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Red Sector A

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Initially a small fishing community.  Agriculure was next.


Time passed and three separate communities emerged.


Our growth was sudden and rapid and quickly out grew our current energy capacities.  It was imperative that we find a solution immediately.  Since our primary industry is produce it was only natural to export.  There is no connection to the north.  The Federal Government will not even connect us to Broxlingburg so we might as well forget about that.

Luckily for us we share the Bay of Peart with Canasim Nation.  The Bay opens into the Alexson Ocean which, ultimately, we expect to use for International trade with Europa.

Bonds were issued.  Agreements were struck.  Mortgages were tilted.  The Pier was built.  Grant requisitions were sent to the Capitol building in Cygnus, our nation’s capital for funding of a coal power plant.  Accountants scribbled, attorney wailed, and the citizen watched in wonderment.  Licenses were issued, regulations implemented, and bureaucracy was bureaucrasized.  

The City Council passed a resolution 6-0 that a new electric cooperative should be maintained--and run by the City Council of Red Sector A, of course.

The demand for coal went through the roof.  Red Sector A began to run a trade deficit with Canasim.  Produce was not going to pay for the coal.  Those 30-yr municipal bonds suddenly began to look risky.  But it was a necessary risk.  Energy is priority number#1. 


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  • Original Poster

  • To the North is Canasim Nation.  It is a very cold country that resorted to playing soccer on ice skates.  Unfortunately, they kept popping the ball every time they kicked it.  One time they ran out of replacement balls and decided to use a piece of rubber instead.

    That didn't work cause it hurt their feet.  So they got a bunch of sticks and started wacking the ball down the ice. Interesting thing once you stop to think about how sports are invented. 

    Anyway, needless to say, We expect little trade to the North.  Crops are difficult to grow in such frigid conditions up North.  Nevertheless,we expect to export excess agriculture products.

    About 45 minutes to the south of our region is the City of Xanadu.  A small but bustling community of approximately 250,000 residents.  The next closest major city to our region is the city of Broxlingburg about 3 or 4 hours past Xanadu.  Unfortunately, we do not have access to our neighbors to the South. 

    The Federal government will not be funding any interstate expansion into our region at this time.

    The only connection that we have with Sim Nation is Interstate 20.  An east/west corridor connecting Babylon on the east coast to Geddy Lee on the River Syrinx and beyond.  Babylon is a mega metropolis that accounts for nearly 4% of total Sim Nation gross national product.  It is about a 10 hour drive.  Geddy Lee is an emerging small market and getaway destination about 12 hours to the east.  Riverboat casinos are a major attraction and the services industry is exploding.  If we can position ourselves as a hub for trade between the two cities there will be a lot of money to be made. 

    Currently, most trade flows east/west between Babylon and Geddy Lee & points beyond on I44.  Increased imports of fertilizer and pesticides have increased the trade on I20 but not nearly enough for distribution and hauling companies to adjust their routes through Red Sector A.

    Short term goal:  Local regional growth focusing on agriculture and fishing.

    Intermediate term goal:  To obtain from the Federal government funding for the Broxlingburg Interstate Grant (BIG).

    Long Term goal:  International Trading Port.

    Trade between the Canasim for raw materials in exchange for our crops opened up a serious trade relationship between us and our sports Jeanyusis up north.  Industry tripled in the first year.  By the 5th year we were generating in excess of 10,000,000 per year!

    In year 5 of the pier, the District Thirteen Pier became the central hub of manufacturing.  It surpassed District 57 Uptown for the first time.  Brown Bravo Red "Downtown" which is the westbound gatekeeper of all freight passing through Uptown to District Thirteen Red.  Commercial real-estate sales were up 1080% percent over prior year month.  Annually, real-estate sales were up 180% over prior year and 80% over budget YTD.  Sales taxes on all goods and services produced were over budget 340%.

    Local real-estate sales generated a residential population boom increasing property tax...like really high, Dude.

    Anyway, key operating indicators were good, the Budget was good, and the people watched in wonderment.

    13 years later...


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  • Original Poster
  • Ok, that's enough Macro level work for now.

    Let's turn our attention to the people.  The working class.

    Let's start with District Thirteen Red.  There is an interesting development taking place there that requires the attention of The Service.

    Let's have a look shall we?

    Just on the southern outskirts of District Thirteen Red an undeveloped parcel was recently incorporated from Unincorporated Samsara County.  A new subdivision was planned.  The nephew of one of the council members won a no-bid contract to the protest of the Greater Ethics Consortium.  A point of order was spat out during a hearing by upset local development contractors.  After much discussion, the Council reluctantly agreed to a motion.  The motion was seconded.  Dates were set, evidence submitted, and the people watched in wonderment.

    At a local watering hole later that year, a settlement was reached and both parties signed a non-disclosure agreement.  The matter was resolved.  Flying under the radar of the Federal Government deals were made.

    The commencement of the sub-division had begun.

    No hearing was heard.

    The Sub-division was planned just south of Southern Avenue:  Hey, You!!!  That's not Southern Avenue, that's Willow Wisp Road.  Southern avenue is a couple hundred km to the north.


    The Lots sold out quickly:


    There...that's Southern Avenue.  Easy access, no? Go ahead, have a look.


    Ok, anyway, if you look again you'll see Old Farmer Maggot's Farm.  Rumor has it that the farm is Haunted.  6.gif

    Apparently, it was the burial grounds of a long since departed primitive race.  In any event, 7 pagan witches were caught celebrating the Death of the Sun God on the June 21st equinox--ya know, the longest day of the year.  Every day, thereafter, is shorter than the next, naturally.


    That crap doesn't fly in these parts.   26.gif


    'Nuff said.


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  • Original Poster
  • If you make a left-hand turn and head west on Southern Ave you will pass Willy Nilly Space Dawgs Research Institute. We’ll come back to this later.

    A group of Righteous Individuals came together in unison and restored the plot to it’s, er…almost, original condition.
    The Religion—that shalt remain Nameless, built a worshipping Institution to the newly dedicated EverLiving Serenity Gardens.

    Prior to that, however, they raised up enough money to have the graves exhumed and donated to the Research Institute. The research involved gaining a better understanding of early DNA sequencing of primitive bacteria.
    Apparently, that particular spot on the Space Time Continuum is indeed haunted.

    It’s not good to mess around with Mother Nature or her tree-hugging followers. On that very next Halloween, this happened:

    After the dust settled, the City Council brought the matter up to the voters what shouldst be done with this particular parcel.

    Anyway, while we decide what to do next, let’s have a look around for next time, shall we?

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    You really should lay off the posting for a while cause it looks like spam. Trust me, I much rather have the story in one post at Tod stated than in mutiple posts. It's generally easier for the reader because no one likes going through the CJ just for one update. Remember, SC4 is just a game, not your life. You can come back to updating whenever you feel like it as long its not like spam. Hell, I only get to update for every two weeks or more (depending on my life) because I have ALOT of things to do and I don't have time to play games.

    Keep this in mind, updating less will make more people thinking about the next update. At the same time, leave it too long and people won't even bother reading your CJ. I've learned this the hard way and I don't want this happen to others.

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    You really should lay off the posting for a while cause it looks like spam.quote>

    It's not spam since it's his own thread he's posting in. 3.gif

    Quite a "vigorous" start to your journal! There's really no wrong way to running your own journal, however many don't appreciate a run and gun tactic, so to speak. Take more time to plan out what you're going to show us. Spend more time developing your cities, researching different city planning methods, learning ways to spice up your journal in general. It's well known that "People like pretty things". lol But don't forget to have fun with this as well.

    And as some praise, I for one love your region views. Small farming towns popping up all along the coastline, and then to see major development on the opposite shore, and with bridges! I know of an Admin who loves his bridges. 4.gif

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  • Original Poster
  • ALL:  Wow, I don't think that I have been flamed so hard in my life when trying to share. 

    As a whole, I give you guys a 1.48

    Please do not come back with, "oh, I didn't mean to sound callous but..." or please do not come back with, "It's just a suggestion." 

    Rubbish.  You are insulting the Creator.  If I want your suggestions, I will ask for them.  In fact, I will not even ask.  I'd hate to have to trouble you.  I will look at the community's work as a whole and make changes, if I decide to do so.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Also, please do not come back with, "It's necessary, gosh darn it! I don't like the format." 

    Perhaps I can take a moment to clear up a matter that I feel should be undstood straight from the beginning.  I am not writing this CJ for you.  Got that.  You are simply collateral damage for my own sick tormented delight in posting my vision of what CJ'ing should be. 

    Therefore, unless you are coming back to say, "Whoa! Man!  That is one sick CJ.  Excellent work, keep it up, Dude," then I humbly request that you just keep silent and do not disturb the peace.  If you do not like it then the only thing that you have any control over is how you rate this CJ and/or by not reading it.  In either case I am the one in charge here.  except of course for a Moderator, that is.  41.gif

    Now onto your little individual posts.  The Chairman of the Board has allowed some time to address the thoughts of individuals:

    SimHoTToDDy:  Silence!  The Council has made their decision. The Service has their eyes on you.<1.0>  28.gif

    Evillions:  Bro, Dude, Dawg (whatever you are most fancilful of being addresed--between just those three options, mind you)  I will include more per post going forward, I understand that.  But I don't think that I will be going back and editing the first few posts.  That is how they were entered that is how they remain.  Same principle that I use to zone.  As I develop , the basic original zoning remains.  Same here  <1.25> I like your effort.

    Archean:  The rest of you can leave now.  I have given this guy a higher score than you. <2.25>   39.gif

    I only need one reader.  If someone comes and gets a higher score than Zillions next week then that will be my reader.  Each weekend when I update I will select my reader and the rest of you can leave.  This week's reader is Archean.  I remind you, gentlemen, this is the honor system.  If you have not been selected, "The Reader," then I must humbly request that you don't read the upcoming update.  That is an honor that one must earn.

    Speaking of an update...I have an eight-image update that will soon be released for Archean.  This is what motivates the people. 

    Being recognized by Thirteen Red. 

    I'd suggest that if you people spent more time trying to be recognized by Thirteen Red and less time engaging in subversion, then I would have to imagine that you would discover that events are "easier" on you.  I Know that some of you are new here so, I must emphasize one last time...
    I am Thirteen Red.


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  • Original Poster
  • If you pass the research Institute it merges with SR 98 which bends south a bit before continuing on west across the region. SR 98 continues along onto the Red Sky Net Memorial Bridge heading south towards the newly emerging Island District Uptown #56.

    Yes. It says, "Riverhead."  This area was just recently incorporated and we have not had the time to change our letterhead.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


    Heading west on 98 just before the bend south across the bridge you’d have to get off at Mechanicsburg Ave to get to the District Thirteen Red Pier. Due to rapid growth the City Council passed a resolution in partnership with Cooperative Electric. 
    Cooperative Electric recently upgraded the transformer at the District Thirteen Red Pier industrial park in order to meet the expanding energy demands of the district. The Chairman of the Council (COC) is the Mayor. The COC also serves as Director of Operations for Cooperative Electric…long pause, for effect…The Federal Council is not noticing our small, yet, thriving community…not yet.
    Back to the story…Cooperative Electric has recently announced, rate reductions for the workers. You all know our motto by now, “As the Cooperative operates, you cooperate. New rates will take effect at the beginning of the next fiscal calendar year. The rates will impact only those workers who have a Construction/Manufacturing Certification (CMC) and/or a Farming Certificate levels 1-3 issued by Thirteen Red. Federal CMC (FCMC) will be accepted for inspection. Those FCMC applications must be brought in person to the District Thirteen Regional Office of Internal Security.


    But if you take SR98 south past the bend there is a commercial district emerging at the north end of the bridge. Development of this area is on the agenda and has been tabled for discussion. Unfortunately, the region has developed more quickly than originally budgeted. Subsequently, food production has been unable to meet demand. That discussion will likely be retained indefinitely. As “The Reader” has already astutely noted, our main export is agriculture. Our main import is coal. Remember our slogan, mind you. The Cooperative needs coal, you need to produce food.



    If you cross the Red Sky Net Memorial Bridge you will enter Island District Uptown #56. Uptown, as the workers like to call it, will likely see rapidly increased growth. The City Council has already budgeted the funds to replace the current transformer to a large model with more, hmm how do the workers like it…ah…with more bells and whistles. 

    Cooperate (Cooperative Electric) has announced that with ever-increasing bulk-buy purchases of Coal mined in Canasim we have negotiated a 13% reduction in our cost. That should help reduce the cost of food & energy for the workers. For now, however, the COC has decided on the matter. Food prices in the district will remain unchanged in the upcoming fiscal year.


    “Reader”, last time we discussed a recently developed subdivision that my nephew directed. Well, if you head north over SR98 onto Palmetto Avenue you will come to the Complex Thirteen Red Institute of Education. This school specializes in degrees in finite Mathematics, Science &Technology, and Social Governance.
    Anyway, I wanted to show you the transformer that regulates the power grid in this district and of the subdivision mentioned earlier. 

    We’ll after some time passed the situation was, well, situation resolved.
    Apparently, there was this doctor of Behavioral Therapy and Psychiatry interested in that particular parcel of land. 
    The doctor immediately went out to work and began selling his books to the workers of the local community. Quietly, the headquarters was constructed. It was as if the entire town was hypnotized—cause light over night, Dude. 

    “Reader”, you do prefer to be called “Dude?”
    The seven Wiccan suspects that were caught and convicted by a trial of governance for disturbing the welfare & subversion escaped their maximum security Psychological Rehabilitation facility at the Research Institute. They immediately fled to the new headquarters of the Great Doctor and filed for Asylum. They joined the Doctor in founding his new religion. 




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  • Original Poster


    Thirteen Red has taken notice. The Service has been activated.



    Next time, we will head over to Four Tee Seven and have a look to see what's going on over there.  Go ahead, have another look.  It is just east of District Thirteen Red.


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    Nice story,

    but in your first post of the new update with the replies and stuff, you sound a little rude.

    I wonder, is this part of the storyline, as it seems the town is under control by 'the cooperative' that forces people to work and hypnotizes the people.

    So, are you 'The cooperative', and do you stay in that role the whole time?

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    i rate your journal at (1.0) yeah its the lowest score. i think the attitude you have about the quality of your work is unwarranted. Your presentations are rushed and quite amateur (abandoned buildings, UDI icons, ugly slopes). so i suggest you take into consideration what your viewers tell you.

    i am also very insulted by your 'comment replies' not because of what you actually said (although the tone is rude) but because your work is not high enough quality for you to have that kind of attitude.

    Its called pretentiousness. ...and you can respond to me anyway you like but it wont make your journal any better and it wont make you any less pretentious.

    thanks for your time.

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  • Original Poster
  • nathanthemayor

    Order!  Order!  *gavel sounds three times*  The Chairman of the Council has not yielded you time. score: <1.75>


    I heard the first part about nice story.  You lost me on the rest.  Score:  <2.5>  Are there any other citizen announcements?


    After the last City Council meeting an investigation of your level 2 CMC (Construction/Manufacturing Certification) was initiated.  We discovered that there was an error on your application.  Your CMC has been suspended.  We have issued you a level 4 Food and Beverage Certifiaction (FBC).  Furthermore,  due to the change in your employee code you no longer qualify for current housing.  Your residence has been reallocated more appropriate for your work certification level.

    You used to live here...


    and work here...


    but now you live here:


    and work here...


    Your score <1.0>


    Silence!  First of all, the building is the Church of Cognitive Restructuring.  Do these people ever read the news!?!  score <1.75>

    This weeks, "The reader" is:


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  • Original Poster
  • cjintro.jpg

    Ok, now I can present my most recent development and districting of Four Tee Five. 

    As we all are aware I20 is the east west corridor connecting Babylon to the City of Geddy Lee. It bends northward for a couple of km through District Four Tee Five. Crossing the boundary from Upper District #57 and entering into District Four Tee Five we will get off the first exit, make a couple of rights, and head north on Country Ave.



    Were going to stay north on Country Ave past Jacobs Rd, crossing the main Red Sector A freight line. Four Tee Five has responded to the Council’s call and production of grain and corn has tripled two times over the last 5 years. 


    Last year, the council zoned an area of industry consisting mostly of canning, packaging, and warehouses in order to expedite the flow of goods to the port in District Thirteen Red. A spur off the main freight rail line was completed. The Four Tee Five freight station pictured here just celebrated its ribbon cutting.


    On the northern most developed boundary of Four Tee Five a subdivision was planned here:


    John’s Pass Rd. was laid intersecting Country Ave. Cooperative Electric built power lines to the subdivision and installed a small transformer to power the area. Four separate streets serving two deed-restricted communities fed into John's Pass Rd.. 
    A water tower was erected. Apparently, this became quite the contentious issue at a recent Council meeting. There are several separate water companies in Red Sector A. The Council had suggested that the community would be better served if the water companies pooled their resources and merged creating more efficient economies of scale. Creating a natural monopoly that would ultimately reduce costs to the community, at large, would ultimately lead to greater profit margins for the sector.



    John’s Pass road was extended northward several hundred km and three new deed-restricted communities were added. The new lots sold out quickly.



    The subdivision was complete a couple years later:


    This new area of residential development drove demand for industry in the district. So, a new block of packaging plants was zoned at the new freight station.
    The new agriculture packaging and distribution center in Four Tee Five:


    That’s all for now. Here is a current region shot of the area:
     Next time we will head over to Double Nickels and Alpha Four Five:


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