my past regions that had a population of 1.8 million. I zoned and $$$ grew no problem. I then went to a blank city in that region and the problem I'm having was present there as well. In this case, demand for $$$ was very high in the blank city and I did lay out civic, edu and hospitals as well.

I've actually experienced this problem before, but it went away. I think I restored a previous version of my region, but doing that this time isn't working.

Any ideas as to what could be going on?

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R$$$ needs water to make sure they will grow. Another that, they will refuse to working in C$, I-A, and I-D buildings. Another reason is probably, because of R$$$ want more than just good education and health level, they also want their area to be safe and close enough to their working place. They won't live around polluted or dirty area like landfill or coal power plants. Another reason is probably CAM, which cause all $$$ building only wants to grow around well-developed areas. But I wouldn't recommend you to remove the CAM, because it might cause some problems in your city once you remove it.

However, it is strange if even R$$ won't live around the area except for some reasons like building in hurry. I assume your city is not ready yet for skyscrapers and tall buildings to grow. I suggest you to lower the density from high density to low density. Small R$ houses could be easily replaced by R$$ or R$$$ houses. Since the number of R$ in apartments and tenements are higher than the number of R$ in houses, then it will become harder for R$$ and R$$$ to replace the R$ building. That could become your problem.

However, if you want a quick way to do it, then simply remove those R$ apartments and then, plant some trees around that area. In my city, R$$ buildings grow immediately after the area is planted with trees which cause the desirability to rise.

And one more thing that you must know, don't rezone areas from lower density to higher density so quickly. Do it slowly and do not force your city to become bigger and wealthier.

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Plopable commercial tend not to offer the jobs they ought to, in my experience. Growable lots just tend to handle things better. Also, industrial development will boost both R$ and R$$ in the starting stages of your city.

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In general, I avoid ploppable RCI. But your problem says that maybe you don't have the education levels necessary for higher Sims. How's your education coverage? And make sure you have all locations watered.

If you look at your base dashboard, those graphs should give you a clue.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks for the replies!

    My city is watered via the Howdryiam cheat.

    I have excellent health, education, police and fire coverage. The area I'm developing has full coverage for all 4.

    I am zonning only HD, but I've always done this in the past with no problems. I also understand there are misrepresented jobs numbers when using ploppables, but again, I've done this many times before and it worked fine in terms of having all 3 wealth levels grow normally.

    Jason leo, thanks for the suggestions as well, but I actually have trees either next to or across from most of my zones, but still only R$ grow. I've also let the simulator run to see if it just needed time to boost EQ level, but again I just ended up with a city of literally 500000+ R$ sims. I check my Census Repository and sure enough... ALL R$ sims. Demand for R$$ and R$$$ was in the hundreds of thousands, but yet none of them grew.

    I should also mention again that this problem is not exlcusive to my current region. To test if it was a region issue or not, I loaded up one of the Maxis default regions (New York) and tried building a city normally with 0 ploppables. It's bascially the same issue.

    I've been playing long enough to say with confidence that it isn't a matter of water, service blds, or lack of parks/plazas. Something is not right, but it's been impossible for me to isolate the issue. I'm hoping is not a plugin or game issue. I'm on the verge of removing and readding all of my plugins to see if that helps.

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    You can make a quick test with no plugins. It is faintly possible that your installation has been stepped on by something, so here is something to try:

    Rename your plugins folder to something else. Plugins.hold will do the job.

    Start the game. It will create an empty Plugins folder.

    Open an unused default region, and try building. Play long enough to get some multiple level things done.

    Look at your jobs and population graph. If all is normal, you should be showing a little of everything.

    If this fails, reinstall the game.

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  • Original Poster
  • Nonny, I did as you suggested. I renamed my plugins folder so a blank one was created when I started up the game. I used the default New York region and built up a city with no plugins except the extra cheats.dll (for the Moolah cheat). It seems like everything is normal. R$$$ and R$$ grow. I got the population to about 112,000. The city buildings looks really small compared to how it looks with CAM (obviously), but I would say for the most part everything seems normal. I get alot of diplapidation, even though I have full civic, edu, health, garbage, power, water, etc... The only thing I don't have is a mass transportation network so commute times are long... I'd venture to guess that is the cause of the dilapidation.

    Anyway, so it would appear there's a plugin issue somewhere. I actually removed all my old plugins and reinstalled all of them again. I fired up my game with my custom region and the problem was there again. Only R$ grows. I usually zone 3x3, 3x4... however I have a few custom R$$$ buildings at 5x5. If I zone for 5x5 the R$$$ will grow, but then will quickly diplapidate for various reasons, none of whcih make sense. Sometimes is pollution or crime, but I have a police station near by and I have a pollution things that remove pollution.

    While it's appearing to be a plugin issue, I don't really get it either because I've been using those same plugins and the same playing style for a while with no problems.

    Any ideas?

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    Good luck and good hunting. The method is binary so if you have less than 1024 plugins it should take a maximum of nine tries.

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