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Creating cohesive neighborhoods.

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I hate the way my neighborhoods always end up.

I want to create subdivions of different classes, you know real neighborhoods.

For instance:

The east side neighborhoods, All mansions and upscale boutiques

The westside neighborhoods, Middle class neighborhoods, 2 story houses

The southside neighborhoods, the ghetto, all smaller houses

But I have so much trouble creating them.

I'll have a neighborhood with a project building next to a mansion, or a 2 story brick house next to a trailer.

I've searched... Do any of ya'll know any mods, like zoning mods, where I can zone an areas income?

I'm not gonna spend the time to make every single building in my city historical!

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Welcome to the conversation.

About the only controls you have are taxes and zone types.  You should not allow yourself to be bamboozled by the demand chart.  A high demand for R$ is a demand for high-rise tenements, so zone high density for this.  Demand for R$$$ is a demkand for 3 x 3 single occupancy lots.

This morning I ran an experiment on this.  I had two cities side by side,but in one I set all taxes except R$$$ to 20% and I zoned only 3 x 3 single occupancy lots.  I put in a school and a fire station and a clinic.  Then I started up the neigbour city with dirty industry and high--density residential and some miscellaneous commercial.  I let it grow to a profitable state and made sure of the neighbor connections, then I mvoed over to the other city.  Where it was empty before, growth was explosive and I got all mansions..

The answer is that you can force it, with care, and probably not on the same tile.

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nope. no luck here.

What you can try to do, basically the oldschool way, is satisfying the repsective demands in closeby divisions of the city. R$$$ loves high education, good healthcare and security as well as recreational sites, combined with some I-HT and C$$$ offerings.

a little less of this for R$$ and even worse conditions for R$. What also helps is zone sizes. 2x2 3x3 and 4x4 patches of low density R zones combined with above mentioned standards are pretty much a sure shot to get mansions, wile a 1x1 or 1x2 zoned patch in the middle of I-D industry gives you a hell of a great chance to get some trailers docked.

But that demands a lot of skills to get it right.

2 other tricks that come to mind are using ploppables which destroys the playing part of the game and gets you to a creating part, as you normally can't get a ploppable residential to work; or you try this radical demand mod that let's you decide wich wealth to grow, start with say R$$$, let them grow, make them historic, change the settings to say R$$, let them grow & make them historic.... and so on.

problem is, each step needs you to quit the game to change the plugin (either manually or via startup manager) and it takes a hell of a lot of time to set each house historic, one by one...

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks for the tips.

    The problem I had with this latest one was I made it TOO desirable.

    I couldn't make a $$ neighborhood to save my life.

    All of the neighborhoods were either $, or $$$ and they would be across the street from each other where the severe pollution would end.

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    you could try making the buildings historical and bulldozing the ones you dont want. but you can only hope that the desired class will move into bulldozed zones.

    ...there is also another technique that can be done with custom content buildings and various mods. by removing only the lot file, any in-game lots will remain but they will no longer be able to grow....its tedious but it does work.

    its also a lot easier to separate R$$/R$$$ from R$ then to separate all three classes...hope this helped.

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    Originally posted by: GeneralEtrius

    You can also be very artificial and plop all your houses and buildings. That's what I'm doing for a "synthetic city" of mine.quote>

    Personally, I dislike full plopping. I only plop very few significant buildings, otherwise I grow my stuff.

    If I wanted to manually place buildings, I'd play Societies. :V

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    I also grow my zones most of the time, but I do what avrelivs mentioned above, let the buildings grow, choose the ones I want to keep, make these historical and then bulldoze the others and start over again until the desired effect is reached. This way I can build fairly goodlooking neighborhoods of poor, medium and rich residentials on the same time. ( see my MD/CJ on SC4Devotion-*The Winding River Project*)

    Just make sure that the services like police, schools, health etc don't be too close to where you want your poor § neighborhood, also do not water them, that helps. Only watered lots will raise to R§§§.

    I usually build my industrial Park near the low R§'s also. Unfortunetly the game does not allow otherwise to create different Res neighborhoods on the same tile. It takes some organizing and planning to create a town with different Res suburbs, but it is well worth it and you can be proud of yourself, once this is reached and functions and looks good.



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    I think it's possible from a gaming point of view to force R$, R$$ and R$$$ into separate neighbourhoods.

    1. Set the taxes on CS$ and I $(dirty) to 20% so the R$ don't dominate demand.

    2, Choose a building style. So your houses look the same. I'd go with Chicago 1890.

    3. Watch the RCI for R$,R$$ and R$$$. It will give you clues as to what rez neighbourhoods to try to zone in.

    The R$$$ will live on 2x2 medium density lots staggered so it's the maximum lot size they can build on. This will force them into mansion type buildings

    The R$$ will live on 1x1 medium density lots. I've tried to cram as many R$ and R$$ into 1x1 low density lots and as a city gets bigger the R$ seem to dislike them more and more. ie R$ demand over 6000 and they're only willing to build on 1x1 lots unless new jobs in commercial and industrial zones are built, even though they're plenty of lots to build on.. Plus the R$ have no 1x1 medium density 1x1 building. The best bet is to zone one 1x1 lot leave a gap then zone the next 1x1 lot. When the 2 lots are built on, zone the open one in the middle. I do that so they can't steal an extra lot and wind up with a 2x1 lot.

    The R$ will live on 1x2 low density lots. To prevent the R$$$ from building, just don't allow them a 4x3 low density lot to build on. That's the smallest low density lot the can build on.

    To discourage the R$$ from building in the R$ neighbourhood, I'd give them no police coverage or try having the R$ hood near a 

    wate to energy plant.

    Zoning technique and the RCI:

    If the R$$ demand is positive, I'd zone a few 1x1 medium density lots in the R$$ hood. If R$ build, the R$$ will eventually kick them out, tear down the old R$ house build a new R$$ house and move in. When the lots are all built up zone some more if the R$$ demand is still positive.

    Only zone one at a time  2x2 medium density mansion blocks in the R$$$ hood if R$$$ demand is greater than R$$ demand. IF the R$ move into the R$$$ hood the R$$$ will build over them eventually, if you don't zone any 2x2 lots until the R$ has been kicked out.

    Only zone 1x2 low density in the R$ hood if R$$ demand is negative or very low compared to R$ demand.

    If R$$ demand is negative it means there's not enough jobs to support the current R$$ population, so it should be safe to zone in the R$ zone and not have R$$ move in. I'm not sure if R$$ city government service jobs are factored into the RCI graph.

    It's easy to keep the R$$$ in one neighbourhood by using lot size and density to prevent them from building over R$ and R$$.

    It's hard to prevent R$ and R$$$ from moving into the R$$$ hood , but the R$$$ can build over them if R$$$ demand grows high enough.

    But's hard to prevent R$$ from building over the R$ in the R$ hood, especially when the shift from manufacturing to hightech industry  caused by good education increases R$$ demand dramatically.

    Remember bulldozer's your friend.


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    Why don't you, say, create a city over several tiles? In each small city tile you would make favorable environments for a specific given class (say, R$ with few schools, few highskilled job, and low taxes, with 20% on r$$ and r$$$), and then link everything over properly.

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