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BSC MML and SPAM help

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Hey again everyone

Im tryna kill two birds with one stone in this topic mainly a few problems im having are as follows.

SPAM - any way to lower the amount of workforce? perhaps halving it? I understand the mechanics behind its goal but to me its just a bit too overbearing, I like having a few farms yet not to have it employ my entire town, would it perhaps be worth uninstalling and if so what exactly would I be missing out on for one it seems to just give more info and more jobs and doesnt pollute. Having said that I do enjoy the variety of crops and detail but its just the employment seems ridiculous.

BSC MML- this is a mod from BSC that compacts various mods into one mod pack, you plop down a construction lot that apparently takes a few game days to unlock the chosen mods data, yet It never seems to happen for me, could it perhaps be a dependancy issue becuse from what I understood the mods included were packed with the BSC MML download. I get one box which means im missing something which i understand but the rest do show up as construction zones, and I wait but nothing appears, could someone perhaps please clarify if I am missing something.

Thanks alot guys enjoy your day/night/simcity

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About the SPAM issue, Pegasus and his team already set the SPAM mod to become like that and it will be hard to modify it.

However, if you know a lot about ilive's reader, probably, you could change it and make it become more suitable for you.

About the BSC MML, I think you must read the readme and make sure if you have all of the dependency.

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the employment seems ridiculous.

You're probably misjudging this... you need to see two separate things with farms - one is the employment directly on the farm-lot, the other are the workers assigned to every farm-field - one to each square of fields, which is standard default behaviour, SPAM does not change that... unlike some mods that raise those up to 8 workers per field square, which then indeed makes for a huge workforce. So the SPAMs increase in workforce via the actual lot is small - it just changed to e.g. 20 instead of 8, maybe 30 on the really huge farm lots - which is not a dramatic increase at all... The query just makes those 'ghost workers' on every farm square visible.

SPAM basically just raises the willingness of sims to also employ $$ and $$$ on farms, so you don't have to build huge tracts of IND on your agrarian lands (though you can if you want to). In a sense, SPAM treats I-R more like IND, so you can maintain even a somewhat larger town without building up huge stinking factories...

If you want the work force to stay small, work with the available tools - e.g. don't jack up education or general amenities too much... there is a fine balance you need to find.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks paeng I wasnt criticising the mod was just unsure about a few things, one of my issues wich i didnt mention was the amount of traffic I had driving to the farms but i realized it was just my bad road layout. ive seemed to clear this up now and it all seems to be running much better. ive realized it was just an issue with NAM and it showed way more commute than there actually was, but it takes a few game hours for my NAM to correct itself in most cases.

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    Remember that this is a statistical simulation and changes you make in a city may take quite a long time to "set". In a really populous city with thousands of objects, it takes a few passes of the main loop for everything to catch up.

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