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Massasoit-The Growth of a Ski Resort

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An Excerpt from the Boston Globe on April 4th, 2010


Massachusetts Billionaire Makes Land Grab in New Hampshire

by Keith Blackmon

In what is perhaps the most audacious move of billionaire Patrick Conrad's career, the self-made billionaire from Concord, Massachusetts recently finished finalizing a deal to purchase a large undefined tract of land from the New Hampshire state government in the White Mountains. The deal is rumored to involve several mountains North of Mountain Washington, opposing Tuckerman's Ravine, the legendary backcountry skiing spot. It is not known if the purchase includes the undeveloped Presidential Valley, or local backcountry skiing hotspot Devil's Slope. It is unclear what Conrad plans to do with the land, yet many suspect this is the first move in his lifelong dream of developing an East Coast mega-resort for skiers and borders.

And one from the GQ in June of the previous year

Patrick Conrad: Massachusetts Mogul

Long before Patrick Conrad made his billion dollar fortune pioneering the mass production of electric cars for his start up company Conrad Motors, the term mogul had relevance to this modern day Henry Ford. An avid skier, Conrad grew up in a middle class family in suburban Boston. To his family, going out west to the Lake Tahoes and Breckridges was never an option. "My parents couldn't afford to go out west to the massive resorts, at the heart of ski culture, and we could barely make the trip up to the smaller resorts in New Hampshire," he says. Yet Conrad still has great reviews of the Northeast ski scene. "I think it's very underrated," He explained. "All the attention goes out west but I think there are a lot of great skiers and boarders out here, a lot of innovation in the industry despite a very heavy traditional atmosphere.". Conrad expressed beliefs that the East Coast is primed to break back into the global ski scene, with such proximity to New York and Boston, and great untapped mountains and economic potential. "I hope before I grow too old, I can help bring big-time skiing back to the East Coast," he told GQ. "Even if it costs me my fortune,".


NOVEMBER 14th, 2010


A quote from Conrad in the issue: "I have the dedication and the resources. I have the land, all the government authorization i need, and the public support. This is going to happen. Its been a long time since something this big has begun in the ski industry."


More information on the CJ as well as the first in game pictures and more story will come in the next update. Hopefully this grabs your attention.

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  • Update 2:

    December 15th, 2010: Boston Globe

    Work Begins on Massasoit: Much to Environmentalists Dismay

    by Barry Porter

    Once a remote region full of peace and beauty, the Presidential Valley awoke this morning to the sound of chainsaws and engines and work officially began on Patrick Conrad's extravagant billion dollar plus ski resort project: Massasoit. The irony of the name alone taunts the forest, the idea that a famous Native American, no doubt a man who would live with the land and respect it, would lend its name to such a environmentally devastating creation as a ski resort. Yet Conrad ensures his critics that in using green energy and the latest technologies, he will be able to soften the blow on the environment. If his plans are immense as the public suspects, however, no amount of technology will hide the truth. Conrad is turning one of the most beautiful picturesq regions in the nation into a million dollar machine of corporate greed and reckless pollution. Environmentalists, naturally, are not happy. What makes matters worse however, is that this time, they have no support from the government. Because the region is so scarcely inhabited, they don't have much support from locals either. "It's frustrating that we live in a society where a billionaire can just waltz in and destroy in a matter of years what mother earth took millenia to create," explained local cannibas enthusiast Tommy Jones Smith. "Like, save the whales man," he added.

    Why the government has permitted such a project nobody knows, however many suspect that with the current economy, such a dynamic project is an oppurtunity  New Hampshire simply could not pass  up. As comedian Dane Cook, in an attempt to be funny, said,"them trees ain't gonna put money on the table,". Cook was later informed that the correct terminology is put food on the table.

    Now, Conrad's plans are very secret, and next to nobody knows much about what he plans to do. However, he has noted that his first goal is to develop a decent sized ski mountain on three peaks he purchased on the East side of the valley opposite Mount Washington.

    This ariel photograph shows the first land to be developed.


    Mountains in the Presidential  Range are, of course, named after Presidents. The presidential range in NH [white mountains] exists in real life, as does Mount Washington. Both are stunningly beautiful. The Presidential Valley and these mountains are all obviously fictitious, although I wouldn't be surprised if these names were used in the presidentials already. 


    The southernmost mountain [we are facing east in the image] in the first stage. Devil's Slope is a local favorite for backcountry skiing, rivaling Tuckermans Ravine [real spot] for its steep slope and danger [ever gone flying into the forest at top speed? not fun]. For many years the region has been difficult to access. The only town in the area is a small village called Hadley, with a few small farms and little less than 1000 residents. This connects by a road Route 340 back to quote un quote Civilization. The nearest major town in real life is probably North Conway or Gorham.



    quite simple. The towns major building, the White Mountain Asylum, is to the right. It lies on Route 340 which runs East West, connecting to Route 16 a few miles to the West which leads to Gorham [north] or [North Conway]. The only other major road in town, Main street, terminates shortly after leaving the center of town. The main employers are Labarre Lumber and the local Abbott Mill. Town children attend elementary school in the towns schoolhouse before being sent out to North Conway for upper education.


    Probably the last place in New  Hampshire to get the snowplow. This late october storm dropped a few inches before the leaves fell and the creek froze!

    So just where are we? Well this mythical location is as mentioned in the White Mountains.


    Not so white Eh? The trademark of the region is the ever picturesq Mount Washington.


    The mountains claim to fame? Home to the worst weather recorded by mankind on earth [up till a year or two ago!]

    The Eastern Face of the mountain is home to a reknown backcountry skiing spot Tuckerman's Ravine.

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  • I'll be pausing this a bit as I rework some aspects of my CJ. Rest assured it will be back eventually. However, I plan to make this less of a story driven/"time-lapse" journal, and more of a "showcase".

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