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Mithrik's Lots o' Lots

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Welcome to Mithrik's Lots o'Lots, where I, Mithrik, well, will make lots of lots, or at least I hope to.


I opened this thread as I wanted to start working on lot-making after playing around with Lot Editor for the last few days.


Current Project: Something with industrial buildings...


1. Maxis-Textured Filler Lots

Just some plain filler lots with made Maxis textures. First LE project, which helped me learn some of the basics.

Take a look at them

2. Maxis Outdoor Mall

A 6x6 lot built like an outdoor mall with Maxis buildings.

It has these dependencies:

- buildingprops1.dat

- CP Mega Props Pack Vol.01

- CP Mega Props Pack Vol.02

- BSC Textures Pack Vol. 03

- WalkingSnake's Parking Textures Pack



Download it now


3. Re-lots of Kevdan25's restaurants


Kevdan25 is famous for making some great restaurant BATs from popular American franchises, and those buildings are used by players in their suburbs and commercial plazas. I aim at re-lotting each and all of them (except his BurgerKing, which is downloadable in the LEX) to suit the standard of lotting around here.


I am using these dependencies right now:


- CP Mega Prop Pack Vol. 2

- SHK Parking Pack

- The models of said building and it's included props (like the signs that came with each building, etc.)


List of buildings re-lotted until now (click on the name for a picture if there is a link over it):


Batch 1





Dairy Queen

Del Taco


Dunkin' Donuts


Batch 2



4. Industrial lots

Some time later in the future...

Note: Some of the things published here will be for personal use, and may not be necessarily of a decent quality to be uploaded to the STEX.

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  • Original Poster
  • What type of Fillers?

    100% neutral filler lots, and will use Maxis textures, so they will be no dependencies.

    I plan to make 5 of them, one for each of the Maxis ($/$$/$$$) commercial textures and also one using the base texture of I-M indutry, for industrial fillers, plus one of plain grass, just like the one in-game, except that it won't have any park effects.

    I have a basic idea of how to make the lot but I find myself struggling a lot to get something, is there any placeholder for the building tab that I can use for filler lots? Because the Maxis ones will simply not make the cut.

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  • Original Poster
  • I got my placeholder (had to make one with the BAT tool) so now I am working my way to making the lots.

    I ran into problem though, the textures of my first batch of lots change with the zooms. Maybe it has something to do with the one I took as a basis from the Maxis catalog, I will try to fix that soon by making a new one.

    It could be said that my first project is now at about 80-90% of progress.

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  • Original Poster
  • I announce that the filler lots are finished.

    Here you go some images of them.

    They are entirely neutral, cost nothing and have no maintaining costs at all.

    The grass texture is the same one as that of the Open Grass Area lot in-game.

    There are also the three Maxis plaza textures, which are compatible with Paeng's Sandstone Mod (I should warn you that they get converted to the same texture, the Middle-wealth one). I also tested with the new sidewalk mods made by Gobias, and while they also got converted, I didn't quite like the looks of them, and the High-wealth and Medium-wealth plaza textures change to the same one.

    Finally I made a lot with the Maxis texture used on the Manufaturing Industry, to fill in between those factories.



    Oh, and you can also place MMP's over them ;)


    So that's it. That was my first lot project. You like it? I know it's a 15 minute work at most, but many people just don't do it because they get overwhelmed by the options.

    I won't upload these to the STEX, unless there is any interest on them from other people, because I consider it a quick, low-quality job.

    See you soon in my next project.

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    The changing texture issue occurs most likely because you simply slapped one base texture on top of another one instead of deleting the existing base texture first. You should always make sure to delete the existing base texture and then add a new one, otherwise this bug can occur.

    And you don't need to make an invisible placeholder. Try placing your filler lots on a steep slope and take a close look at them - this should show you where the problem is. You can simply use a Maxis park/plaza lot, change the design, save it under a new name, and then you can edit the stats and assign a new name & description using LEProp.

    I'd also guess there's not that much demand because such filler lots have basically been made soon after the Lot Editor came out, back in 2003/2004 - with or without fences etc. It should have been a good project to learn some Lot Editor basics, though.

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  • Original Poster
  • @T Wrecks: Thanks for the feedback on that, and yes, it was a good way of learning some basics.

    I've been playing with the Lot Editor a bit and then after about an hour or so, I made a small outdoor mall with Maxis buildings and some CP trees, plus SHK parking textures and car props. It looks not too shabby to me, but well, I am the creator :P

    I also started working on some industrial lots, of which I will post pictures soon as well as the outdoor mall.

    Until then, see ya'.

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  • Original Poster
  • Hello again.

    Today, I present you the Maxis Mall.

    It's a custom lot made with Maxis buildings and some custom props. It could be said that it's "finished", but it still lacks some polishing of the car clusters in the parking lot, so they look better there. Today I had the original parking textures changed for something more fitting with the Maxis-only theme, and changed the SHK parking textures and props with Maxis car props and WalkingSnake's (sc4jeeks) parking textures, and I actually find them better looking.

    Anyways, here are the pictures.





    Thoughts? Feedback? Praises?

    Share what you think of it.

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  • Original Poster
  • Is this GROWable?

    Yes, it's growable. In fact it's growable only, but you can plop it using the cheat codes: Lotplop and Buildingplop.

    I am considering uploading it once I get done with the polishing.

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  • Original Poster
  • Hey! It's been a long time, but I am back with some now lots on the making.


    I announce that I am completely re-working Kevdan's restaurants. Complete with new .sc4desc and .sc4lot files, I hope to be able to start uploading them in the next days, in an alphabetic fashion.


    So, the first of these re-lot series is going to be... Applebee's!




    Still working on it, as there are some more things I would like to add before packing everything up, but the fundamentals are already done. What do you think? Any feedback?

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  • Original Poster
  • More pictures of my re-lots. I have done my work on Applebee's and Chick-Fil-A, and I am working on Chili's and Dairy Queen.


    There are pictures of each of these, except Chili's.








    Please, if you have any feedback, I would be glad to hear it from you.

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    I like your idea of relotting Kevdan25's chain restaurants! :golly: In fact, the ones I have in my plugins folder have also been relotted and remodded. (Great minds think alike... *cough* )


    As for the lots, they look spot on to me - nothing fancy, but that's just what these buildings need. For the drive-in lane in tha back of the Dairy Queen building, I think you'd be better off with something other than pavement surrounding it - maybe simple grass with a few low shrubs would do, or even a tree or two.


    A general question concerning your screenshots: Do you show the lots in their intended orientation (straight road, right/left corner)?

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  • Original Poster
  • Do you show the lots in their intended orientation (straight road, right/left corner)?


    Yes and no. I show them in their orientation, yes, but I like to place them by an intersection, so it actually blurs their intended one. Until now, all of the lots are straight road-oriented, but I am going to change it when I tweak the values of the lots with SC4 Tool.

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  • Original Poster
  • I know that I've been in the dark for some time now, mainly because I couldn't this thread up, having other personal proyects with more priority and a highly variable interest for the different games I play.


    But anyways, today, I come with two new screenshots of my most recent work on the re-lots for Kevdan's restaurants.


    (Click the images to enlarge them, since now they are the size of my laptop's real resolution)


    Chick-Fil-A (I made some slight modifications and added the sign)





    And the brand-new Denny's Classic Dinner!




    Now I only need to make the lot for Dunkin' Donuts to finish the first batch of re-lots, which means, that there may soon be a STEX release! :D




    Great work so far - What is your dependency list?


    Only three dependencies, plus the model for the building.


    The dependencies are:


    SHK Parking Pack

    CP Mega Prop Pack Vol. 1 & Vol. 2


    And I won't add more later on, so if you have those, then you will be use the lots as soon as they are available for download.

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  • Original Poster
  • The first part of my Kevdan25's restaurant re-lots is already released into the STEX.


    It includes:

    • Applebee's
    • Chick-Fil-A
    • Chilli's
    • Dairy Queen
    • Del Taco
    • Denny's Classic Diner
    • Dunkin' Donuts

    Get it


    Hope you like it. :)

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