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Show us your drawings, diagrams, etc.

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I used the search function and scrolled through several pages before I made this topic and didn't find anything like it, so I guess I'll make one. This is a thread for displaying your SC4/city related drawings/diagrams/artwork. I usually draw things such as plans for highway interchanges and make concept images in GIMP.

I just made one today, which was originally hand-drawn. It's a concept of a possible TuLEP configuration, one which is probably not going to happen because it's pretty specialized, I guess. But you never know. Anyway, it's for two OWR-3s with left turn lanes overhanging into the adjacent tile, which is a GLR median, and an intersection with an AVE-4 with dashed lines for the left turns.

Here's the hand-drawn original.


Here's what I spent a few hours in GIMP making after that.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Came up with another concept design. This one might be safer for left turns, if people don't stop on the crossing.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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    • By Zelgadis
      Right now, I'm trying to speed-learn EPS files.
      I've commissioned a lot of artwork over the years, but this is the first time for logo design. Evidently, a standard for logos is EPS file format. I've been doing my best to read up on these, but it's all gibberish to me. The info sites keep talking about "vectors" and I have no clue what those are.
      From what I can tell, I do no have a program that can handle these properly. I can open them in Photoshop, but they appear as regular, flattened, pictures. Are there good, free EPS editors? Are EPS files layered or flat?
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      Greetings from snowy Colorado, everyone!
      I'm designing my first region-wide Transportation Master Plan™, so that I later have something to kick myself for / regret every step of the way! 
      I have NAM 35 and my TSCT is set to European (high) usage of transit, so my sims will actually, you know, walk a mile (unlike certain *cough* California-centric vanilla lazybones sims). I'm on Eaton region (I'll post a pic further down), and I'm anticipating very high density near the water, slowly petering out to medium and low density as you move West, maybe akin to a Chicago type region in terms of density / land value.
      My goals are to: push myself to learn more about NAM, develop something that is functional and cost-efficient, and to develop something that is aesthetically pleasing / not OVERLY grid-y (without pouring TOO many extra hours down the drain for looks). 
      I'm wondering:
      1) Is it a good idea to do transportation top-down like this, or should I let the cities and transit evolve more organically as I develop each city? (in theory that sounds most realistic, but in practice I'd rather hammer down a skeleton that at least serves each area minimally and then later build onto it, rather than have to go back and demolish and re-envision a lot with existing infrastructure. Don't want any eminent domain riots!)
      2) What types of transit would you plan most centrally for a region of 10-50 million sims? I'm thinking heavy rail and RHW will form the bulk of my inter-regional connections, with some monorail connecting posh areas, and subways in the CBD's. 
      3) Do eternal commuters only apply to one type of transit at a time? For example, if I plan a RHW system that follows the tree structure, but have another type of transit that completes a loop (with the RHW), it wouldn't matter because they'd have to be transferring / parking to complete said loop, right? 
      So far I have a rough sketch of what a possible RHW / rail / monorail network could look like. Let me know if I have set it up correctly to prevent eternal commuters (the squares are outlining the tiles I believe will be the most dense, but don't cross any regional borders): 

      Cheers and thanks in advance for any input! 
    • By Stellaris88
      Are there any city building game where i can build an dystopian/totalitarian looking City? I want to build an City that could be an capital of an totalitarian fascist oder communist dictatorship. Does such an city building game exist? Most cities in city building games look very colorfull and not really dystopian, can you build in simcity 4 such an city?
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      firstly, The disasters are a little fun, but I find it hard to rebuild after them. Are there any red cross or FEMA mods out there?
      And I always find myself only needing to respond fire engines and never the police. Are there any emergency mods?
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