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SC4 Devotion: Official Advice and Site Information Thread

Cyclone Boom

Note: This is the official Simtropolis support thread for SC4Devotion related technical issues.

Please see recent given advice/solutions first before posting a new concern.
For issues regarding registering an account on the site, you may wish to post here or contact @Tarkus who is a Site Admin over there.

Thanks! *:)

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I wasn't trying to be rude. If you recall.

I said

On 4/21/2017 at 10:04 AM, ReshiramLover said:

Can you please hurry? Thank you.

I am lacking some dependencies that are over at SC4D that I need to download. Thanks


I said Thank You twice.

And as for the other sentence, I was just pointing it out. I wasn't accusing you of anything.


On 4/22/2017 at 4:26 AM, Tarkus said:

SC4D Admin here.  I have manually activated the account on the LEX, so you should be able to log in now.  Apologies for it taking a couple days, but I've been working overtime at two jobs this week, which means I've barely been home (aside from sleeping), while also preparing for an out-of-state trip, and have only just now seen this thread.

Manual account activation requires Admin privileges, and the rest of the Admin team has been spread a bit thin with real life as well.  Of the other three besides myself, one is building up a law practice, one is finishing up his master's degree, and the other is in the process of starting grad school.  The site owner is also quite busy in his life outside of the SC4 world, and except for emergency situations (i.e. database and server issues) and site finances, has largely left operations of the site to the four of us.  It may, for the foreseeable future, take us a few days to handle manual activations for LEX and/or SC4D Forum accounts.  We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank those who are patient with us, as we try to balance our real world obligations with our continued, long-running passion for this community.


Thank You.

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As has been reported by several users, the registration system for the SC4 Devotion Lot Exchange (LEX) has recently become non-operational.  The version of the CAPTCHA verification system that has been in use on the LEX was apparently discontinued within recent weeks, and unfortunately this change has effectively prevented new members from creating accounts and accessing the downloads.

Due to the fact that the LEX operates on custom software, removing and/or replacing the current broken CAPTCHA system will actually require a re-write of the software, a task that will require the assistance of our sole LEX developer.  Due to the demands of our developer's schedule outside of SC4 Devotion, we cannot give any estimate as to when the registration will re-open.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to be able to serve the download needs of new members again very soon.


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As of about an hour ago, with some trial and error, I managed to disable the outdated reCAPTCHA V1 references on my own, and LEX registration should once again be functional.  Thank you for your patience, and as always, should you have any issues with registration or login, please let us know either here or on our LEX Access thread over on the SC4 Devotion Forums, and our staff will do our best to help you promptly.

The related reCAPTCHA issues with the standard forum registration have also been resolved, and the forum now runs reCAPTCHA V2.  Our forum's Social Login feature, unfortunately, will stop accepting new unique users for the foreseeable future, as we have hit the cap for the free plan for the year since install.


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Just wanted to give everyone here at ST a heads up that the LEX download section is presently unavailable, due to ongoing maintenance work with the software.  At present, much like NAM releases, we don't have an ETA for when the exchange will be back up and running, but we will keep everyone apprised of progress and any related news as needed. 

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you to everyone in advance for their patience.


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Another update here--as of 12:01am Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7), the LEX has been re-opened.  Most core functionality is in place, with some features coming back online in later phases.  Special thanks to CasperVg, our LEX Developer, for all his hard work in getting the exchange back up and running, with increased security.  His official announcement can be read here.

Thank you all for your patience during the downtime.


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    • By CorinaMarie
      Introduction to Simtropolis

      Image created by @Cyclone Boom using:  Simtropolis Sign by Ceafus 88, and MYOS Make Your Own Sign by jbizzle.
      Hiya! We're so glad you dropped in to see us.
      Simtropolis is primarily a site for people who love City Building games. We have major forums for SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, and SimCity (2013) as well as a few others in the gamer topics. Our members are friendly, courteous, and helpful and range in skill levels from beginners to technical gurus.  The forums are where we discuss all manner of city building ideas. Whether you are a player or a custom content creator (or both) we have places ideally suited for your needs. If you haven't signed up yet to be a member, how about dropping by our New Member Registration Page?
      We also have the SimTropolis EXchange which is our files section containing (literally) thousands of files to improve on the basic games. These include bug fixes, maps, textures to change the terrain-related aspects, lots, buildings, props, game altering mods, and more. These are available for download by members and guests alike. (However, members are not presented with any ads.)
      Now, of course, we do have some easy to abide by rules you'll want to read in the Site Guidelines and for custom content creators and users in the STEX Code of Conduct. Be sure to check those out because they apply in full force to everyone here whether you read them or not.
      Ok. Have you registered yet?
      I'll wait.
      Great! Now that you are a member you can Introduce Yourself Here.
      And here's how I've laid out the rest of this introductory thread:
      Basics of Using the Forum Software Overview of the Forums Overview of the STEX Overview of the Omnibus You can click those links above or just scroll down as each one is in its own separate post in this thread.
      Also, if you have any issue come up which you feel is best discussed in private, feel free to send a Private Message to one of our Staff Members. Tip: Look over on the right side of that page to see which of us has been most recently active. That doesn't guarantee we didn't just log off 2 seconds after you view the list, but it does increase the odds you'll get a quicker reply. Do keep in mind even if we are online we cannot always respond immediately as we may be working on another important issue.
      I hope you find this site as enjoyable as I do.
    • By matias93
      Hola! Nos encanta de que hayas venido a vernos.  
      Simtropolis es sobre todo un sitio para la gente que ama los juegos de simulación urbana. Tenemos importantes foros para SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines y SimCity (2013), así como algunos otros en la sección de Temas de Jugadores (Gamer Topics). Nuestros miembros son amables, corteses y serviciales, y van de principiantes a gurús técnicos. Los foros son donde discutimos todo tipo de ideas de construcción de ciudades. Si juegas, o creas contenido personalizado (o ambos) tenemos secciones adecuadas para tus necesidades. Si aún no te has hecho una cuenta, ¿por qué no hacerla ahora?
      También tenemos el SimTropolis EXchange, que es nuestra sección de archivos que contiene (literalmente) miles de archivos para mejorar los juegos básicos. Estos incluyen correcciones de errores, mapas, texturas para cambiar el terreno, lotes (sitios), edificios, accesorios, mods, y más. Estos están disponibles para su descarga tanto por miembros como por invitados. (Aunque los miembros no tienen que ver publicidad)
      Ahora, por supuesto, tenemos algunas reglas fáciles de respetar que querrás leer en las Reglas Guías del Sitio y en el Código de Conducta de STEX. Asegúrate de revisarlas en detalle porque aplican en toda su fuerza a todo el mundo aquí, sin importar si las leyó o no.
      De acuerdo. ¿Ya te hiciste una cuenta?
      ¡Estupendo! Ahora que ya la tienes, puedes Presentarte Aquí.
      Así sigue este hilo introductorio:
      Conceptos básicos del uso del software del foro Visión general de los foros Descripción general de STEX Visión general del Omnibus Puedes hacer clic en los enlaces de arriba o simplemente ir bajando, ya que cada uno está en su propio mensaje independiente en este hilo.
      Además, si tienes algún problema que crees mejor discutir en privado, no dudes en enviar un mensaje privado a uno de nuestros miembros del Staff. Sugerencia: Mira en el lado derecho de esa página para ver cuál de nosotros ha estado activo recientemente. Eso no garantiza que no acabamos de cerrar sesión 2 segundos después de que revisaste la lista, pero aumenta las probabilidades que obtendrás una respuesta más rápida. Ten en cuenta que, incluso si estamos en línea, no siempre podemos responder de inmediato, ya que podemos estar trabajando en otro tema importante.
      Espero que encuentres este sitio tan agradable como yo.
      -@CorinaMarie (traducido por @matias93)
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Site Upgrade Announcement   
      I'm pleased to announce @Dirktator has confirmed that today, Simtropolis is scheduled to receive a significant site upgrade. In the process we'll be incrementing the site's version to ST9.0. The latest major update to the IPS Suite will be applied to bring a whole host of new and exciting features.
      Most notably:
      Reactions This will give more flexibility to describe why you like a content item.
      It'll allow Reactions to be tailored to best suit our community, such as with custom sets & icons.
        Recommended Replies A way for helpful, informative or useful replies to be highlighted inside a thread.
      Will be a way of drawing attention to popular posts, including those providing answers to the OP's question.
        Content Messages Allow announcements or important info to be seen within a content item.
      Uses may include thread guidelines, reminders to follow, or even useful info for reference (e.g. links or images).
        Promoting Content A range of possibilities to improve the accessibility of content. STEX files, CJs, forum posts, the whole lot.
      Social media options can be explored, such as to connect with the site's Twitter as a content stream.
        Fluid Forum View Optionally view the forum via a topic list or grid mode instead of traditional categories.
      This is configurable for all users via a toggle, so it's possible to easily switch between the views.
        Editor Uploading Improvements Simplified ability to attach images and files to a post.
      Now possible to drag & drop into specific locations, without needing to insert manually.
        Gallery Improvements A range of enhancements for uploading Gallery images.
      Usability improvements also introduced for albums, and also the navigation with the image lightbox display.
        City Journals Sidebar CJ authors can optionally add a sidebar with information about their entries.
      This uses the post editor, so text or other media can be added. HTML access available on request.
        Letter Profile Photos The default avatar replaced with a random coloured background, featuring the 1st character of a username.
      This will only affect users who haven't changed their avatar from the anonymous grey silhouette.  
      There's also the Clubs feature, which will restore a similar functionality to the old Groups. The advantage here is it's integrated and built into the core software, whereas previously it was a 3rd party plugin that was made incompatible. We won't be rolling out the Clubs immediately, but we have some ideas on how they can be used more effectively this time around, since they'll allow more options.

      Plus a visual overhaul and an assortment of other minor changes.
      Along with a few other surprises in store coming soon, so watch out for those too...
      Expected Downtime   
      Since this is a larger update than usual, the site may be unavailable for a slightly longer period. It's scheduled anytime from 12pm noon EDT / 4pm UTC onwards (view clock), and we anticipate this will be no more than 1 hour.
      Should the downtime be prolonged, please check our Twitter feed for progress updates.
      Bugs & Stability   
      The new version has been released in a client beta for several weeks, meaning stability has been tried & tested. However as is common with any new software product, there's a chance for undetected bugs to crop up when applied in unique environments. Please bear with us if there are any instabilities to start with, and report them below or in the bugs thread.
      We'd love to hear ways the site and the above features can be improved or best implemented. If you've any ideas feel free to share them below. We'll also be opening threads specifically to gain feedback on specific aspects within the next several weeks.
      Thanks everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new site!
    • By SecretMbr_735754
      As a lot of files for SC4, dependencies and information links exist between Simtropolis and SC4 Devotion and the LEX, I noticed that no mention has been made yet here that Norton Antivirus is reporting the site a potential threat and blocking it.  There are only 2 older files that are causing the warning.  Norton Antivirus flags entire sites for risky files only because they are rarely downloaded.   The site administrator explains the situation in the following thread on SC4Devotion and also explains that the 2 older files are clear of any virus on the Norton warning page that comes up when you try to access the site. 
    • By Hamish

      The Nominations are now CLOSED!
      The greatest time of year has arrived, the Trixies are upon us and the nominations have officially opened. The Trixies are a celebration of all types of community contributions, ranging from STEX uploads to CJs, all the way to forum posts. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the amazing content shared over the past two years, and give a special 'thanks' to your fellow members.
      We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, so understandably, we have a lot to catch up on. This year things are little different. We won't be holding just one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016. Since we last held the Trixies Simtropolis has been through a lot of change, which unfortunately means we’ve had to change the way were conducting the nominations this year. However, we think these changes will make it easier for you guys to nominate members, and continue to nominate throughout the nominations period.
      The biggest difference is that you will be posting your nominations on the forums. Don’t worry though, no one apart from the admins will be able to see your nominations, just like it was before! Let’s go through how this is all going to work.
      Nominations Closed on April 5th
      How To Nominate
      As we’ve mentioned before, nominating members for awards will be a little different this year. Read the guides below to know how you are going to be nominating members for awards this year, and take note of some slight rule changes which will allow you to nominate members for multiple awards.

      Where To Nominate
      This year, all your nominations will be submitted as posts in the forum linked below.
      Submit Trixie Nominations Here!
      This forum behaves differently from every other forum on Simtropolis. No one else can see any of the posts or topics you create within it. In lieu of our traditional nominations system, which is now incompatible with ST, this will be where all of your nominations are submitted this year. This comes with some great benefits though! You’ll be able to see all of your nominations at all times, so you can remember what you have nominated and who you have nominated, and you’ll be able to edit these at any time just in case you nominated someone for the wrong award.
      It may feel a bit weird at first, but trust us that only admins will see your nominations. 

      Submitting and Formatting your Nominations
      Since everything has changed, how will you be submitting nominations? Its easy, just follow our guide below!
      1. Firstly, take a look through the List of Trixie Awards for 2015 - 2016.
      2. You’ll first find an award which you want to nominate someone for and copy its award title.
      3. From there navigate to the Submit Trixie Nominations Here! forum and create a new topic.
      4. Paste the award title into the topic title box, and add a couple of tags:
      The name of the member you are nominating. The year you are nominating them for.
      5. Then in your post, please include the following information:
      The Title of the award. Who you are nominating. The Year you are nominating this award for. A short Description as to why you think they deserve this award.
      To help ensure you include these details, feel free to copy and paste the following template into your posts to match the guidelines:
      Don’t forget to add this info for each of your nominations, or else they may not be counted.
      I’ll repeat these briefly below:
      Topic Title: The Award Title. Tags: Nominated member, and Year.
        Post Text: Award Title, Member Name, Year, Short Description.
      To submit another nomination, simply start another topic.

      Ceremonies for both 2015 and 2016
      We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, and due to issues we weren’t able to open up the nominations last year for 2015’s content. During these nominations we invite you to nominate content from 2015 as well as 2016. In the end, we aren't just holding one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016.
      During the run up to the nominations opening we’ve had a series of discussions, interviews, and retrospectives aiming to highlight content from 2015 and 2016 in the hopes that you won’t forget what has been created during those years.
      This is why it is important for you to distinguish what year you are nominating a member for.

      Rule Changes
      This year we are making a slight change to how many times you can nominate a member. Traditionally you could only nominate any given member for one award. But this time, this rule is being expanded. It used to be that someone would only create amazing buildings, or only write beautiful CJs. However, now we have members who cover lots of different parts of the site, for the previous Trixies it was increasingly difficult to nominate them for just one award.
      This time we are making the change to allow you to nominate a member for up to 3 different awards in both 2015 and 2016. We hope that you submit multiple nominations for a single member to awards in different sections of the Trixies, but we aren't making that a specific rule as there are awards in sections which relate to very different skill sets. Use this new ability wisely...

      Cities: Skylines in the Trixies
      Over the past two years we’ve seen the release of a new game which has swept Simtropolis, Cities: Skylines. In the past we’ve never had another city building game which made as much impact on our community as SimCity 4 originally did, so this is the first time the Trixies have had to accommodate another game. You’ll notice that most of the descriptions for awards no longer call out any specific game, that is because all of these awards are intended to be relatable to both games.
      When nominating, remember the great content created for both games these previous two years, rather than the content from a single game.

      Quick FAQ
      Multiple or single threads for nominations?
      Posting each nomination in its own thread is preferred, as this helps with the processing.
      Really though, it's up to you. If posting in a single thread is easier for you to manage or edit, that's perfectly fine. At the end of nominations, the Llama Crew will attempt to count anything inside the forum.
        For both years, how many nominations per user?
      In each year, you may nominate any individual member up to 3 times.
      So this means for both 2015 & 2016 combined, you could nominate someone up to 6 times.
        Who can I nominate?
      Any Simtropolis user (member or staff) can be nominated for any award. The processing will determine whether a given user is eligible.
        How many custom "Ad Hoc" awards may I nominate?
      As many as you'd like!
      Feel free to be creative with the title & description if a default award isn't suitable for what you have in mind.
        Is there a limit to how many nominations I can submit?
      Yes, the sky.
      Final Words
      We hope you have a great Trixies...
      And remember, Nominate early and Nominate Often! 
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