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Corraile | Reborn (AIN)

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Corraile has been recreated, reintroduced and is a proud member of the Alliance of Independent Nations!

I've been planning to do a plot-based CJ, but I have no idea how I should run it. Suggestions are welcome! Before I begin on that, I shall be doing an introduction to the background of Corraile.


Corraile ranges from the urbanised city centres


To the rustic and simple rural life in the countrysides


And contains a good amount of suburbia too!

Enjoy! :D

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Great start Kccl35.

Your mosaïc is really nice and your countryside too. ;)

I'm impatient to see more pics.

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    Vivydu29 - Thanks! Stay tuned for more then :)

    Thomaskrules - Thanks, Thomas :D

    TekindusT - Thanks so much! :)

    Evillions - Yep, I agree :)

    Mastof - Heheh, party?

    The00guvna - Thanks! :D



    Whew, what a long flight. Crossing the pacific was so boring, even with all the in-flight entertainment onboard. But I'm here, after a long, 16-hour flight from Sydney, to begin a new life, and a new job, in Corraile.


    Immigration took a while... The queues were horrendous. Jumbo jet after jumbo jet came from everywhere, from Timbuktu to London, and the passengers were spilling over everywhere. Took about 2 hours to get my passport stamped, my bag retrieved and to get a taxi.


    I was headed for the downtown offices of Glaxtonbury Enterprises, which I was working for in Sydney before I was transferred to Centreburg. They had their offices in some 75 storey tower by the Bay of Centreburg in the downtown area. Going there would take a while, even on the highway, which was surprisingly empty today.


    The tall towers I saw along the way signified the entry to the downtown area. It was the famous "wall of skyscrapers" that greeted every new entrant to the downtown area. The entire row was packed full of skyscrapers, and immediately behind it was Downtown park.


    By the time I got to the offices, the sun had already begun to set (and it was only 5:45pm!). The taxi let me off at the lobby of the Savier Building, that tower of the left with the humongous arrow-shaped thingy on the top. I went in to meet the head of operations in North America to report that I had arrived in one piece and to receive my expatriate's allowances.

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    Those are some very pretty pictures. I'll try to remember to keep up with you. As for how to start a plot-based cj? I say the best thing to do is to have a plot and enough story prepared to last you more than a few updates. It's very disappointing to get into a story only to have it fizzle just as it starts. Now, as for how to get people to actually read it? I have no idea;)!

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    I think you've found exactly the exact Text/Pics ratio to make me (and the rest of viewers) to keep their attention during the entire update; keep it like this!

    As for the pics, I hadn't seen a MHW interchange in a long time, and this one is the most espectacular one! Very nice downtown, too!

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    This is certainly a CJ to follow, you deserve more comments/views as I can see you have put a lot of work into this.

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    NMUSpidey - Thanks for everything! I've got the next five or so updates covered, so don't worry ;)

    TekindusT - Thanks :D

    Bipin - It took a while to build all of this... Thanks :)

    nathanthemayor - It's a prop. The file is SCAG's, probably on the STEX or LEX somewhere...

    Aaron Graham - Thanks :)

    the00guvna - Thanks too :)

    mrdazza_460 - Thanks :) The pictures are originally 1024x768 and since the size has been reduced, the sharpness has been increased :D





    The meeting took hours, and I was finally let off from the building around 8:30. By that time, the sky had turned dark, and the skyline instantly transformed into one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. All the lights on the tower, the sound of the sea pounding the sea wall and the deck had me mesmerised. And even though I was suffering from jet lag, I decided to walk around the area to capture all the beautiful scenery around me.


    Nevertheless, I had to check into the hotel by 10. Had a really good sleep in the hotel, and I almost forgot to wake up to go to the office again. It would only be a couple more days before I could sleep in my own home. Well, at least a rented home.


    This was the first day I had ever commuted in Centreburg. Before leaving the hotel, I had to find out how to go back to the Savier Building, and I wanted to take the public transport to work to experience first hand life in Corraile. Lucky for me, there was a direct bus there. On the way, I had to pass by the Parliament Building near downtown.


    ...and the large indoor hall in town. I could't remember the name though, although I could see that it was also a concert venue.

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  • Original Poster
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    Benedict - Thanks :D You're doing a great job with your top 10 :)

    NMUSpidey - Thanks as well! :)

    zahrul3 - Haha Thanks :D

    TekindusT - Thanks :) The Madison Square garden building is a nice building on its own, let alone a downtown!



    Knocking off time! Just before I left the office, I received a set of keys, which would be the for the house I was to live in. It was in the neighbouring area of South Rhodes, and apparently it was already furnished, decked out and ready for me to live in. I set off for a new home.


    The fastest way was to take the commuter rail, the MetroRail, from the Bradley Jonson Terminus to the north of the downtown district. To get there, I had to walk past the Downtown Park, smack in the middle of the city. It had a really nice lake.


    Not before long, I reached the Wall, and eventually, the terminus. I almost couldn't resist the urge to stay in the park for a little while longer. The lake, the birds, the sounds of nature and kids running around almost coerced me to stay in the park and wait a while more.


    A mere 15 minute ride by train was all I needed to reach the station in South Rhodes, where I alighted and had a brief look at the map, so that I would know where to go and how to get to my house. Even though there was a taxi stand where I could just hail a cab and take a ride home, I decided to explore the place by foot and walk home.


    There it was, No. 29 Westchester Boulevard. The simple 2-storey house was flanked with large trees at the back and by the side, and the street it lay on also had plenty of mature pines, okas and conifers. This was it. I was home.

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    I really like how you've been able to utilize so many different building styles and make them all act so well together. Great job!

    I'm curious, is the under-highway set seen in the first mosaic available for download anywhere?

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    TekindusT - Thanks! There're some houses on sale, you know :D

    TowerDude - Thanks :)

    supermec - Thanks :)

    Thomaskrules - Well it WAS new stuff... :D

    the00guvna - Thanks :)

    Pipcard - Thanks! :) That building is in the STEX somewhere, can't remember what it is though...

    StreetxROBLOX - Thanks :)

    ZeThomashawk - It's the SFBT Urban Highway Set, found here :)



    Today was a rainy day in Centreburg. The sky was stormy and the rain kept on coming down relentlessly. Everybody ducked for cover under buildings and shelters, looking for a refuge from the cold rain.


    Fortunately for me, though, I was enjoying my time in the little suburbs that surrounded the city. Being the weekend, I had a little time to myself, and took a "whistle-stop tour" on the commuter trains. Ravengrove was one of the first which interested me, and i decided to do a little shopping here.


    Bayen Gulf also had a really nice shopping street. The coffee at one of their local cafes was really fantastic, and I had a good time just watching people pass by, busy with their own activities.


    Not before long, i reached Maplesport. Located on the northern side of the Gulf of Centreburg, it was home to a cruise ship terminal, that was rather busy. Also, it had a beautiful waterfront, and all sorts of little kiosks and shops had sprung up along the boardwalk, selling all their little wares, as well as food and drink. By the time i was finished with the place, the sun had already begun to set, and I left for home.


    By the time I left Maplesport, the lights had all come on, and the city's nightlife had begun. Reluctantly, I left for home.

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