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The Kingdom of Illium // ISIS Targets the Alliance

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Firstly, I would like to welcome you all back to the life of the Kingdom of Illium. She's been reborn, this time as a part of the Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN)! I rebooted it after a hiatus from the world (Working 60+ hours a week will do that to you), but thankfully I'm back to a normal schedule (around 45 hours a week), and I seem to have more time. I was offered a place in the AIN, and I quickly accepted. I decided to reboot the Kingdom, rather than continue it in it's former, messy state, which had too many conflicting ideas and locations. :)

Here's a world map of the AIN, for those not familiar with it. (Asgard is missing, since it's no longer an official part of the AIN, but I intend to actively roleplay with Fox here at Simtropolis)

And now, more about the Kingdom!

**Please note that some of the ingame image captions do not match the description above them. The description is correct, not the caption on the picture.

Her Majesty's Illium Empire National Flag:






The Illium Empire Coat of Arms:







Maps of the Empire:








National Factfile:

National FactFile

Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Her Majesty the Queen's Illium Empire
Nation Name (Native Form): The Illium Empire
National Anthem: The Everlasting Might of Our Empire
National Motto: Iparavia es Imperius de Illius (Forever Glorious is the Illium Empire)

Capital: Illium City (since 1815)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Government Stance: Aggressive Imperialism/Nationalism
Head(s) of State: Her Majesty Queen Skylar Lynn Sariah
--Minister of Defense/Prime Minister: Lord Glenn M. Davidson
Official Language(s): World Standard English, Illian (outdated, but national heritage)
Population: 39,165,251
Area: 2,681,265 sq km
Climate: Varies from Subtropical, to mountainous
GDP: (nominal) 2012 estimate
- Total: $1.502 Trillion
- Per capita: $38,591
HDI: 0.901
Drives on the: Right
Internet TLD: .ilm .igov .imil .ied .com
Telephone Code: +35


National History:

-National FactFile

Nation Name (Longest Official Form): The Illium Realm
Nation Name (Native Form): Illium
National Anthem: Starfall
----Written by Elias Sariah III in 1625
----**Modified by Lord Thomas Bergeron and adopted 2011

National Motto: Peace through Supremacy

Capital: Illium City
Largest City: New Dallas
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Head(s) of State: 
- Her Majesty Queen Skylar Elizabeth Sariah (Queen)
- Prime Minister Lady Jacqueline Marie Pierre-Claud (Civilian Head Minister)
- Defense Minister Lord Dominik Zietzev II (Civilian Military Head)
- Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Alex A. Spoor, Commander all Illium Armed Forces
- Foreign Relations Minister Lord Angus Feros McTavish
Official Language: Illian English (A dialect of Scottish English
Recognized National Languages: Gaelic & French
Population: 32,586,664 (Internal Census, December 2013) 
Area: 2,275,853 km2
Climate: North: Subtropical, Central Mountains, Southern Plains with extreme southern ends having cold-antarctic blasts in winter.
GDP 2013 estimate
- Total: $1.191 Trillion
- Per capita: $36,543
HDI: 0.901
Drives on the: Right
Time Zone: UTC +5
DST Time Zone: UTC +6 (Illium is the only other country aside from the United States that observes Daylight Savings Time)
Internet TLD: .ilm .igov .imil .iedu 
(Illium uses non-traditional domain identifiers in an attempt to make website representation more recognizable)
Telephone Code: +35

Economic breakdown by Province


Major Natural Resources: Metals such as Iron, zinc and ore, the diamond mines of Morningstar Island, some timber and oil/LNG from offshore wells. 

Major Import/Export Partners (non AIN): Australia, China, Oceanic Countries and the United States
Main Industries by Province:
- Dallas Province: Mostly a service-based economy, with limited industrial capability. AIN Alliance Embassy Complex located in New Dallas as wel as most of Illium-based big-box retailers' headquarters and distribution centers. SIU (Southern Illium Utilities) based from Ruegenhoek in the midwestern Dallas Province
- Capitol Province: Mostly Agricultural with heavy industry (including Greystone Industries Headquarters) in the southern end of the province. 
- Helios Province: Large agriculteral base, but as the southern Serenity Range sits in the Helios Province, large amounts of Timber and resort locations can be found here, as well as a few uranium mines.
- Serenity Province: Mining of the Serenity Mountain Ranges provides a lucrative metals export business, such as Iron, Zinc, Aluminium, and Platinum as well as some heavy metals. Together, the Helios and Serenity Provinces provide around 80% of Illium's natural resources
- Callia Province: Mostly a provider of major heavy industries including all three of the auto manufacturers based out of Helium. Callia (city) offers a massive port complex for trade ships in the Indian Ocean. Vast pockets of LNG sit beneath Callia's western shoreline. 
- Morningstar Islands: Huge tourism industry, with another major in the protected harbor city of Queen's Landing. Morningstar Island sits on Kergulean II Subcontinent's continental shelf, directly on top of one of the world's largest oil deposits. Mining can be difficult as the West Australian Current brings cold antarctic waters and constant swells ranging from 15 to 25 meters to the southern and eastern portions of the Islands, which happen to be the richest.


You can find a complete history of the Empire on the Wiki, HERE

European Introduction



Around August of 1627 (this date is contested as the ships logs were lost prior to the Atlas' arrival to port. Some scholars believe it may have been closer to winter than previously thought), Captain Julian Athoss of the East India Company was blown more than a thousand kilometers off course from normal trading routes by a freak storm. His ship, the Atlas, was severely damaged and taking on water. When the storm passed and the damage assessed, the exhausted crew saw no hope of recovery. After a day adrift (the sails were essentially destroyed by the storm), and listing to port, the helmsman, Jean-Claude Frostman, spotted land off the port bow. With renewed vigor, the crew of the Atlas all loaded into remaining shore boats and towed the limping Atlas towards land. Captain Athoss deliberately waited until high tide to run she ship aground in the soft beaches of what is now the Atlas Beach. After days of repairing the ship and her sails, the Atlas once again set sail back to India... without half of her crew. The first officer, Jerrod Sevris Callia, did not believe the ship seaworthy, and convinced many of the crew and passengers to refuse to sail back. Captain Athoss reluctantly left Callia and his men with a meager amount of supplies and sailed north.

When the Atlas' report of a new land made it back to King Charles I in early 1629, he funded large colonization efforts. He commissioned Sir Andreus Illius Sariah II to head the first expedition to this new land. On 8 May 1630, Sir Sariah II, sailing the ships Feros, Kirkson and Parral, landed in what is now the port city of Callia. He claimed the land Illium, under the British Crown, with himself as Governor. A few weeks later, Sir Sariah's crew found the encampment of the crew of the Atlas a few kilometers inland. They had somehow survived, and even built some buildings and a farm. The tiny town, named Callia after their leader, helped Sir Sariah gain a foothold in the area.
King Louis XIII also commissioned several expeditions to the land. Sir Jean-Luc Pierre-Claud landed along the Thessia River inlet, claiming a colony under the French Crown. He and his expeditionary crew establish Thessia. Their farms flourished in the rich soil of the Helios River Basin.
The Dutch also claimed what is now Morningstar Island, following navigator Alexi Spoor's expedition to the area.



Following the French and American revolutions, the colonies grew restless of the intense oppression of the European Monarchs. On 15 June 1799, the better supplied British colony of Illium declared independence from the crown. The French colony of Thessia offered to join Illium in it's declaration of independence in trade for much needed food and supplies following a devastating storm. After a short war, also known as the Morning War, with both France and Britian, the crowns of both countries relinquished hold of the colonies. Once the colonies were on their own, Lord Francis Sariah XI declared Thessia and the Dutch colony of Morningstar as a province of the country of Illium.

The city of Callia was burned to the ground after a blitz by the British navy. Illium City, established on the southern end of the continent, became Lord Francis Sariah's temporary capitol. After the war, Lord Sariah XI never returned to Callia, opting to expand Illium City rather than move the capitol again. The discovery and subsequent colonization of Asgard helped cement this, since Asgard was closer to Illium City on the south end.

Civil War


In June of 1801 Thessia, unhappy to have one crown replaced with another, attempted to renounce Illium as it's ruler. Lord Sariah XI severed supply routes to Thessia in an attempt to starve the colony. The better supplied and Illium overpowered the French descendants. To keep another uprising from happening, Lord Sariah XI established a parliamentary system of government. The royal families would have rule over their established provinces, but fall under a single crown, House Sariah. House Pierre-Claud took over the Thessia Province (later renamed the Helios Province), House Spoor took over Morningstar Island, as well as the newly established plains city of New Dallas, House McTavish took over the Callia Province, and house Sariah took over the newly established Capitol Province. The mining city of Northfire City, governed by Dominik Zietzev, requested to become a colony. Lord Sariah XI granted Zietzev's request, naming him Lord Dominik Zietzev, effectively establishing House Zietzev. Lord Sariah XI named himself King of Illium



In the mid 1800s, Illium began an aggressive expansionism campaign after the entire country had been colonized and zoned. The vast untapped natural resources of Illium allow for the construction of one of the world's largest navies. The rough seas of the South Indian Ocean helped train Illium's sailors to become hardy and experienced masters of the sea.

By 1875, Illium held colonies in nearly every continent. In the Americas, Illium had colonies in both the Aleutian and Caribbean Islands, and a large port in what is now Southeastern Brazil. In Africa, Illium held colonies on both the eastern and western sides of the continent, including competing the Ivory Coast. In Asia, Illium colonies in India competed with British colonies, especially near New Delhi trade routes. North of Hong Kong, another Illium colony ferociously competed with the British influence in Hong Kong. On the extreme western coast of Australia, the Kartha'an colony was established, and is one of the only remaining territories of Illium.

With the holdings of these colonies, Queen Katherine Sariah I changed the official name of Illium to the Illium Empire, in an attempt to bolster Illium's image to the rest of the world.

World Wars I & II


During World War I, The Illium Empire supplies both Allied and Central powers with basic humanitarian aid, but covertly militarily supports the Allied Powers, especially Great Britain. The Empire does not officially join in either side, and avoids direct combat.

World Financial Crisis sends American stock market crashing in October of 1929. The Empire feels a major economic blowback from the crash. Unemployment skyrockets to over 20%. Free Suffrage Act enacted in 1936. Anyone over the age of 17 may vote, so long as they are legal citizens of the Illium Empire, one of her colonies, or territories. Queen Alexis II launches the Illium Citizenship Aide Campaign (Similar to the American New Deal) in 1938, which begins an overhaul of the transportation and public services system of the entire Empire. The Inter-regional Highway system is built.

Red-White Concordat is signed on 3 December 1940, at the start of World War II. The Illium Empire Pledges to openly support Allied forces. Japanese attempt to bomb naval heart of the Empire in Callia on the 7th of January, 1942. Less than half the Japanese bombers reach the Port. Only moderate damage is done to infrastructure, thanks to advanced warning and sheer luck. The Americans spotted the force, and warned the Empire a day ahead of time. Most of the Royal Navy was out to sea and avoided attack. WWII ends with Allied victory, with the combat death toll under 150,000 for the Empire.

Regression of Colonial Power


Following World War I, The Illium Empire could no longer hold it's colonies around the world. Indian and Chinese colonies rebelled and declared independence at the same time in April 1920. The Brazilian colony followed shortly afterwards in July 1920. The already strained resources of the Illium Royal Navy and the costs of World War I forced the Illium Empire to abandon the idea of re-taking the colonies by force. Instead, Queen Alexandra Sariah II decided to send what remaining warships she had to the Aleutian colony, and allow the Asian and South American colonies to be on their own. Following the loss of colonial standings, The Illium Empire ceased being an Empire, and returned to it's former standings as a Kingdom. Kartha'an colonials were all native Illians to begin with, so they never had a need or desire to rebel. There were no native people in the area.

At the time of this writing, Kartha'an and Aleutia are the only non-mainland territories of Illium. These territories are included in the government, allowed to vote, and have the option of becoming Illium Citizens.

Nuclear Age


The Empire's first nuclear weapon is tested, with American and British oversight, on 3 May 1956. Shortly after, in 1959, Illium National Space Contingency is founded. INSC Successfully launches a satellite into orbit a year later. In 1965, the Zues Program begins. The first Illium citizen, Doctar Liara T'Soni is launched into space. She spends 27 hours in space. In 1969, the first Illian unmanned moon survey mission begins. Dr. T’soni is the first Illium Citizen, and the only woman to date, to walk on the surface of the moon on the 1st of January 1970.

The Origins spacecraft is launched in September 1979, in hopes of mapping the surface of Mars.

Queen Alexandra Lynn Sariah enacted the Technology Advancement Act in March of 1998, which allows for the research and development of advanced dangerous technologies as long as they are done more than 150km away from any population centers with a population of over 500 people. In early 1999, Greystone Industries takes advantage of the TAA, and begins construction on the Greystone Research Center (GRC) in the southern Serenity Mountains, focusing on antimatter research. The GRC is completed in late October 2001. Research on antimatter soon begins. Greystone Industries is determined to develop efficient space travel, and start a station on the moon and put a man on Mars by 2020. So far, they are ahead of schedule, with 3 unmanned trips to Mars, supported by the INSC.

The War on Terror (Iraq Afghanistan conflict)


On 18 July 2003, in the second largest terrorist strike in Illium History to date, Al Qaida operatives infiltrate the Ministry of Defense and detonate a bomb inside the building, killing 451 people. The act is dubbed The Blood Morning Incident. Illium joins the United States and NATO in the War on Terror, deploying over 20,000 troops to support the US invasion of Iraq and 55,000 troops to weed out Al Qaida in Afghanistan.

With the Iraq conflict drawing down in 2010, Illium recalls 18,000 troops from Iraq and 50,000 from Afghanistan, leaving only token support forces. This was branded as a withdrawal from the war on terror.


Ingame Images:



Illium City CBD at night:

Serenity Palace (Queen's Northern Palace)

The City of Jasmin, west of the Capitol

The attack on Illium City by the Calistan Federation.

The city of Denton, a northern suburb of the capitol.

The town of Whiterun, in the New Dallas province

The 7th fleet retaliating to a Calistan blockade

Sariah International Airport (image outdated)

Thessia, capitol of the Helios Province

Lake Windemere, south of Maddigan City

Elevated Rail Line, part of the ICARUS rail system, and also a SimTrop community favorite

Greystone River, Northwestern Capitol Province

Heritage Estates, east of Highland Village

Greystone University, the highest ranked university in the country, in the city of Highland Village

Northfire City (Civitas de Mons, the original capitol city), still capitol of the Serenity province

The final resting place of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra Lynn Sariah II. Investigations revealed that the Calistan Liberation Army was to blame, and orchestrated the crash.

Port Virmire, a small naval station in the city of Jasmin, west of the capitol.


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Long live the Empire!!

Glad to see you getting serious about playing again, I've missed seeing your updates.

I look forward to having a new neighbor and can't wait to see how your World Super Power evolves.

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  • Original Poster
  • Well, I accidentally left my SC4 disc over at my parent's place for the holidays. I thought about getting a no-CD patch (don't worry, I legally own the game haha), but I am not sure how it could adversely affect custom content, so we'll just have to wait. My first big project will be the Sariah International Airport revamp. I'm changing it's location slightly from where it was in the old CJ (one tile northwest of the current location) so I could have more room to build without destroying half of of the towns around it (Including the major suburbs of Denton and Frisco)

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  • Original Poster

    Fox: Thank you! And it's good to be back. Sariah Int'l is taking a very long time to build, it seems. I'm determined to get it done. Thankfully, I have all day Sunday to do so.

    Raynev1: Thanks! If you go to page 3 or 4, you'll see the old incarnation of the Empire. It was a mess haha.

    Vivapanda: It's good to see you again! And thanks! I enjoyed making them! I'm sure you'll enjoy the maps I have here as a teaser... Texture maps. :D


    As it's taking me such a long time to make this airport (I only just got my disc back a few hours ago), I made some things earlier today and yesterday. Sariah Int'l Airport is the hub for both Illium Airways and Greystone International Airlines (A Greystone Industries company). Here's two of their intercontinental aircraft, the Boeing 747-800 model. Just to keep you all interested. :D



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  • Original Poster
  • Unfortunately, I didn't realize the scope this project would be. It's going to take me a few days to finish this airport, thanks to it's sheer size and complexity. (It's about the size of Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport) Thankfully, I've finished two runways, about 40% of the taxiways that run alongside the runways, and one of the six terminals (seen here). I've also finished the general aviation complex, which will be shown later.



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  • Original Poster

    Hot Chocolate: Thanks! I'm still dragging along trying to finish this airport

    vivapanda: Thank you! And yes, airports are tough.

    tekkendust: Thanks! I am hoping to render these and make them useable ingame.

    wwetom1: Thank you sir!

    LexusInfernus: Thanks! And yes, I'm back! Again! :P

    Fox: It's exciting to roleplay! And no, Greystone Industries does dabble in cybernetic enhancements, but no world ending robots. :P

    raynev1: Thanks!

    Simcoug: Thanks. JJ inspired me :P

    Mastof: Yessir! Morningstar Island is a wealthy place, for sure. And thank you!


    Well, I took a break from working on Sariah International. She's a huge airport, and I'm still working on it. It's unfortunately not finished yet (I had no idea this project was going to be so large. It takes up about 1/2 of a large city tile). I started to get bored of it, and that's never a good thing, so I decided to start work on New Dallas. Here's a quick little teaser. :)

    Don't let the pretty lights and warm houses fool you. It's bitterly cold outside with a gusty northwesterly wind swinging in from the central plains, with a temperature of -2 Celsius. Some meteorologists are forecasting snow soon!

    Either way, Residents of New Dallas have started decorating their homes! New Dallas city ordinances recently banned extravagant and/or distracting light displays. The city is primarily conservative, and the ordinances were not met with much opposition. So far, the city has been fairly lenient on residents, considering the holiday season is upon us.

    Happy Holidays from New Dallas and the Illium Empire!


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    wow, this journal is amazing! and i love those photos!

    Can anyone plz tell me, what are those two white skyscrapers located behind the HK international Commercial Center, that have diamond shape windows?

    thanks a lot!

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  • Original Poster
  • Sorry about all the teasers. I lost my job recently and had to start frantically searching for a new one. I now have it, and it's nowhere near as time consuming. As I posted in the "Show us what you're working on", I'm building New Dallas, which includes this beautiful piece of art.

    I present to you the Alliance of Independent Nations Embassy Complex. :)

    :// See New Dallas post below.

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  • Original Poster
  • Welcome to New Dallas. :) The last two images I've posted (The Embassy Complex and Christmas Teaser, which I've combined into this post) are both from this wonderful city. I'm still working on it, but so far, so good. It's coming along nicely

    New Dallas strives to be a "green" city, and when it was founded in 1915 around the idea of open spaces and natural beauty. :)




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    Oohh.. this spells trouble for our relations ..

    The Government of Asgard will have to seriously study this new bill and the potential it has of ruining the good relations we currently have.

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