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SimCity Basketball Association (SBA) [Week 1 Underway]

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SimCity Basketball Association (SBA)

Alright, alright, so I've started various sports leagues in the past, to various degrees of success, but never a basketball league before. Since basketball season has just started, I figure we could start one of our own!

So, I'll simulate basketball games between all the different teams in our league, just like any other league. We'll have playoffs and a championship, and we may even do an All-Star where you guys pick the lineups!! :D

The simulation will be done in NBA 2k13 with NBA teams, you'll use their roster. See the form for details on the logo for your team. Fill out the form below if you have any interest in having your SC4 city in a professional basketball league. You can have up to three teams in the league!! :)

More or less, just choose an NBA team to represent your city, and I'll sim games, and post stats, pics, and maybe even highlight reels!

I selected the Charlotte Bobcats for my team, but I don't think anyone would mind, as they were the worst NBA team ever last season. :P

I don't have a deadline for signup; it'll just depend on how fast we get people. Either way, I'll give you guys some advanced notice if the league starts filling up quickly.

Edit: I've also posted the signup on SimMania, so we may get some extra people from there. :)


SC4 City: Capital City

Team: Phoenix Suns

Team Name: Capital City Suns

Teams Used (14/30):

--Charlotte Bobcats (DCMetro34) [Tyros Bobcats]

--Portland Trail Blazers (Termite) [Portland Trail Blazers]

--Minnesota Timberwolves (Republimaster) [Rotterdam Timberwolves]

--Brooklyn Nets (K50) [New Chandler Nets]

--Miami Heat (K50) [Rockaway Inferno]

--Houston Rockets (K50) [Pelham Bears]

--Atlanta Hawks (Republicmaster) [Adatan City Hawks]

--Detroit Pistons (Republicmaster) [utrecht City Pistons]

--Milwaulkee Bucks (simLink) [Holt Crusaders]

--Memphis Grizzlies (CoastRunner) [brown River Bears]

--Sacremento Kings (CoastRunner) [Kabank Kings]

--Los Angeles Lakers (CoastRunner) [Lyon Lakers]

--San Antonio Spurs (Blakeway) [Montreal Spurs]

--Dallas Mavericks (Blakeway) [Quebec City Mavericks]



Team Info

SimCity 4 City, Country:

NBA Team:

Arena Name:

Arena Capacity: (if you want)

Head Coach Name: (if you want :P)


If the logo of your team has the name of NBA city on it, and you want a logo without the city name, go to this website, and choose a logo for your team without the name, and post the link here. ;) You can use any logo or alternate logo that's on the site; they have them all!


It seems like that's all the info we would technically need. Looks small, huh? :P

Don't hesitate to post in the thread or send me a quick private message if a question or comment pops into your mind!


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  • Original Poster
  • I think it is broke I can't sign up

    You just need to copy and paste the signup form and fill it out. And link to a logo from this website (click here) if you don't wanna use the default one.

    EDIT: Termite and I talked in chat, and he has selected the Portland Trailblazers with the Sim City town of "Portland".

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  • Original Poster
  • Seeing as we have 14 teams, I think we can go ahead and set a deadline for this Tuesday, November 18th at 11:59 EDT.

    After that, we'll go ahead and get started. :D If no more teams signed up, we'd have two conferences of six, a two divisions to a conference.

    However, we need to ask a few questions for you users to answer about the season!


    - How many games should be played in a season?

    - How many teams should go to the playoffs?

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  • Original Poster
  • And the start of the inaugural SBA season is underway with tipoff of the Quebec City Mavericks @ the Tyros Bobcats in Tyros, Exaletas.


    The referee launches the 2012 SBA season into action!


    Chris Kaman rejects Byron Mullens early in the first quarter.


    The Mavs hung on to a narrow 1 point halftime lead, led by center Chris Kaman.


    But the Bobcats had a powerful second half, and got the come-from-behind win over the Mavs. With a double-double, Kemba Walker is your Player of the Game.


    A break down of the stats.



    Next, the Montreal Spurs traveled to Portland to take on the Trail Blazers.


    Tim Duncan hangs from basket before tipoff in Portland.


    Dunks were not at all uncommon from either team.



    San Antonio held a 4 point lead at the half, with Tony Parker dominating with 23 at the break.


    San Antonio pulled away in the second half to easily take the game; Tony Parker was your Player of the Game.


    Some in-depth stats.


    Come back tomorrow for Turkey Day SBA!! :D

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  • Original Poster
  • Picking up on Turkey Day basketball here with the Lyon Lakers @ the Rotterdam T'Wolves.



    Pau Gasol led the Lakers in the first quarter, and Kobe Bryant stole the show to cruise past the Timberwolves.



    The Lakers dominated crucial stats, like total field goal percentage and points in the paint.



    Our second game, the Kings traveled to New Chandler to battle with the Nets. The game was closer than the score might suggest, with the Nets' lead being lengthened only by free throws in garbage time in a last ditch Kings effort.


    A rowdy New Chandler crowd was a major factor in the game, as well as the Nets' lights-out shooting from all areas of the court.


    The game was virtually a straight-tie at the break.


    Deron Williams led the Nets with 39, tied with Kobe Bryant for most points this week.


    Shooting percentages and 3-pointers were virtually dead-even, with the difference in the game coming in free throws.




    Week 1 Game of the Week: Brown River Bears @ Rockaway Bears


    LeBron James and the Rockaway pregame.


    A look at our starting lineups for this weeks game.


    Brown River's Rudy Gay shoots a 3 late in the first half.


    Brown River held a slim lead at halftime, led by Rudy Gay.


    But the second half, namely the fourth quarter, was all Rockaway, and King James.



    When it was all said and done, Dwayne Wade was your Player of the Game.


    Rockaway found themselves trailing until the 4th quarter.



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  • Original Poster
  • So, the Holt Crusaders had a match with the Pelham Sultans in Pelham.



    Patrick Patterson, Player of the Game, jams one home in the second.





    Utrecht City traveled to a noisy Adatan City Metrodome to play the Hawks.



    The Pistons were thought of by most as an underdog, but took control of the game in the early-going.




    That's a wrap!! :D I'll post rankings and conference standings tomorrow!

    Also, we have two unnamed conferences, so be thinking of some good names! :P



    So, here's the rankings. Teams that win are higher and then its in order of points per game, and then if there's a tie in that, it's in average points allowed (there was one tie for second). :P

    The conference standings are what determines the playoffs, though. The top 4 will go from each conference. I named the conferences "1" and "2", because we need to think of names!! :P


    EDIT: So I already see a mistake - the Lakers didn't play a conference game; I'll change that. :P But yeah, no conference games this week. :P


    Think of those conference names!! :P

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  • Original Poster
  • I know this is a super-uber-triple post, but if there are any members who want in, please register now!! :)

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