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Commute time from 45 min to 4-7 HOURS with NAM 29

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Installed NAM 29 and over the course of a decade or two with no changes to my city, commute time shot from 45 minutes to fluctuating between 4 and 7.  I can only assume this means time in hours!

This is in a city of about 20,000 (now 17,000) almost exclusively middle class but with mostly $$$ buildings.  I've forced the $ and some $$ into a nearby polluted town that provides power and garbage collection.  Traffic is almost nonexistant.  I have no other mods installed.

I've Googled and found people referring to options A, B, C, D and A should be used, but I see no letters like this in the NAM installer, only descriptions.  I think I used the default options.  Is there something I can change to fix this?   Thanks!

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The A, B, C, etc. simulators were earlier options for installing NAM. All are now obsolete, being replaced by Simulator Z. Currently, when installing NAM, the setup will ask what version of "Z" is desired. If you just used the default options, you probably installed the "Medium" option. You can check by looking in the NAM for for a file named "NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_Medium." The change of controllers could cause a change in traffic. A coulpe things to note - be sure to let the game run for a while for things to stablize after making the changes. Also, if interested, you can alter the controller settings by using the Traffic Simulator Customization Tool available here (Link) if you did not include it with the NAM installation.

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On the 45min to 4-7 hours side of things, the scale for the y-axis on the Commute Graph is not actually specified, though the names of the properties seem to indicate the units are minutes.  Unless the point where you had 45 has changed to 0.75 after NAM installation, the scale has not changed to hours, and you're probably looking at a decrease in commute time rather than an increase.  The direction of the line in the graph should indicate whether or not it has actually gone up or down.

"Lack of traffic" could be caused by a number of things.  If there's fewer vehicles on the road but traffic volumes are similar to what they were before, that's likely due to different settings on the Automata Tuning, which is not directly related to the actual Traffic Simulation itself.  If you're experiencing abandonment and routes that cross railroads aren't getting used, that may point to a NAM installation error relating to the Left-Hand Drive Plugin.

Also, as CaptCity mentioned, let the game run for awhile--it has to become acclimated to the new settings.

Some more details would help in diagnosing your issue.

-Alex (Tarkus)

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  • The shape of the graph was astronomical skyrocketing, from less than an hour to several times that. I reinstalled everything and it looks better now aside from abandonment from the commute being too long. I'll let it run for a few hours sometime and see what happens. Thanks.

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