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    • By SecretMbr_735754
      There are 2 folders, each with grayscale heightmaps, config.bmp and region.ini  files ready to be placed in your User\ Documents\ SimCity 4\ Region folder.  Render using CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+R, then navigating to the Alpine Sublime/BO folder and selecting the Alpine_Sublime_1025x897_MAXIS/GOBIAS.bmp file, OR, use SC4 Mapper to 'Create a Region' from a 'Grayscale Image'. 
      The MAXIS version is made with height levels for most terrain mods.  If you are rendering using the SC4 rendering function the resulting region view will reflect the terrain mod you have installed.  If you are using a Gobias terrain mod the height levels are different so a special file has been made for the Gobias mods.   Featured in the previews is the Gobias Berner Oberland terrain mod designed for the Alpine biome specifically of Switzerland.
      Both the SC4 Mapper program and the Gobias BO Terrain mod are located at SC4 Devotion on the LEX (Lot Exchange)
      SC4 Mapper 2013 (v1.0)
      Gobias Berner Oberland Terrain Mod (v1.0)
      The World of SimCity 4
      In SC4 sea level is about 225 meters from the sea floor.  Each increment raises the terrain 50 meters, so at 5 increments sea-level is half under-surface and half above-ground.  Add one more increment of 50 meters and you are on land at about 25 meters above sea level.  Only by using the terra-former or a grayscale heightmap can you get the land down to touch the water and wade around in the wet sand.
      The Gobias Terrain mods, BO and Sudden Valley, change the increments from 50 meters to 100 meters, doubling them, so 3 increments from sea floor in Gobias is 300 meters, or (300-225) 75 meters above sea-level.
      The CPT Terrain mods, Columbus, are consistent with the Maxis vanilla terrain so no adjustment is needed to compensate for the higher elevation of ground level above sea-level.  
      The grayscale range from 0 to 255 covers about 1200 meters above sea floor (24 increments x 50).  Subtract 5 increments below sea level (19 x 50) gives you about 900 meters of height above ground.  The full depth of the SC4 block of space is (62 x 50) 3100 meters or about 3 kilometers high, about 1-third of the highest mountain on Earth. 
      SC4 was designed to represent building construction, not geological topography.  The tallest building in the world is near 900 meters, and the tallest mountain is about 10 times as high.  For persepctive, look up a mountain you know that is in the 1000 meter range to get an idea of how SC4 renders topography.
      If this is not confusing enough then consider the explanation I give for the scaling in SC4 3D Space in my SC4 Earth Maps Grayscale and SC4M Maps file.
      The difference in scaling is between fitting SC4 into the real world and fitting the real world into SC4.   Therein between, is the wonderful world of SimCity 4.
      Special thanks to @CorinaMarie for continuing inspiration and study of the joy of SC4 Mapping.
      Here, I will, hopefully, soon link this file page to another major mapping project.
    • By LexusInfernus
      Ive tried to install Sc4 mapper. It installs just fine, but when I try to create a new region, the thing gets stuck. Using a SC4m file causes a big white screen. If I try using a greyscale, it just gets stuck loading forever. 
      So then I tried installing terraformer. That thing wont even install, I just get an error report. Not even sure what happened there. 
      Can anyone help? 
    • By peperodriguez2710
      Hello, I don't know if somebody has already solved this problem, sorry if I'm repeating it. Maybe my problem it's created because of a stupid reason, I don't know, sorry 
      I've been creating a custom region using parts of other regions and sculpting in SC4 Terraformer. After finishing it, I created the config.bmp, saved it as a SC4M file, and as a PNG greyscale in the region folder. When I entered SC4, the region was displaying the city borders acording to the config.bmp, and started rendering the greyscale PNG image. When after an hour it finished, the region was all water tiles or land tiles with no elevation changes, completely flat. I tried using .bmp and tried rendering without any open program open or process active at the same time, but results are the same: the region is a flat ocean with sometimes flat land tiles. And I don't think it's the water height problem, because cities are completely flat, and the region has pretty big mountains. I also tried to use a jpeg greyscale, but SC4 didn't read it. (I don't include pics of that flat regions, but I can add them, though I think it's not necessary, my explanation it's exactly what it is)
      I don't know what to do! Any thoughts? Is the issue realated with the greyscale image (I add it if is needed)?
      Thanks in advance ^^
    • By Samerton
      Hayder Basin by Samerton

      A totally fictional map I made. It includes a mountainous area towards the north-west and a river mouth towards the south-east.
      Installation instructions are included in the readme.
      The map size is 16x16 pixels, all large tiles.

      SC4 Mapper

      Or you can use Mapper if you have it.

      A larger picture:

      If you'd like to request a fictional map, just PM me with some ideas of what you want and I'll try to make it for you!

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