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Schools in simcity5 any info on how it works?

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Just wondering if there are any info on how the schools in simcity5 will be set up im very fasinated with my cities in the education part will we be able to make school districts inside are citites?

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I don't think we've actually gotten any detailed info on how the school system works, but we do know that education does play a role in your cities.

If I had to take a guess, schools will probably work similar to hospitals and other services. Plopable buildings with upgrades with no predetermined radius of influence.

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  • Original Poster
  • So no radious means all the kids living in the city would go to that one school i'm assuming

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    Again taking a guess based on the other services:

    With the new traffic simulator, the school will probably send out buses to pick up kids. The buses are actually being simulated on the streets so they're limited by how efficient your transportation network is. Lots of traffic will slow the buses (and everything else) right down.

    Theoretically you could have an entire city serviced by one school (assuming there's no limit to the capacity of the school, which I would imagine there is) but it'll probably be smarter to have multiple.

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