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On 23.8.2017 at 6:49 PM, Dreadnought said:

lots that were listed as having no dependencies !!



No dependencies???? After so many years people still don't bother to check the included Read-Me files
To quote from the Dulles dl;


The functional airport will only appear in the
airport menu after you have installed the SC4 Functional Airports v2.2
(you need the JENXAIRPORT_Car_Rental_Buses.dat and
Porkieprops vol 1
Modular 8 level parking garage (v1.0)
BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02
VIP CarPackMMP vol 1,2 & 3
AC or SCAG aircrafts
Just search the LEX or STEX (author Voltaire). You may use any of the
aircrafts of your choice.

...and just to be on the safe side, here's the 3ds-file he uploaded seperatley; http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3018


24 minutes ago, Dreadnought said:

There is no complete listing of dependencies for the JENX Airport systems anywhere

Bothered to check the inckuded .pdf file??? It has a list of content, installation instructions, plopping instructions and full dependency list

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phase 1 and 2 are done on my new (old?) project ... the third (and final) rebuild of this city. The housing style covers the post ww2 to the late 80s-ish.


Phase's 3 & 4 have there network drawn out fully - this going on top of what is existing and will be the modern housing. Phase 5 and 6 are going underneath and have there networks partially drawn out - and if anyone could help me find some houses that fit in 1x1 lots in the tudor, georgian (colonial revival), victorian, edwarian and arts & crafts (craftsmen) style that would be greatly appreciated as I'm not having much luck finding these. It may seem like an odd collection - but everyone of these styles is represented in my neighborhood built from the late 1900s to the 1930's and thats what I'm trying to replicate for the old area.

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16 hours ago, JerrySosa said:

These buildings are for my Bogotá themed city... Many red brick buildings down there.

Housing complex was done by putting together some LBT buildings. The other red brick building is 100% mine and it's still open to modifications.

I love them, love them so much! It's a 5 star rating guaranteed from now on. Your own building is even better, but it would be interesting to see it on other texture varieties, particularly painted white and grey, as many high rises on several cities of the region.

(Ah, y por cierto, te envié una invitación al club de habla hispana, te esperamos allá)

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Somebody said rift valley?


I'm heavily redoing the geography of my region due to several impracticities, errors of planification and the overall issue of describing it as a rift valley but don't looking like one. What you see is the western margin almost complete, and the rest having a lot of work to do yet. The idea is giving the area the shape of a delta inserted on a rift, a profile that can be described on the lines of this:  ---¨¨\__-^-__/¨¨---

Obviously, this will mean a lot of re-planning, but this time I want to operate in a bit more spontaneous fashion, in no small measure because I keep the original region fully backuped in case something goes wrong.

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Here is a new apartment complex I created from marcszar's Charles Village Apartments.  I've always liked them but they rarely seem to show up in my small towns, so I decided to create my own version from the building props. Took a little longer than I thought as I had to re-create his front and back yards (not exactly as he did them).

Let me know what you think and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Charles Village #1.jpg

Charles Village #2.jpg

Charles Village #3.jpg


This was supposed to be in the "Show us what you are working on" thread.  What did I do wrong? :???: And can someone move it to the right thread please.



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5 hours ago, jaredh said:

How do you not run into eternal commuters with that transit map Haljackey?

I was wondering the same when I realized how 'accommodating' the map appeared to be for commuter loops.  I had been looking for where on the map his previous post was.

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  • Original Poster
  • On 8/28/2017 at 10:22 AM, jaredh said:

    How do you not run into eternal commuters with that transit map Haljackey?


    21 hours ago, RobertLM78 said:

    I was wondering the same when I realized how 'accommodating' the map appeared to be for commuter loops.  I had been looking for where on the map his previous post was.


    Actually I don't suffer too much from this, most sims live and work in their own city tiles. For what does exist however, more traffic for me to build infrastructure for! ;)

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    @_Michael The Djinguereber Mosque was the biggest time consumer in that picture - I had to model and texture that one from scratch. The other adobe houses and whatnot weren't too difficult - I was able to find some existing models to use online - but I still had to texture those from scratch too which took a while.

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        Thanks everyone!
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        Instructions on installation in the readme file included in the download.
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