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Problem with gizmo's vehicle props

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I found out that my game was crashing and I could not figure out why. Then it finally dawned upon me that it might be gizmo's vehicle props I dl'ed a long time ago. I thought this because I remeber seeing on one of his files that the file might not  be compatible with any other downloaded files. So I went back to his site and there it was; the warning was on the vehicle props too.

I want to know: Is there anyway I can make the files work without conflicting with other files?

The reason why I am asking is because I am making mods for the Maxis RCI lots (click the duck in my signiature for more information) to look more realistic and I think it is a necessity for those mods.

This is gizmo's site(you must be registered to view the files): http://gizmo.lunarpages.com/

I would really appreciate any help with this.

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3dp, actually, it says "may" not work properly with "certain" MODS, BATS, and other ADDONS 

I have used these vehicle props (together with the civic vehicle props) for a long time but had no problems so far.

Maybe you were laying some custom GLR tracks, which DO make the game crash if you hover over certain custom stations...

Quite a few other developers also warn for possible incompatibilities with different plugins.

If such a warning exists, I always add a textfile to that particular download folder (not the plugins folder mind you) wich I save with the same name as the zip file, preceded by the word WARNING.

Ex. Open notepad, save (the blank file) and name it: "Vehicle Props v40 WARNING.txt"

If the game crashes, all I have to do is search for "WARNING" and go over those plugged-in files.

But as for this particular file, I'm not sure how to work around it except using other props...

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Have you at least tried taking Gizmo's vehicle props out of your plugins and running the game to see if crashes persist? Only by doing so you can confirm that this is indeed the cause of your problem and not just an unfounded conclusion you jumped to because you were desperate to find something, anything. In most cases, crashes not related to player mistakes (like going over transit-enabled lots with certain NAM puzzle pieces on your mouse cursor) are due to terrain mod conflicts or relate to your hardware and its drivers. For example, on my notebook SimCity4 tends to crash when I have a civic building on my mouse cursor and zoom in/out at the same time. This doesn't happen on my regular PC with exactly the same plugins folder in exactly the same region, so it's most probably related to the computer itself.

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  • Original Poster
  • The game was only crashing as it was loading any city(even if there was nothing terraformed, and there was no city in that tile). I don't have any terrain mod installed, but I do have cycledogg's trees, I don't think those are the problem because this is the same computer and they have worked before. I also do not have a large plugins folder either, just a few prop and texture packs.

    I am pretty sure it was the props because after downloading them, the game started crashing.

    I still have yet to test it also.

    Wait a minute, I was looking at one of my plugins folder(I went to my computer), now looking at the other(I went to my documents)folder, I see that there were some terrain mods; two of them were land mods, I must have forgot to delete one of them when I downloaded the other one. I deleted them both and when I get the chance to I will test to see if gizmo's props will work.

    I kept visiting the plugins that is in My computer then to my I: drive(that is where all the games are) then to Maxis then to SimCity 4 Deluxe then to Plugins.

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    Hm, sounds like a trace. I'd really test that - it should have more potential to crash the game than a few props. The worst-case scenario in terms of props should be (A) missing props, (B) graphical glitches due to IID conflicts, or © crashes when querying the prop. I cannot imagine how props would influence the game more deeply than that.

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