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A Nonny Moose

100th Grey Cup - Toronto 2012

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  • Justin Trudeau would have been a better choice. Popular doesn't mean good, and I don't think a kid pop singer is what is needed at a CFL half-time festivity, especially since it is the 100th national championship. I don't know if JT can sing, but we'll be hearing a lot from him while the gLiberal leadership race is on.

    The question is will a Calgary fan manage to ride his horse though the lobby of the Royal York Hotel?

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    Disappointed my team didn't make it - but I don't follow the CFL very closely. So if I watch the game I can do so without any sense of "Ahh... no! Come on... go!!" :P

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    Just in time for the Grey Cup, all the CFL teams in 8-bit.

    I still play Tecmo Super Bowl every now and then. Best American Football game ever.


    If the NHL keeps fizzling out I'd like to see a hockey league similar to the CFL.

    Oh and this is the guy performing at half time...



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  • The PM should know better. Ach, I schpit.

    I am currently watching the Grey Cup half-time show. After Gordy, the rest is just noise. What ever happened to music? Can any of these people live without enhanced electronics? Most of them eat the microphone? Is that really necessary?

    When I learned to sing, there was something called projection. You weren't much of a singer if you couldn't be heard at the back of the theatre without all the fancy gear.

    Considering some of the noise these people are making, I wonder if any of them can carry a tune in a bucket?

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    I gave Bieber a chance. Watched all the half time shows up to his performance but left a minute after he started singing. :P

    If Canada had a hockey league similar to the CFL (national) it would avoid these NHL hiccups in the US so we can play hockey.

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  • There is a minor CHL, but I don't know what its standing is or where it plays.

    I think it is time for Canada to take its teams and come home. Let the Americans try to get along without our teams. The boys won't like it, but we don't need any more muscle-bound millionaires anyway. The Eagle put paid to the old league, and we need to start a new one.

    Let's have a truly Canadian Hockey League similar to the CFL where the players play for the love of the game, not for mansions on Hollywood boulevard.

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