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Sim City 4 Online - A multiple public & private shared region community project.

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Subjects similar to this come up all the time!

"A region hosted online for you to develop on."

But whats different about this?

What if you could host, or even create a single or multiple regions for other users to develop on, and share it, while then loading another players region to continue your personal development or city? What if we could have a mass of hosted online regions both public and private, much like Cities XL provides only without the "World System" Regions limitless in size, either as large as you can imagine or a 2 player cooperation region? I'm no longer speaking of just a Single hosted region, but multiple regions which would consist the potential to host endless and I mean literally endless amounts of regions to develop on and endless amounts of players to participate in the development of each. There would be no limits, you can convert your personal offline region and plugins to an online participation in a public domain or you can host a private region for you and only a select few other participants to connect to.

Lets step beyond the confinements of Windows Live Mesh and DropBox in storage capacity, allowed user accounts, and availability (Mesh cannot support windows XP and DropBox doesnt offer enough file storage for a region exceeding 5 million sims)... Lets take this to a real server with unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity which allows us to host as many regions with as many plugins and as high of populations as we want without the need of worrying of confinements. We will have the ability to support as many user accounts as necessary so there won't be a participation limit (10 for Live Mesh for example) and finally the site is for the public, not just one city journal so everyone will have the ability to share their OWN region.

Furthermore, what if we throw in a interactive website which will allow users to collaborate upon the development of their regions? The website could list the public available regions, allow you to set up a user account and upon doing so, give you access to login and participate, also any in game photos you take that are moved to the Albums folder will automatically be displayed in your personal live city journal that will be attached to the region you participate in where much like photobucket, Facebook, you can add comments to those photos to create a seamless and effortless city journal for the masses.

All of this is possible, and would actually take much less work than you think as well.

You would have two options to connect to the shared regions, depending on your speed and file space...

#1 Network Drive - you would literally connect to the storage location of the online region by connecting your PC to it to register that location as a local drive, and then use the shortcut userdir command to connect to it.

The pro is: You don't have to download the region or plugins for this to work which saves your hard disk space.

The con is: Longer loading times and the need for an internet connection to be able to perform any kind of development.

#2 Sync to FTP - Using a very small piece of Software, you can download the entire region and plugins and afterward sync it into your FTP account which will automatically only upload the changes you made to the region.

The pro is: Higher availability with the ability to modify the region regardless whether you're on or offline, and Faster loading times. The con is: Must have enough storage to host the region locally on your machine.

Something like this is more than possible, but if I designed this, would you participate in it?

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  • not a bad idea! also, didn't this already exist?

    Not entirely, some of the concepts have been around for a long time. I was originally the one who designed the first public multiplayer region, BlueHope, then SC4 Multiplayer was derived from the concept but was more publicized but both never went to the extent of providing an unlimited storage server which would allow users to host their OWN regions for other players to develop upon. This is more like a Hub for multiplayer SC4 content, like a launchpad for those who wish to share their regions and contents. Think of the game and regions themselves as a plane... this would be the airport. or the dock to a ship...

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