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@MushyMushy and @T Wrecks Its a bit more complicated than just doing a custom LOD. The issue is in the inside and not the outside. The LOD is already super tight.

In the inside of the LOD there is the carriage gripper and cables hanging, which are  in the way. The final lot will have the proper props under the gantry cranes with no visible clipping.

Ultimately I could render everything under the crane in one go, thus eliminating the whole debate.


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On 5/8/2017 at 8:01 PM, Haljackey said:



Yo, guy --

Where do I find the round Pink and tan residential towers ??  Been seeing a lot of them -- thought I might give 'em a try.

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10 hours ago, Simmer2 said:

Ultimately I could render everything under the crane in one go, thus eliminating the whole debate.

Jim's rail station and props spring to mind as the number one reason why you should avoid that solution if at all possible.

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@Tyberius06 Wow, those docks are really amazing, nice work you have done there:thumb:

Is that VW plant based on a real building? I really loved it.

About my prop pack, I really want to relase it now, it's almost done, but I still need to work on some minor details. I expect to relase it, if everything's going right, by the end of the next month, maybe. *:???:

Meanwhile, a little bit of what I've been working on:


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(Click to make bigger.)

Yo, guys --

Following up on the "culture" theme -- just across the avenue from Cathedral Square, we have the "Campanile Square".  The area has a mix of medium wealth residential to the north and west, with the train station to the south, and a large low wealth residential on the extreme south end of town.  Here and there you will see some business offices sandwiched amongst the locals.





This is Rhinelander Circle and the South Central train station, with the "Super Chief" just pulling in with a load of evening commuters -- and a suspicious Police chopper hanging about.  (Sorry about the "toolbar" thingie -- missed that.)





In this close-up of the square, you will see the Vienna Music Association Hall, where all the best Classical concerts are held -- as well as the City Opera House, and the Main Library.  If you take a few moments to stroll along the finely landscaped paths, you can stop at the Campanile Cafe, or view the many monuments and statues.  But -- I see a crowd gathering outside the Opera House -- you might want to join them.  I understand "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg" is tonight's offering.




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@matias93It doesn't seem right now, but there will be a little separator line (bushes and trees, some green area) between the actual waterfront and the I-Ht buildings, and there will be more green between the buildings anyway. @Simmer2 has similiar concerns about this lot, which is totally understandable, but I'm about to make more I-Ht waterfront lots and the set gets new transition and end lots as well, so eventually everybody can build "clean" seaports far away from the actual dirty stuffs. When i've showcased pictures about my cities the very first time (about a half a year ago), I mentioned that my end goal never will be the total realism, and with some limitation it's true for my lotting as well. Maybe it's not ultra-realistic to put high tech stuff on the waterfront, I don't know, but not necessarily has to put this lot next to a dirty industry factory. I'm planing to build a city in my region, where at the end I tend to grow and/or plop mostly I-Ht buildings, and in that case an I-Ht seaport could be quite usefull.

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You've set yourself quite a challenge! Although it's not without real-life comparisons: the Pedriana building is based on the Voestalpine Stahl Service Center in Linz, Austria, and it straddles rail, road and seaport functions.


It is the L shape building at the top of the screen: they don't have GSV there, but someone has set up the 360 camera, so you can get a feel for the layout.


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