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The are many awesome mods out there that show caps, demands etc, but is there a mod that can show the stage?

I know that one can use the Reader to see that kind of info - but all that 'raw data' is not interpretable to this brain.

Is there a way to click on a building in game and see what stage it is at? :???:

EDIT: Now that I've posted this... I think I remember a discussion on this subject... the end result - not possible?!

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Well, the stage is not tied to the building to begin with. The stage is tied to the lot. You could mod the World Trade Center to become a stage 1 commercial if you wanted - all it takes is a corresponding adjustment.

If you open the lot file with the Reader and check the LotConfig Exemplar, you will see a property called "GrowthStage" and an associated two-digit value, e.g. "0x04" - that would mean it's a stage 4 lot. It's really not all that complicated as it looks at a first glance.

I have no idea whether a mod the way you described would be possible. There are query mods that display more stuff than the default query, but mostly from the building exemplar, not from the lot exemplar. Other stuff like current demand and demand caps is derived from the city save, I guess.

I'm not a tech guy, but I could imagine that it would be difficult to display the stage because you query the building, whereas the stage information comes from the lot, so in order to display the stage the building would need to "know" on which lot it has grown (remember that most Maxis buildings can grow on a multitude of lots).

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I could imagine that it would be difficult to display the stage

Yeah, can't be done (for all I know)... we had this on our wishlist for SPAM (which sports 5 stages). In the end we kinda "hardwired" it into the queries (with its own exemplar for each stage) - so SPAM now shows you the growth stage of the core lots... but basically that's just a workaround, not really 'mass-compatible' (needs custom query, and works only if nobody changes the stage settings 'by hand')... ;-)

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It is possible to show the stage for lots that does not involve custom queries for each and every possible stage. However, in regards to SPAM, the interesting and immersive style (Crop, AG-1. etc) outweighs the convenience for the modders by a significant margin. Sorry Paeng. :P

Anyway, there is a property called the Goofy Stat Response Curve (0xAA60E745). It's used for all those silly stats the landmark buildings give. Add it to a building's properties. The first rep decides how much of a range the number will have (0 means no range at all); the second decides the base displayed number. By making the number, say, 0,8, the number generated will always be 8. Make a query that can display the Goofy Stat Response Curve number, give it a suitable ingame display name such as "Stage", set the building to use it, and the building when queried will always display "Stage 8".

The primary drawback is that this does not work with buildings that are used on multiple lots of different stages because the property is attached to a building, not a lot. This is also the reason Maxis lots can't easily be altered to display their stages.

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