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Help! City doing random things...bug or something else?

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So I was going to take some screen shots of my city I'm working on to post here as my first post. I wanted to get some feedback on how I was doing and what everyone thought of my road system. As I'm taking a closer look, cleaning up some abondoned buildings, etc getting my city photo ready I realized that it was doing some funky stuff. An entire corner of my commercial district shows that there are jobs at a particular building and that it is running just fine...BUT...when I select a building with the route tool (the one that shows who takes what kind of transport to get there) it shows no routes and says no jobs. On top of that, my SIMS realized this and won't travel to that part of town anymore for work. Sounds like a bug, but I don't know. Maybe I need to re-install the Rush hour part??

Here is some more info, might be related, might not....random parts of my city (the corner of my business district described above as well) would just randomly show that it didn't have power. But the buildings right across the street did. No explanation and no amount of power lines would fix it. Just no power. Power plants are fine and well well under capacity. Nothing else I can see that would stop the power. I'm about to just do the cheat and remove power requirements but I thought I would try to figure out the problem first. In certain cases I had to just bulldoze the area and start fresh, seemed to work...

Are these issues related? Bug? something in the game I'm missing? ANY help and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all, can't wait to get some pics up of my city :)

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Start by looking at your power display. Chose the upper right display box and in the second column chose the power radio button. All the powered areas will be green, and the unpowered, but zoned, areas will be blue. You need to check to see if your power plants are either at full capacity and/or ageing out. Action needs to be taken in either event.

The ratio shown when you query a lot (m/n) is telling you not the number of employees but the number of jobs available (m) for the conditions as opposed to the maximum (n) when conditions are perfect. The route query will show the number of people employed at a business, and if it shows none, then there is either something wrong with the route to work, or it is too far away.

If you don't have the Network Addon Mod (NAM) you should get it. This eliminates most commute problems.

If you have run the tutorials in Timbuktu, remember these are very basic. There is nothing wrong with zoning some high density R right beside your I-D. You will get some tenements full of workers who walk to work. It is, however, good practice to force the Sims to pass through the commercial district on the way to work. High traffic in the C zones produces 'high' customers.

I suspect that you just need to play a lot more to get the full picture of the game, so have fun, take your time, and enjoy the animation.

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  • Original Poster
  • I appreciate the response but I really think it is something else besides the basics that you mentioned. All the power plants were replaced so I knew that wasn't the issue. I could even plot a windmill directly touching a building and it would still show no power and eventually abandon.

    As for the "no workers" it is extra strange because it seems to be located to one corner of the city. There used to be tons of traffic (traffic problems even!) and routes going everywhere and then something happened and it's like that corner of the city died. It started by there being no power there, then when I finally restored that issue the workers never seemed to come back. I even bulldozed some commercial blocks right in the middle of the mess and build some residential to see if they would even walk across the street to those buildings and nothing! They would still drive a few blocks away to where the city appeared to be normal still. None of the buildings are abandoned, there are parks, plenty of police and fire, etc, etc.

    I'll try taking some screen shots and illustrate what areas are affected. What kinds of filters or graphs would be helpful if any??

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    i have the same problem but it is different when i query it the jobs are 19000 but when i route it only shows 100 cars going to work the building is in the middle of nine residential zones each high density 51200 with many high rises by the way it is the north trade center from the twin towers

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    From the numbers you gents are quoting, I am wondering if you have the CAM and some other mods in conflict. Buildings generally don't have 19,000 jobs unless they are in your plugins directory. Ignoring brown boxes, what happens if you rename your plugins directory to Plugins.old and run the game?

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