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Landmarks, Plotables, Growables, Are These Empty Buildings?

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Hey Everyone, (Simtropolis Virgin Here)

I Downloaded Over 100's of Plug-Ins & After Randomly Putting Tall Commerical Skyscrapers & Tall Residential Skyscrapers Throughout My City...I Realize:

Are These Commercial Skyscraper Buildings Under Landmark Just Empty Buildings or Are They Actually Filled w/Jobs That Counts Towards "RCI"? I Know Some Skycrapers Buildings Under "Landmarks" Says Jobs In The Details.

Are These Residential Buildings Under Landmarks Filled w/Tenants or Sims Able To Move Into Them or Are They Just For Decorations To Make A Nice Skyline For Simsity 4.

Each Time I Zone For High Density Residential & Fasfoward For 1 Month, I Never Get Skyscrapers...Just Low Density Sims Moving Into Them So I Thought...Downloaded These Nice Skyscrapers From Simtropolis & Put Them Everywhere Throughout My Game.

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They are empty. However, there is a download somewhere on the STEX which has all the landmark buildings in a CO$$$ office building form.

By default, the landmarks are kind of useless... They only have a real effect in a fully developed city, with their commercial desirability.

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  • Original Poster
  • Oh Man All The Hours of Time Spent On Building Skyscrapers Commerical Buildings & Residential Buildings...I Thought It Would Count As Jobs and Housing So Thanks & Much Appreciation On The Reply. I Am Guessing The Residential Landmarks Doesnt Count As Well? And When You Say Download, You Mean A Cheat Plug-In That Changes All Landmarks to CO$$$ & R$$$

    Arg...Here Comes Tearing Everything Down & Starting Again From Scratch After Spending 2 Days None Stop Playing...

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of SC4, Dylin!

    You have to read the description and/or readme for each building to answer your question. Some of them are plain landmarks while others provide commercial or industrial jobs. There are no ploppable residentials because they don't work properly in the game. You have to grow your residentials.

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    Like Scott said, read the readme/description of each building. I'm pretty sure that at least some of the buildings have jobs/residents and function like regular Maxis buildings. But some are just there to look nice 3.gif

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    Well, consider it a bump in your learning curve to your first city journal.  So, stop everything, set your regions back to being empty, and empty out your plugins folder and restart.

    Intense playing is for the type A personalities who are always in a rush.  Be like the old bull in the story and saunter down the hill, then you can have it all.

    First and foremost, create a sandbox region so you can have a place to test any and all new plugins and downloads.  Never put anything permanently in your plugins until you understand what it does and what value it may have to your region.  Since some plugins are incompatible with others (it is impossible for the STEX moderators to test because of the volume), you need to test everything you select to be sure it works with what you already have and that you understand it.

    Now, create a downloads folder outside of the game if you haven't already, and set your browser up to always save there.  Download the NAM (I hope you are on a windows PC, because if you have a MAC things get complicated right away). 

    Note that the NAM requires you to have either Rush Hour or Deluxe and to have updated to at least version 1,1,638,1 (EP1 from the EA site).  Most of the stuff on the STEX these days require this.  They also would like it if you updated to 1,1,640,1 which is the BATupdate (not the BAT).

    Assuming all is cool, unpack the NAM zip in place in your downloads folder and run the installer.

    If you now look at your plugins folder, you'll see that the NAM installer created a subdirectory for itself.  Your downloads directory and your plugins should look the same from the directory point of view.  If not, go fix your downloads directory.  Everything you download should go into a subdirectory by source or author.  That includes stuff you download that have nothing to do with the game.  This is a tracking method to help you keep track of what you have.

    Now open the game in your sandbox, open a city, and spend a couple of hours with the NAM documentation and the NAM objects creating a road network.  This may absorb quite a lot of time, but it is definitely worth it.  The sandbox is all flat terrain, so if you mess up, you can either move to another tile or just delete the city from the Region menu.  It will be replaced by a flat terrain.  Or you can obliterate the city with the appropriate satisfaction of watching a nuclear wipe out.

    The NAM is very large, and you may want to defer things like Ground Light Rail (GLR) for later.  GLR needs more downloads.  In fact, the NAM is so large that it is effectively a free expansion pack, and it has extensions as well.  Take a look in the NAM thread I sent you to above.

    Now, don't get excited by all the swell buildings on the STEX.  Before you pull one in, be sure you need it.  Want isn't enough, and you need experience.  This is a game that goes on forever and you can never win, only lose.  I've been playing since it came out, and I still play.  Different cities and regions, mind you, from the ones I started with, but I stilll play.  The satisfaction in this game comes from setting a goal and accomplishing it, then setting a new goal and so on.  Your playing style will change over time from, say, huge skyscraping megalopoli to sparse suburban communities to rural communities to combinations of all of these.  Its your game, and you can do what you like.  It is very open-ended.  Later on, you can learn to use the Lot Editor and the Building Architect Tool.  This lets you make your own lots and buildings.

    I hope this gives you a good restart.  Oh, and run in Rhino, not Cheetah.  Cheetah is only good for quick developement bursts when you need to have a quick effect.  In Cheetah, the Sims animation goes by so fast that it isn't worth seeing, but it is fine in Rhino or Turtle.  You paid for an animated game, so you may as well enjoy it.  Try moving in on one of your plazas or parks running in Rhino at maginfication level 5.  Watch a fire being put out.  The developers spent a lot of time on this.

    And don't rush.  You will be playing this for years.  It is addictive.

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    Originally posted by: LivingInThePast

    I used NAM on a Mac and found it pretty easy to install, really. All I needed to do was to throw everything in except for the traffic simulators I didn't want, and avoid left-hand plug-ins.quote>

    Well, that's you and I.  We don't know the computer skill level of the requestor, nor his likelyhood of reading the documentation.

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