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Initial residential demand

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Hello there, citybuilders!

I've been trying to understand something, that's a little

mysterious to me. I've started using the Census Repository

Vault to get a better understanding of the way demand

is working.

In the original versions R$ demand cap was 20.000,

according to the Prima game guide. But in the forums

the cap is now generally reported to be 50.000 (Ripplejet).

So when I have a city that has a R$ housing capacity of about

1.000, I would expect the R$ cap, as reported by the vault,

to be at 2%. Right? I have no amenities in my city.

I reinstalled my game, fresh from Origin, and only installed

the census repository mod. In a new city it reports a 1% cap at

a R$ capacity of 1.000. 2% at 2.000 etc.

The workforce reported is off course about 50% of the

population, so taking that number instead of the capacity,

the maths might work, but I can't believe that solves the

problem. In the posts from Ripplejet it is clearly stated that

the cap percentage is: (capacity/cap)*100

Has the R$ cap been raised to 100.000 in the latest (641)


Anybody here has any clue to what I'm asking here?

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According to the RCI exemplars, R$/R$$/R$$$ caps are initially at 50,000/2,000/1,000 respectively. And are you sure you provide no additional amenities at all? Parks and civic buildings like schools and hospitals do provide amenities, which add up to the above numbers.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thank you for responding, Cogeo!

    I'll make my case again, this time with a little added depth:

    So I reinstalled Simcity 4, newest version (641). I could not

    resist installing NAM (30) this time. Other than that, no mods,

    all original files.

    I set up a city on a large tile, without education,

    and grew it up to 50.000 R$ residents. I did add some

    hospitals, fire and police stations, the mayor's house

    and one house of worship. Furthermore I have 2 avenue

    connections, 1 rail and 1 road connection, some elevated

    rail stations and quite some bus stops. Oh yeah, and 3

    parking garages.

    I'm quite certain that this can't raise the R$ cap much,

    certainly not to 100.000. I also started one neighbouring

    city, that only has 3.500 residents and some agriculture.

    After I made sure I still had demand and could grow the city

    to over 60.000, I installed the census repositary vault, loaded a

    50.000 R$ save, ran the simulator for a few months and got

    the following numbers:

    R$ CAP 51% City 50.165 Drives 59.530 Demand 2.935

    (R$$ at 534 and R$$$ at 50)

    So, am I the only one with this discrepancy, or am I the only one

    who is actually bothered by having too much demand?

    Does... Not... Compute!!!


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    Did take a look into the CR's scripts and variables, and found that the demand cap percentages displayed in the query are actually game-supplied, rather than calculated, so the possibilty of an error in the scripts should be ruled out.

    Maybe the CR Vault lifts the R$ demand cap (in addition to the I-R one)? You can test this by instead using my Chamber of Commerece and Industry from the STEX (it requires 4000 jobs in the city, but you can remove the Conditional Building = True property to make it immediately available). This building has only one Occupant Group rep (Reward) so this one shouldn't affect caps. You can experiment by bulldozing your structures one by one to see which one lifts the caps (of course exit to region without saving, after you are done with testing - I would also suggest backing up the whole region, not only the city file, before starting).

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