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To introduce one of two new upcomming projects, let me just post an excerpt of a personal conversation with Hamish:

About the batting project, it was more an idea of having more than just batters involved in a project. I thought of some sort of BAT factory, where everybody help to create a whole new kind of buildings. The basic idea was to create different "departments" which will focus on the one and only purpose. The idea came when I was collecting building for Emporis and wrote several articles. By now, I have written articles for more than 1000 buidlings and, therefore, could get a complex overview of what kinds of buildings exist. When I took a look at Google Earth, I realized that it might be pretty hard to create a "real world" with given stuff though there is a huge variety of buildings. I always try to avoid using recreated BATs so I though it would be awesome to have buildings around that will fit in to any city but still are unique buildings.

So I though of having one part of the team collecting the instructions for the next building. This will be done by extensive conversations and polls with the requesting community. I saw the BAT Request Thread. Many people are asking for whatever comes into their minds first without even thinking if it would be useful or checking if it is even already available. You then could see what kind of building is most asked for. My first idea wer mid rise commercial buildings you will often see in commercial parks and areas in US' suburbs. Then, they will also set the basic instructions like the number of storys, the architecture style, the purpose, the height, the way it was built (tall floors, lobbys etc.).

The second team will simply plan the building. I saw many people posting their artworks or simply being very interested in architecture. It would be their job to create the whole building based on the criteria given by the first team. The would draw the facade, and parts of the interior layout, if it necessary they will even do floorplans.

The third team will do what they can do best: Batting and modelling. For the last part of the process, they will have to use they drawings and drafts by the planning team. They will have to use the height, the architecuter etc, just like in RL. Of course, there will be some sort of deviation that gives the batting team some kind of latitude.

That was the basic idea. I though it would be awesome if more people would be involved in the process of batting even though they might not be experienced in batting itself. They will have the change to gain some influence to the final result.

Sorry Skyscraper. Your project advocate is good but maybe it's not the best time for us to carry out such a complex plan or count on a team to make any BAT out with learners involved. We haven't seen many team products actually, let alone in this cold cold winter for the players. All that we need, as you have already proven, is one more BAT you made. We need your quick wins.

So could you pick up BATting again? Whatever, everything...

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  • BAT4MAX is working. Finally found a workaround and I'm very glad I can do SC4 based renders and eventually export them. 

    Some WIP, old and new.

    Park Place (requested)


    North Harbor


    Wheeling Gas Building (requested)


    Yocco's (requested)


    May they come to an end. Got some others and my other hard drive, propably more to come.

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    This looks great already! I think the roof texture could use some desaturation, and some elements on the rear side of the building look a bit untextured so far - namely the metal vent/HVAC thingy, the rear cargo door, and the power box (?) next to it. Night lighting is beautiful, though!

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  • @weixc812: Thank you, much appreciated!

    @T Wrecks: Yes, the roof has been desaturated and the additional dirt has been sized down. You can actually see some sharp adges from the tiling which, in this case however, add a nice effect. The rear side, in facte, was mostly plane colored, white doors and white power box. The HVAC thing is almost completely plain metal colored. I have added a little bit of dirt hard to sport from SD preview though.

    New renders and ready for export (which finally works, too), including SC4 z-axis stretch.





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    This is looking great, although a few adjustments and I think it would look much better..and they are pretty much mirroring what T Wrecks says. The roof is nearly there but I still think it needs a bit more de-saturation, or lightening slightly..drop it into a an SC4 screen shot and it might stand out a wee bit.

    As for the HVAC, they do not really give the impression they are metal. Have you set Sky in Max? If it was plain metal it would be a lot bluer from the sky reflection and shiner, if they are grimiier the edges should be duller. Whilst I have no doubt you've set the material as metal, I'd have a play with it to see what reuslts you can get because it still looks like it is untextured plastic.

    Maybe add a litle noise to the facade material if you haven't already, just to help break the uniform look a little.

    Love the sing especially at night, great stuff!

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  • @gutterclub: in fact, it was a basic metal setup first, relatively blue-tinted. I didn't want to get rid of the reflectivity entirely, though in realy life, the metal is very rough and barely appears to refelctive due to the heavy metal material and all the scratches to it. I just later added in a little bump map and used it as a specular roughness map to avoid the reflections being too noticable. Due to its shape, you won't see much of actual material decoration. I added a little bit of noise just to check if you could even see it but due to the shape the most notable section is the one facing the sky which will always mostly appear blue. Though you are right, I only paid little attention to it since I have much contrast in the roof tiles. Keep in mind these are HD renders, so much of it won't be visible in SD export anyway. Same for the wall, it's a basic plaster setup, bump, displacement, spec inputs are all adjusted and two composite maps have been attach for color variations, yet, you barely see anytyhing since the level of detail would only be visible from street view (which most of the textures are based on).

    Roof variations. First row features different textures, second row has different noise seupts applied. Which one do you like best?


    Don't mind the different roof on that little-thru shack. It will get the same texture as the rest.

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    I agree, even more desaturation for the roof. *:)

    5b is probably the closest. I'd make the singles bigger though. How I normally do shingles is I have the shingles texture (or I usually use a tiles map for it), and I use the "MapScalar" modifier, which consistently orients and scales the texture across all the roof surfaces.

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    On 13.7.2018 at 6:39 PM, Toothless Stitch said:

    Roof variations. First row features different textures, second row has different noise seupts applied. Which one do you like best?

    1a, 2a, 6a, 6b.

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