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SimCity 4 Deluxe crashes

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Well, some online stores were doing holiday sales, and really wanted to get back into SimCity. This deluxe game for $10 was a nice deal, so I bought it and downloaded it which took forever, lol. Only to find that the game will not launch AT ALL. I get the black screen for a few seconds, then it closes. I've been snooping around Steam's forums (that I cannot log in to for some reason) as well as this place, tried some solutions...still does the same thing. Kinda frusterated now, was all ready to get back into the game, only to fnd out that I can't...Steam needs to do some refund thing if this game isn't going to flat out work.

Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 240 Processor 2.81 GHz

RAM: 4.00 GB

Graphics: GeForce 9500 GT

Not sure what else to put here, tried updating everything...I've tried that notepad thing I found here about putting my card into these two files, still nothing...Tried compatibility mode for XP....windowed mode....ugh....T_T

Help me!!!! kthnxbai

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You are too impatient.  It is holidays and many people are away.  Have faith.

I suspect you did not have your sound system hooked up correctly.  You must have a proper sound system, and a graphics accelerator that is acceptable to the game.  Your graphics must have all extra settings turned off or set to program selected.

It runs fine for me, but I have the disks.  I have an Athlon II X2 64-bit system with ATI graphics and 4GB of ram running Linux 64-bit.  There is probably nothing wrong with your system that having it configured correctly won't fix, but if everything checks out, post again, please.  How much swap space to you have, and what is the version number of the .exe you are running?

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  • Original Poster
  • Don't know about swap space, but yeah...sorry, was just hoping to play it before classes start. xD

    My sound system is hooked up correctly, I play other games on here without issues and the sound works fine.

    The file version, I think I have this right, is 1.1641.0. I'm pretty sure the graphic settings for the game is all turned off as well, I may double-check or reset everything to be safe. Is there like, a hidden update patch that needs to be downloaded somewhere before playing the game?

    EDIT: I just opened Steam up to try and reset the "launch options" for the game, turns out Steam is updating it, so I'll see if it'll work afterwords...something tells me I doubt it though, lol.

    EDIT2: Not entirely sure on what I did wrong the first time, but I tried entering

    -CustomResolution:enabled -rXXXXxYYYY -introff -EHff -CPUCount:1
    in the launch options again and it works.....for now. Gonna play for a while and make sure I don't run into any other issues.

    Too many Edits, lol: Well, even though the game works...I'm not sure why, but when I close the gameout when done...it still runs even though its not, well...runnng. Having to actually close it through "Processes" in the Task Manager...anybody know what's causing this?

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