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searching for the player made cities?

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hello everyone.. i m new in 'sc4 deluxe edition' so i ve some questions..

is it possible to find any living city to download that sc4 players has made? for making them neighborhood cities for my own city. for trade or etc... and if it is possible how can install it to my sc4?

i m not american nor english so i couldn't understand the abbreviations you are using in this site. for example: BAT? LOT? PROP? MODD? STEX? SPAM? what are these meanings? if you explain these i would be very glad.

thank you very much.

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Welcome to Simtropolis.

First off, Player made cities are prohibited from trading in the STEX because of different downloads used. I don't know the specifics, but you can ask an admin.

And here are the abbriviations:

BAT = Building Architect Tool: Usually is a player made model such as a building.

LOT = Lot. The area a BAT is placed. For example, a house can be put on a 1x1 or 1x2 lot or larger.

PROP= a rendered item similar to BAT, but can be placed around a lot.

Modd = Modification: It usually changes the game a bit. For example, a new ordinance or a total conversion like the Sim Mars.

STEX = Simtropolis Exchange: This website's one and only exchange. You can get BATS, Props, Mods, and maps (but not player made cities).

SPAM = SimPeg Agricultural Mod: This adds new farms and such. (On an unrelated note also means "Spiced Ham" :D)

Here are a few others you may want to know:

NAM = Network Addon Mod: This adds new transport related things like new types of roads and highways. It also changes the game's transportation a bit too.R

RHW = Real (or Rural) Highway: Adds new types of Highways, the current largest is the RWH 10, a 5 lane highway.)

SAM = Street Addon Mod: It's a puzzlepice that changes the street's texture. Like brick or something.

Is there anything else I am missing? Well if you have any questions, just ask. Once again welcome, and have an awesome time here at Simtropolis.

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STEX - Simtropolis Exchange http://community.sim...olis.com/files/

LEX - BSC Lot Exchange http://sc4devotion.c...lex/fr_main.htm

PLEX - SimPeg Exchange http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php

BAT - Building Architect Tool, tool used to create a custom lot

LOT - building (custom or default) than can be plopped

PLOP - to place a building within the game

MOD - program that alters gameplay and or can reference a custom building or vehicle

PROP - extraneous feature (trees, grass, shrubbery, cars, etc.) that are typically non-ploppable and are used to enhance a LOT

NAM - Network Addon MOD, mod used to fix pathfinding for commute times and basic transportation networks

CAM - Colossus Addon MOD, mod used to have larger capacity buildings

SPAM - SimPeg Agricultural MOD, mod used to enhance farming

Dark Nite - mod used to make the default night setting more realistic

Tru Nite - see Dark Nite

Automata - vehicles or sims

SC4 - SimCity 4

SC2K13 - Simcity 2013, reference to the new SimCity game being released in 2013

SC5 - see SC2K13

SC4T - SC4 Terraformer, tool used to terraform entire regions at once vs. one city tile at a time

SC4M - file format for SC4T

SC4 - file format for city tiles

config -BMP file used to set region size

BMP - file format for the config file

Plugins - reference to the folder where mods are located in the documents folder C:\Users\your name\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins

Dependency - ancillary mod (usually for custom buildings, automata or maps) usually required fora mod to function or to enhance it's appearance (props)

CJ - City Journal, reference to journals/blogs detailing a player's city/region

Lot Editor - tool used to alter a pre-existing lot

Render - process used to create a custom map typically consisting of an 8 bit greyscale jpeg image and a config file

MMP - Mayor Mode Ploppable, lot or prop that can be plopped in the mayor mode menu located in the game

DAT - file extension used in mods (i.e. place *.dat file in your plugins folder)

W2W - wall to wall, descriptor used to describe lots that are meant to be placed side by side with attention to detail to the front and back of the building but not the sides since they will be covered by adjacent buildings

OFMN.dat - One Flag Many Nations, dat file used mainly as a dependency for some lots to display a flag on a lot, typically American or Canadian flags but will display the appropriate flag in the game depending on the game's origin and version

Brown Box/Cardboard Box - result of a custom lot missing a dependency to function properly thus showing a brown box or cardboard box where the building is supposed to exist

UDI - UDriveIt, vehicle capable of being operated by the player

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  • Original Poster
  • thank you 'FERRARIGUY 1000' and 'CHIMERAN' for your kindly answers. very much appreciated. now i can surf the site easily. i wish the site could give permission for exchanging the cities, i m sure it would add vitality to the game.

    see ya..

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    You can also download the Maxis UDrive City from here


    and also the Maxis Region from here


    Both were official downloads on the old EA Site


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               In northeastern Kabylake province (named for the giant lake in the middle of the province and another hint to where the name Lynnfield came from), at the intersection of Freeway I-670 and A-87 (The major highways in the province) lies a sleepy village by the name of Lynnfield.
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        Freeway A-87, which provides highway access to Lynnfield.

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        Bob the motorcyclist takes a right turn to the farm he's employed at. He's contemplating leaving the city or applying for a job at Cosine Co., as the city has provided little jobs for college graduates like him.

        Lynnfield high school. Built 20 years ago, the school is starting to have an overflow problem and the city, governed by Mayor McFatbags, seems to spend all its budget at improving the Mayor's mansion, so the problem remains. However, elections are coming up, and there's a disruptive candidate that gives the previously uncontesed (for reasons that the city absolutely does not want to disclose) mayor McFatbags a run for his money.

        The intersection of Blemont and 7th street, the main East-West and North-South axes of the town. Plans to upgrade the roads and potentially accommodate more new citizens have been stalled by the mayor's monopolistic council, but as mentioned before, there a a wave of young Lynnfielders who are tired of stagnation and corruption in the city and running for a spot in city council and even mayor.

        The city hall.
        The 2 main highways near the city provide the city a huge opportunity as a transportation hub, which many of the young Lynnfielders running for city council or Mayor are hoping to take advantage of. Being the largest town within a few tens of miles with low tax rates and easy accessibility, maybe the city will grow some day...
        That's it for today! There probably will be more tomorrow, considering how excited I am at continuing this. This is my first CJ, so feedback is strongly appreciated.
        Edit: Ideas for future updates and mods/assets are also appreciated. The map is Copper Creek, if anyone's curious.
      • By Michael J
        Welcome All!
        I created this topic as a place for folks to share their cities and pictures from their cities of fascinating builds within them. 
        Drop us some details about your creations!  You just might inspire others to sit a little closer to the fire!
        I hope you are enjoying this fun game as much as I am!

        This is Red Devil, named after my Goldwing touring motorcycle that takes me all across this great land of ours.  The city is doing well presently, and should remain so for a number of years.  I tend to build the same style of city (dense in the center with some Light Residential surrounding it.)  I know the Sims love their trains, so I give them some (which they, in short order, abuse and congest to my consternation!)  I build no hospitals or schools which keeps the Great Depression in a galaxy far, far away.  The subway system is simple, with many connections to neighbors.  This, along with Zoos, keep the commercial cap at bay for a long time.  I usually stick in a nice Freeway system around the 100 year mark.  Kinda fun to bulldoze those nice estates, filled with folks eating caviar.  :-)  Yes, of course, I use the cheats!  It's about the only thing in life I DO cheat at!  If I wanted to "work" for something good, I'd be working!  :-)  I do keep an eye on things as the time goes on.  Lots of clean up in the Industrial zones.  I have my favorites there and it makes me happy to see them come about.  After some game play, and the RCI bars busting at the top, I get choosy what I want to see in my cities.  Only a few skyscrapers that don't appeal to me, so, when they come up, I bulldoze them down.

        I've babbled for long enough.....Here is Red Devil...Enjoy! 
        Red Devil.sc3
      • By CycadRSL
        Hello guys and welcome to my 2nd episode of Small Castle Town on this channel, i hope you will like it...
      • By denzo
        could mods causing "anomaly" like too much same buildings built in a zone? I have just started to mod my game (NAM, and just a few other ones like BSC MegaProp, Install_BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02, Install Ghetto Pack Vol1-2) and it seems, I did not experience (I do not remember) this behaviour earlier in my other cities, when those mods were not installed, that lots of the same buildings built in a block.
        See pic.


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