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Genoa and Highland

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Table of Contents: Highland



Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4

Update 5

Update 6

Update 7

Update 8

Update 9

Update 10


Update 1

Update 2

Update 4

Update 5


Welcome to the Genoa metropolitan area! These next few posts will be the CJ entries from the new section. Everything is being moved over to the forums section.



I am glad to announce that I have made a new City Journal! Genoa is a fictional city in the North-Eastern U.S. It is surrounded by suburbs, trees, and farmland. Here are a few pictures of the downtown area.


Tallest building in the city:




The city hall:


Some old, historic buildings.


The harbor/port.


These are Genoa's ongoing gridded suburbs.


That's Genoa! So Rate and Comment 1.gif

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  • genoaheader.jpg

    (Replies from the update in the New Section, everything is being moved over)


    The city just started building a new university about 5 minutes from downtown Genoa. Genoa University is going to be very expensive to get into. It is already looking really nice! It is opening up new areas for retail stores and bumping up the desirability for new homes. Great highway access is helpful for students visiting home over break.


    Across from the university some a new subdivision is being built by the beach. The beachfront property will be quite expensive.


    This building right here is the city's newspaper building. It is so technologically advanced that some readers get the newspaper on their Kindle or iPad!


    Today, the fog and rain is slowing the construction near the highway. It is closed while an overpass is being reconstructed. Some noise walls will be added to the new subdivision too.


    But by tomorrow, the rain will be gone and the planes will fly again! This is the Genoa Regional Airport. To go international, travellers must fly to New York, then get on another plane to get to their destination.


    (As you can see, I'm not much of an airport maker. Please do not complain about it.:))


    The airport and beach development has caused the need for a new school. Pineview Elementary School serves much of the new neighborhoods.


    (This was just uploaded to the stex when I was about to publish this update!)

    A popular beach in the Genoa Metropolitan Area is North Beach. But it is rarely ever crowded because it is usually cold in Northern Viatica. Take a look at their slogan.


    Enjoy swimming there! Rate and Comment! 0:)

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    Good idea to move it to the forum area. Some people look at both sections or one section or the other, so having it in every place possible will get it maximum exposure!

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks, I moved it over here because of that troll. I will probably continue it in the new section too. My Internet is down right now so I had to post this from my cell phone. It went out right as I was about to post the next update, but I should have it up later this afternoon.

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  • genoaheader.jpg


    emperordaniel: Thanks!

    Koenieboy997: Thanks, they are included in the SAM.

    cjwillis96: Well thank you.

    anaratkovicSC4: I have the Riverside Beach Mod by March, but those beach lots are by the ISAT team on the stex.

    pielover94: Haha, thanks. It would be a little cold up there.

    bwong: Thanks, and see the comment below.

    Efkin: Thanks. I think there will be an update on runway expansion. :lol:

    simmytu: Thank you!

    Welcome to the first update in the Old CJ Section! Updates will be shorter, but more frequent! For example, an update may be just a mosaic. But more will probably come the next day.

    South of Genoa is a suburb called Riverview. The name is obviously because it is near a river, the Freeport River (Later). This is a mosaic of some suburbs and the intersection of Route 19 and Golf Road. Route 19 goes straight through downtown Genoa and ends right at the waterfront. Golf Road is a major retail corridor that connects Riverview and Genoa Heights. The name comes from a golf course in Genoa Heights where the road begins.


    Right now, a road extension project is going on. A street that connects suburban neighborhoods, Kirk Road, is being extended to meet Sundown Avenue, a suburban road with lots of commercial potential. This is Kirk Road.


    This is Sundown Avenue.


    This is the extension route.


    Near Sundown Avenue, Riverview has a small zoo.


    This is a subdivision near Kirk Road


    Hope you liked Riverview! More of it and a region shot are coming soon!


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    Great city there, looks like a very lovely place. Just an idea for your picture presentation: It seems you turned up the sharpness on the pictures and it seems a little too sharp, maybe tone that down, maybe even blur just a tiny bit. Just an idea. Keep up the great work!

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    Great city! I like the style, looks very american.

    I've got a question about North Beach. Which beach mods (and lots) do you use? And where did you get the beach huts and parasols? I can't find the proper beach mods and lots, so can you please help me?

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  • Original Poster
  • My laptop is being fixed and it will take at least a week. :( Replies and more Genoa coming soon. For now, it's off to the forum games for me! :lol:

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  • Original Poster
  • Hey everyone, Genoa will be updated ASAP. Best Buy couldn't get my laptop fixed before the holidays, but by now it should be done. On my new laptop, I started fresh on everything and started making a new city. I'm pretty sure that I will make a CJ about it, too. But maybe not. For now it has now name... Take a look!


    It says coming soon, but it won't be very soon at all. I'll be mostly playing on Genoa, and playing on New City as a side project. It is going to be a city with a medium-sized population with fun waterways, rivers, and resorts.

    When I get the laptop back, Genoa's updates will pick up right where they left off. But, because of the long time without my laptop, the region shot will have to be pushed back a bit. So anyway, Genoa will be coming back as soon as possible and I already have an update in mind. Go ahead and comment on the new city if you'd like or if you have any name suggestions! ;)

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    where did you get those awesome parking lots!!! they are sick and i could really use them.

    i just discovered simcity 4 mods last week, so i decided to find the disk and install it after about 2 years of collecting dust...:golly:

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  • highland.jpg


    Packersfan: Thanks! I sometimes go a little overboard with the sharpen+contrast. :lol:

    Emperordaniel: Thanks, Highland updates are now posted a day earlier at USNW.

    Fox: Thank you!

    Pielover94: Thanks :D

    Koenieboy997: Thanks, the beach mod I used in Genoa was the Riverside Beach Mod by Marsh. The lots were the beach lots by the ISAT team on the stex, and the beach huts are by Heblem on the STEX.

    Brenn21: Thanks!

    Rewright: Thanks, I'm glad you noticed the little details.

    PluginFun: Thanks, the roundabouts are included in the NAM. If you're asking where I got the other things, just send me a PM. :)

    Nathanthemayor: Thanks!

    Goobstar: Thanks! Parking lots here.

    9988: Thanks, I'm glad to be in it.

    Welcome to Highland! Highland is city near Genoa with nice weather, beautiful water, and many tourist attractions. Throughout this CJ, I will be showing the Greater Highland area and its progress in many things like population, tourism, economy, etc.

    Update 1: Introduction

    This is downtown Highland. Gridlock is not uncommon here. The city's Department of Transit wants to expand the roads, but they don't have enough space between all the buildings.


    Here's one of the worst intersections during rush hour.


    Aside from all the traffic problems, most people enjoy downtown Highland. It is filled with high-rise office towers and luxury condos.


    This is the city hall. Highland has a very organized and specific city government. It is divided into several departments with officials elected by the citizens of the city.


    Highland is divided by a river creatively named the Highland River.


    All the bridges are raised so residents can easily bring their boat out into the ocean. Boating is one of the most popular things to do in Highland. There are several public marinas in the city, including one downtown.


    This is the mayor's house. With the help of all of his department officials, he runs the city. His house is located right on the Highland river. Every mayor has a new house built for them in a different neighborhood near the Highland River.


    One of the most interesting stories in Highland is McCarthy Farm. The McCarthy's were a family in Highland that started a farm in the early 1900's. Each generation of their family kept taking care of the farm. In the 1940's the city persisted on buying their land for developing. They would not sell. Now, it is open to the public as a little museum for city kids who know nothing about farms.


    A teaser for the next update:


    Make sure you comment!

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    Love the aerial view of the down town .. very quaint.

    I believe you when you say the traffic can be bad on the single lane roads .. perhaps convert them to one-ways might help congestion.


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  • Original Poster
  • highland.jpg


    Emperordaniel: Thank you!

    Poiuy1208: Thanks, I'm glad you noticed that.

    Fox: Thank you, something is going to be done about those roads!

    Skyscraper241: Thanks, haha.

    TMorgan: Thank you!

    SimCoug: Thanks, the idea for the farm was pretty random. :)

    Update 2: Wicked Timber!

    The Wicked Timber is a roller-coaster park in the southern part of Highland. Full size pic!


    The area is a booming commercial area with offices and stores all over the place. Even hotels are sprouting in the area.



    And of course, a city as famous as Highland must have a sports stadium or two. This is United Cellular Field, where soccer is played in soccer season, and sometimes, hockey in the winter!


    And to all of you readers and lurkers : Make sure you comment! :)

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