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Evidence of proper water physics in SC5?

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Fresh surface water (rivers, lakes above sea level) has been my top wanted feature for SimCity since forever. Recently I stumbled across some things that seemed to hint that this would be present in the game (OMFG YES!!!) but upon further research, I couldn't find anything else.

First and most clearly here: http://www.wired.co....hind-the-scenes

"The first is a hugely refined environmental system... Gravity affects water, forcing it to run downhill and pool naturally."

And: http://www.treehugge...-your-life.html

"...coal dirtied water shall travel downstream..." clearly implies the presence of flowing rivers and streams in-game.

Finally here: http://simcity.wikia...in_SimCity_2013

"Hydro electric turbine ... has a risk of destroying the surrounding environment by flooding" (seems to imply the construction of a dam, which would necessitate a watercourse with changing elevation.

I'm not sure if these are just typos or misinterpretations, but I am getting somewhat hopeful that there will finally be at least semi-realistic water in SC5. If anybody has more insider information on this topic, thanks in advance.

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It sounds cool. I would wait for Maxis to officially say something, it would be interesting though. Especially if weather was added.

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They've been cherry picking a whole bunch of unimplemented features from SimCity 4, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did this one.

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I thought it was recently revealed, maybe during Dirk and Zed's visit, that the water level was sea level only. I don't got the gumption to find it for you but I'm pretty sure about this.

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Yep. i asked this very question and guill responded saying that there will be rivers, but they are at sea level so they are really just inlets. When they talk about water finding its own level, they are talking about the ground water

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