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Please help me figure this out

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I must have been away from the world of Sim CIty for too long as I thought my big tile with 900k people made me a tough guy.

Instead I see this video of buildings I have never seen before, people posting pics of scyscrapers so large that I must be doing something wrong here.

Yes I use the NAM.

I have downloaded a few bat buildings here and there.

There is no way that traffic would be able to survive in my cities with so little avenues and freeways as some of these peopel show off . I could be wrong, because it has been a while, but I believe I am using the second level traffic simulater (I believe there was three and I selected the second highest option as the third option seemed a bit too far).

My goal was to make the traffic more reasonable to real life and the lowest level option didn't cut it.

So you HAVE to be running the Traffic Mod thing on it's highest level to get these huge buildings.

It seems I need a new freeway damn near every square mile (100 tiles) in my skyscraper areas... let me be perfectly clear... "skyscraper" for me is when I get a high income high density residential building that can hold 5k citizens.

And with these, traffic can become a nightmere with poor planning, withbuildings I am seeing from other players.... twice the size of mine... I can't see how it works.

Don't get me wrong. Your work is impressive. I have just been playing this game for 8 years and every time I see a city like this, it makes me have to go and ponder what the heck I am doing wrong.

I will post some pics.

The way I understood it, in SC4, a mile is 100 tiles (with a fraction remainder). A medium city tile is roughly 1 and 1/4 mile in length and width (give or take).

So if someone is squeezing in over 1 million people per square mile, they are being pretty damn efficient.

For instance, New York, America's most populous city houses 8.4 million people but this is over a city area of over 305 square miles....

So I humbly ask you. What the heck am I doing wrong. What are you running? How are the buildings so large?

Or am I just trying to play the game too "old school?"

My goal is to not see buildings pop up. My goal is to master judging the game mechanics for things such as traffic and demand (I have gotten pretty good at it so far), and to create a somewhat realistic city. I don't want to eliminate the challenge... but I do want to know if there is more out there than what I simply havn't seen yet due to to lack of progression though the game.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.


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1. Don't confuse "reality" with SC4.. its a game and has its gimmicks and side-steps which folk use to "look better" ... what you see is not rarely "fixed" using mods or cheats or plops instead of "reasonable" mods to accomadate small issues..

2. Sounds to me like you're on the right track and "doing it right".. It appears you have the right stuff in terms of mods and custom content.

3. Sounds like you're also on the right track of trying to "make it work" by using the game's mechanics to grow, develope and integrate the various elements of education, jobs sources, traffic control, etc to play the game.. I can't tell but you probably have the in's and out's of reward and civic needs.

I have not tried to get super populaiton density.. I think my most dense city to date was something like 4 million in a large city tile.. to force maximum density requires some little tricks to play the game largely in "delapidated" state as that is the condition in which the game gives highest density. Using that "trick" along with "residence only" city tiles, you can get extremely high density, but I find that approach rather pointless in my mode of simulating "realistic" cities. To a degree that is also why some people find modeling more rural areas is more fun. They are focused on painting an "idylic" scenerio rather than dense areas.

What you choose to do is largely a function of what your goal is. Is it strictly to "get more density"? Keep in mind that many "city journal" people use cheats and plops out the wazoo and their cities would not survive if you simply ran them using the standard simulator and ran them for some years. Their goals is more "painting pictures" rather than "playing the game".. or in other words they are playing a different game in some ways. so you must be careful what you are using as your "ideal".

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Carry on.  SC4BOY is right, you have the right idea.  Some people like to have the density of  downtown Koli Kutt but I am not one of them.  Currently my biggest city is under 400,000.  I like sparse cities with lots of green space and parks.  This is probably because I live in a rural area.  One of the nicest things about this program is you can pretty much do what you please within the constraints of the game.

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