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Mr Saturn64

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: Gamecube or Wii?

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    • By SecretMbr_735754
      These are some unicode characters relevant to city-builders, useful for map icons and in forums and file pages.
      ✈ Airport, ⚓ Seaport, ? Residential, ? Commercial, ? Industrial. ? Agriculture
      ⛺ ⛲ ⚽ ⛳ Parks, ? Civic/Financial, ? ? ? ? ℗ ⛽ Transport
      ⛱ ? ⛵ Beach/Marina, ?? ✪ ✰ ? ? Scenic, ? ? ? ? Education
      ☢ ⚡ ♻ Power, ⚖ ? Justice, ? ?  ♿  Medical, ?? Fire
      ? ? ? ? Tourism, ? ? ⛾ ? ? ? ?
      ℹ❔⛉ ? ⚿ Information, ⛪Church
      The UTF-8 codes that appear as <?> will not show on this site, the ones that do may be used in text written on file pages, but otherwise can only be used in your graphics program using a text tool..
      § Simoleon, © copyright, ® registered trade mark, ° degree sign, ² superscript 2 (squared sign), µ micro sign, ½ one-half, é acute e, Δ delta, π pi, Ж cyrillic zhe, ѱ cyrillic psi, ۩ Arabic sajdah, ෴  Sinhala kunddaliya, ፠ Ethiopic ※ Reference, Ꮎ Cherokee na (ecology), ⌘ place of interest,  ⌨  keyboard, ⎷ radical, ☗ black shogi,  ⛟ truck, ⛴ ferry,
    • By thomas_bk
      Hi. I have created some assets locally based on workshop items. Somehow these "new" assets keeps their link to the original workshop asset. 
      Are anyone else experiencing this?
      Do anyone know how to break this link?
      This does not always happen, but it does sometimes.
    • By The Avatar
      It's official! In a trailer released today, Nintendo announced Majora's Mask 3D, a remake of the original Nintendo 64 game made for the 3DS. Fans of the Zelda series have awaited a remake and many have speculated that one has been in the works from hints made by Nintendo. The game is set for release in Spring of 2015. Here's the video:
      I for one am really excited for this game. As a person who has just recently delved into the amazing universe of The Legend of Zelda, I didn't think I would ever get a chance to play this title, which is considered by many fans to be one of the best due to its darker story line. Seriously, I nearly wet myself when I saw this - plus all the Mario Kart 8 DLC goodness in my YouTube subscriptions.
    • By Xenocity



      Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) is rapidly becoming the best Mario Kart game of all time and the best gaming deal of all time as well.
      Not only did Nintendo give us a free game for registering Mario Kart 8 within the first two months (which also netted deluxe Wii U owners a bonus $5 of eShop credit)
      They are giving us free 3 DLC  Karts tomorrow as part of the huge balancing patch.
      On top of that you can preorder the two AOC aka DLC packs starting tomorrow.
      Those who preorder/buy either DLC pack, will get 8 free Yoshi colors for the game and 8 free Shyguy colors for the game.
      It is $11.99, if you buy both together or you can buy them seperately for $7.99!
      These two packs will add 16 new courses to the existing 32, making this the biggst Mario Kart ever.
    • By Nilo7
      Okay, not sure if this is even that worth it, but I'll try this anyway.
      Anyone have a Wii U?  Feel free to share your usernames and we can create a Simtropolis web!
      I didn't see any other thread regarding this, but sorry in advance if there was one.
      My username is Nilo007 btw
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