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Recreation: San Diego County

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An F-18 passes over San Diego Bay. Hey! I have this as a background for my computer!


San Diego is America's 8th largest city with a population of 1.3 million within the city and 3 milllion in the county itself. San Diego was discovered by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, naming the site San Miquel. Around 1769 Father Junipero Serra, renamed the area San Diego found Mission San Diego de Alcala and from then on San Diego become known as the , "Birthplace of California" since the first of the 21 missions was established in San Diego. The original town of San Diego was at Old Town, at the foot of Presidio Hill (pictures will come soon!) several miles from the water. The city was incorporated in 1850. In the 1860s, a man named Alonzo Horton bought land in what is now Downtown San Diego. He began to sell lots to his large piece of land and San Diego grew. Years after the Navy came to town in 1901 and from then one, San Diego has become mainly a military city with the presence of mulitiple military branches. After that the rest is history! When the military came to totown before World War II, San Diego flourished and this once sleepy town became a a major city in the US. San Diego's main economy is defense, manufacturing, and tourism. San Diego is a very popular destination thoughout the year. San Diego boosts an average of 70 degrees F throughout 201 days of the year. There are over 100 neighborhooods throughout the City of San Diego. Anyway there is just a little bit of history of this great city! More more info visit Wikipedia.

About this City Journal

I have had this vision of mine for the past 3-5 years about rebuilding my hometown of San Diego. You know, you see a lot of people rebuilding New York, Chicago, LA or other cities. That's fine and all but I like a little diversity do I am going to rebuild this city beacause San Diego is underrepresented and is always in the shadow of Los Angeles. I intend to recreate this city as best i can. I obviously can't rebuild everything but I am going to try. Freeways will go in there exact location or as close as I can get them. So will also major streets in the city. I will aslo try to provide with a little history and some real pictures of what I am currently building, like neighborhoods and such. You will see what I mean soon. I am going to get as close as I can to making the real San Diego and this willl be be no easy feat. You are look at at Edmonton-style CJ. I have no idea how long this will take. My approch is to build the freeways first, then major roads and just generally fill up the rest with sprawl. Lastly, I am taking a new direstion with the comments. If u have a question I will answer them on the next update but for overal thanks and praise, I WILL NOT reply,so, THANKS FOR ALL FUTURE COMMENTS! I am going to to it with this CJ for now. I willl see how this goes. Without further ado, Welcome to San Diego!


1 MB of greatness! clicky^

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I can feel nothing but admiration by the fellows who dare to recreate their home cities; and even more when they're such massive projects as the one you're beggining now. I wish you the best luck for your recreation!

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As a fellow builder that is also recreating my own home town, I wish you the best of luck. All I can say is that even the best planning in the world will not save you from getting frustrated and wanting to give up, but if you keep working at it, you will create a great city.

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  • Original Poster
  • streetintro.jpg

    Thanks for all the comments!!!!

    UPDATE: Downtown Grid System


    As you can see from above, Downtown San Diego has a grid system in which numbered streets run North-South and leter streets run East-West. Obviously I can't really recreate this 100% but this is pretty damn close to the real thing. Lttle Italy, where Grape and Hawthorne Streets are can't be like the really neighborhood. Also I am missing streets 13th to 17th streets as u can see in the map above. I ran out of room to place them but I willl put them in the other tile. The street system around Petco Park is still not completed. Also I did not place the trolley system yet, next update. You will see what I mean!



    Freeway are laid down first. Intersate 5 runs around downtown and CA 163 runs through Balboa Park and ends in Downtown.  Pretty close resemblance to the real thing.


    An hour later streets are laid down.......


    The map that was provided will give you all the names of the streets in downtown. The large squares are for the Civic Center and Horton Plaza.


    The waterfront with realisitc piers that are similar to the real ones in San Diego. Refer to map for names.


    Above is Seaport Village. I am pleased with my grid system!


    I obviously can't make a bridge like that in Sim City.... so this is the Coronado Bridge in MY San Diego


    Please feel free to leave comments!

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    Great job, so far! As for the curved bridge, maybe you find useful this explanation given by Sky Guy on his CJ:

    To build a curved, diagonal, etc. bridge:

    Build a regular highway on land (preferrably elevated or the NAM raised roads) Then when you have everything connected and ready to go, open SC4Terraformer and carefully lower all the land you want. When it asks to destroy the city, click "No" (leave all buildings in place) Then when you open the city up again, you will have a nice curved bridge over water.quote>

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    well, actually u can, there is a way, tricky but really easy if u pay attention. First, you'll need the extra cheats, click on the set sealevel... all the water will dissapear since it will go up, when that happens you use the NAM elevated roads and stuff... save the city when ur done... You will see on the region view that u have no more water, so click the city and enter it again, SURPRISE! water is back and you have a bridge with any shape u want! hope it helps

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    I live for the grid. My hometown is a grid, and my cities are largely grids. I'm looking forward to seeing how "America's Finest City" develops!

    Actually, can you call it "America's Finest Metropolis" so that I can refer to Toledo, OH as "America's Finest City?"

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  • Original Poster
  • trolley.jpg

    Thanks for all the comments!!!

    1. Thanks for the help about the bridge but i think i will keep it the way it is.

    2. To NMUSpidey, sorry San Diego IS America's Finest City! It's even on police cars here! Toledo????

    UPDATE: Downtown Trolley Routes

    Today's update will focus on the trolley system in the downtown area:


    Santa Fe Depot is the main train station for San Diego County.


    C Street Station where City Hall is located


    City College &12th Ave Station


    Seaport Village Station. In real life this part of the line is on the ground. Due to the placement of that street and lack of a diagonal GLR track piece, I am placing the trolley in the air for this section.


    The trolley runs along 12th Ave all the way from City College to PETCO Park. City crews are building this segment of the trolley in order to rebuild San Diego!(hehe)


    Here is an overview of the trolley downtown. I still have some more work to do with the trolley but that will be for another day!

    Feel free to leave comments!!!!

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  • Original Poster
  • Wow...first post on ST7!!!!


    Thanks for the lone comment! Yes I am proud that this is not Cleveland!

    TEASER Here is a small teaser of things to come later this week. I am waiting for ST to be upgraded in order to finsh Coronado, since i have to download some BATs. The SC4 pic is of the center of the City of Cornado. The street system is pretty similar to the real thing, hence why I posted a "real" street map of Coronado! I will let you be the judge of how real I am trying to make this CJ.....




    I found this picture on wikipedia. Stunning huh?

    Please feel free to leave comments!!!!

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    Doing an actual city has to be the hardest thing to do in this game. Your region is very impressive to say the least. Good luck and I will be watching with interest.

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