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The Optimia Magna

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9988 presents... The Optimia Magna

The Optimia. Ancient city founded by ancient romans, located in the southern Turkey. Let´s look, what will happen, when the cards of destiny become shuffled another way, that we know it. How the empire denounced to destruction will arise and become greater than anytime before. The Optimia. Our Story starts in one city, with more than million inhabitants, in the greatest city of the Roman empire, after Rome, and central place of future events. It has hundreds of magnificent temples, roads covered by gold... The Optimia Magna. The Alternative to Roman History is there.

First Chapter: The Glory of Optimia

(230 - 305)

Ave caesar! Morituri te salutamus



Name: The Imperium Romanum Magna

Short name: Roman empire

Location: Europe, Arabia, North Africa

Area: 8.760.000 square kilometers

Climate: Varies, on south mostly dry and hot

Terrain: Surrounds Mediterranean sea, mountain of alps is on the west part, and at south of north african provinces is desert Sahara

Highest point: Elbrus - 5-621 m above sea level

Lowest point: Dead sea coast - 422 m below sea level

Natural resources:font-size: medium;"> Gold, iron, coal

Land use:

Natural land: 68%

Permanent crops: 19%

Civic areas: 3%


Population: 114.000.000 inhabitants

Age structure:

0-14 years - 37 %

15-64 years - 58%

65 years and over - 5%

Median age: 26 years

Urban population:4.8 %

Gender percentage:



Birth rate:34.7 births/1.000 population

Mortality rate: >27.9 deaths/1.000 population

Life expectancy:

Males: 58 years

Females:62 years

Fertility rate: 3.4 children on woman

Ethnic groups:

Romans: 53%

Arabians: 24%


Africans: 6%




Christianity: 65%

Iupiterian cults: 12%

Animism: 11%

Atheism: 8%

Other: 4%


Latin(official): 73%

Arabic: 21%

Other: 6%


Male: 78%

Female: 21%


Government type: Imperial parliamentary monarchy

Capital: The Rome(1.230.000 inhabitants)

Other large cities: Optimia(1.078.000 inhabitants), Alexandria(743.000 inhabitants)

Administrative division: 9 provinces (Latium, Sicilia, Alps, Gallia, Germania inferior, Anatolia, Greece, Arabia, Africa)

Chief of state: Emperor Philip Arab

Legislative branchImperial senate - Senatus Populus Que Romanus(SPQR)

National animal: Eagle


GDP(per inhabitant): 24.000 $ (780 sestercii)

GDP sectors:

Agriculture: 86%

Industry: 9%

Services: 5%

Unemployment rate:11%

Population below poverty line: 29%

Agricultural products: grains, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, fruit; pigs, cattle, poultry, forest products...

Industry: Metal and metal products, mining, shipmaking, textiles, furniture...



Seaports: 1798

With more than 1000 ship capacity: 12

With 400-1000 ship capacity: 187

With 100-400 ship capacity: 642

With 30-100 ship capacity: 880

With less than 30 ship capacity: 77]

Water pipelines:67.000 km total


Huge: 37.000 km

Classic: 240.000 km

Unpaved: 650.000 km


Number of soldiers: 4.500.000 in 450 legions

Number of possible soldiers: 9.420.000

Number of men available for military services: 34.000.000

Expenditures: 16% of GDP


Imperial general









The Central city of Optimia


The Optimia with grand aqueduct

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  • Original Poster
  • Don´t forget to check, comment, or rate the whole journal in the new CJ section.

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    Mhm, this is looking very promising and great that you did such a good work in the LE, obviously 4.gif

    Looking very forward to more,


    Edited by lucky7:

    Maybe you like this link of mine:


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  • Original Poster
  • O.K, My 100.th Post!!! It wll be exclusive version of "The Mission" Entry, the largest entry at journal overall. This is longer version of it:

    O.K. Stop with Optimia for a while, and look, what is happening now at... for example Alexandria, the third largest city in the Imperium.


    Year 257. The Decimus Scipio planned a great mission to the southwest, and Antonius cae Optimia is now Imperial General and Admiral. He will lead this grand mission. Look:


    And the ships sailed. Many types, from trade ships to battle ships, they all were heading to the southwest. More than 18000 men.

    setsail.png The Sail continues 9 months, without any results. The Food stocks were smaller and smaller. Finally they saw land. But it was only small, lush island. They called it Island of Hope. They found many exotic fruits there, like bananas and coconuts, and the famine stopped.


    They built big column, as a gift for the God and a small village with a little dock. And they continued...


    But they sailed 6 months without any results. Any land. Only food for them were the animals brought on ships and fish from sea. This was not enough. And, something strange happened. Polaris star, what navigated them disappeared. And star signs were another too. The wind stopped to blow, so they started to use paddles. They were lost. But the land was close. They sailed near two small islands, and this was all land...

    isla3.pngThe crew became scared after some time, because sea was much warmer, and they think, that the ships will fall from the edge of hemisphere-shaped Earth. But, they finally saw a land. Not a small island, but huge new land. They called it land of the Palms, because they saw thousands of palms on the coast. Land of the Palms, Terra Palmis.


    After short sail slong the coastline, they found something shocking. A city. And that city was much more advanced than roman cities. This city was full of columns made of unknown and very solid metal. And it was abandoned. Nobody was there, and a city was very well preserved. Unnaturaly well. But interieur of buildings was destroyed, and it was decomposed. Windows were without glass, and trees started to grow in the buildings. City was abondoned very long time. All suggested, that it is Atlantis. But really?


    Buildings were built from something more solid than "liquid stone" or bricks. There was also Arena and Coliseum. Architecture was amazing. City was not big, the wooden suburbs and farmlands were decomposed and consumed by forest and vegetation long time ago.


    They landed, and started a survey to the inlands. Land was more and more dry, and they entered huge desert. And they found there big village. It was abandoned too, but it was built from common materials. Somebody was recently there, maybe just yesterday, but maybe before 80 years. Buildings were not really damaged, and palms growing there were in lines. The lines had to be planted by man. And these palms were only 10 years old...


    The flowers near two huge marble statues were from glass. One glass flower was worth big house in ancient rome, and there were hundreds of them. They took them to ships, and the most sailors sailed back to Alexandria. They were navigated by wind, what started to blow. And the rest of mission continued..

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    Very impressive work so far, I like it a lot!

    The golden frames work very well with the pictures themselves, so they somehow have the touch of old paintings from the 18th / early 19th century.

    Very well done 4.gif

    May I ask you where you got the 'functional' colisseum from?

    Looking very much forward to more,


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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks,

    Colisseum is from Sc4 Devotion, from ripptide (named CdS Plaza del Toros, but it works well as coliseum).

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  • Original Poster
  • Year 260. Antonius with his army is attacking on Germania.


    But it was getting worse and worse. Explosion of the one cannon destroyed them 10, and Germans killed many and many soldiers. Hamburg reached only 30.000 of 90.000 soldiers. Some drowned at swamps, some died from plagues. They besieged the city on 16.th July of 261. The Reformation of army in 224 caused, that the colour of the roman soldiers changed to Blue. Also, they were wearing blue clothes.


    But Germans didn´t surrender. They were besieging them weeks, and nothing. Romans had many food, and Germans too. All cannonballs were shot, and Romans were filling cannons with swords, stones, helmets, and with heads of German captives, but that was didn´t very succesful. The storms and german winter weakened the romans a lot. They started to believe, that they won´t be able to defeat the Germans.


    When they were sleeping, German army attacked. Many of the soldiers died. Only 6.000 remained. It was first massive defeat of Roman army. Romans at another war lines had much bigger armies, much stronger armies, and they easily conquered big part of Germania. But German winter stopped them for a two months. Romans at Hamburg were without possible reinforcements.

    80449993.pngFinally, romans surrendered and left Hamburg. But before it, they built a Obelisk near the city walls of Hamburg, as a gift for them, that they let them go without next massacre. Were Germans the winners?


    But that obelisk was a trap. It was filled by gunpowder, and a roman spy inside was ready to kindle it. The explosion was enormous.


    It destroyed big part of a city, and crushed the walls. Romans were hidden near, so they entered the city, and captured it. Romans finally won. But this was not real defeat of Germania. Germans were still plotting against them in the lands of north, in Terra Polaris.


    The Special page:


    O.K. So, this is a special page, what we can see on the title. This is the overwiew on the north part of the city, tha only part I completed. There are still many empty spaces on the south part, so... Much more work awaits me. So, I will write there some  thanks to people, and useful things about all things used there. Many things there are also my custom content lots.

    Thanks to:

    1.Psycholu - for magnificent roman temples and buildings, without them this won´t be able to exist

    2.To Ionioion - for magnificent sailing ships

    3.To Mickybear(from Sc4Devotion) - for awesome mediterranean style buildings

    4.To Cobb 32218 - for harbor village - awesome ancient wooden piers

    O.K, stop with thanks, and look closer on the entries.

    Entry 1 - MN first entry, images are from the first tile, large tile on the left on the image above, most of buildings are from Psycholu, these golden roads from my production.

    Entry 2 - These big columnar busts of Scipio (originally busts of Nefertiti) are from sabbor, I made flower park with a tree in center, that hedge maze, and that flower fountain with a classic statue on the top.

    Entry 3 - The same things like before, squares and plazas there too. Spqr flag is from Political and historical flags pack by gogman.

    Entry 4 - The canal city! there is also a pantheon made by agart.

    Entry 5 - The buildings there are from Castle 1100 A.d puzzel pieces by Kwakelaar

    Entry 6 - Like these above

    Entry 7 - There is a great lighthouse of alexandria made by pegasus. This desert village is from my lots (not buildings), and this abandoned city is mainly from Mickybear´s buildings. This coloseum is Plaza del Toros from sc4 devotion

    Entry 8 - German village is whole from my lots, again not my buildings. The bomb is from AGS CJ bomb pack by scba, the cannon from civil war props by pegasus.

    Entry 9 - These timber-framed houses are from xannepan, army from civil war pack.

    Future of Optimia

    So.... I want to make this a really big CJ. I usually make one entry less than two days, so it will not be a real problem. I suppose it will be something near 200 entries, but if it will happen, that in year 2012 or maybe later. So, next things will be a new civilizations and exploration to the east, and many other things.

    To Do list:

    Entry 11 - The new faces of Optimia

    Entry 12 - The exploration of Terra Palmis

    Entry 13 - The fall of Germania


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  • Original Poster
  • New entry:

    So, we will now look back on Optimia for a while... Maybe first on this newspaper page about limitations in gladiatorial games.



    (In row 14. - they could be used more, and not only between animals and humans)

    So, who will won? Maybe the Antonius (but it is not very kind to animals). But, in Optimia was recently built new arena, about half of mile on the south of forum. With capacity of 4.000 patricians and 17.000 other people it is fourth largest Coliseum in the empire (largest in The Rome, second in Bosra, third in Cairo). Underground are cages for 50 big animals and prisons for more than 2000 gladiators and slaves.


    The Parks of new Lacademia were also built, in the far-west part of the city. There are also many lucrative patrician villas, and two times more plant species, than in first lacademian parks. New palm species from terra palmis, german giant pines, and many others.


    Also, the gold mining site was estabilished near the parks, now more than 3 tons of gold are mined there per month. This gold is often used in world class Optimian jewellery. The iron, coal and copper are mined there too.


    In january of 264, the first games were held in brand new Coliseum.


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  • Original Poster
  • Well, the next entry:

    Year 264. Decimus Scipio is dead.


    And the further exploration may begun. Hundreds of ships docked again in the Atlantica city (the abandoned large city mentioned before), and big group of 120 explorers started to go to the north. They went near abandoned desert town, and started to go further and further to the desert. They built small camp in the desert, in case of extreme conditions when they will go further to the desert.


    Fortunately, nothing extreme occured, larger part of explorers stayed in the camp, and smaller went deeper to the huge desert.

    After nine hours of walking they saw small, but very deep canyon. Fortunately, there was a bridge through.


    But the bridge was very damaged, and when first soldier stepped on it, it falled to the canyon (with him too). They had to circumvent it. But it was very small canyon, on the both ends was entrance to the cave, and after 15 minutes they were on the other side.bridgefallen.png

    After long way they entered magnificent place. Huge rocks resembling mushrooms, and a big rock arch. Something, that nobody ever saw. They camped there through night, and some explorers painted this place too.


    But it started to be hot. Very hot and very dry weather. They were lost in the huge desert, only some dry palms were along way... But finally they found the end of desert, where the lush forest was beginning.


    After one day, they reached the shoreline. Was it really Atlantis? They went not further than 30 kilometers. But they were without drinkable water and nobody wanted to return back to the desert. But, they found something. It was a ship. Roman ship. Maybe blown there in the huge oceanic storm.


    They entered it. It was vacant. But there was big stock of drinkable water. They grabbed vessels and sailed back to the sea.


    They sailed two days along the coast to the east, and finally they came to the Atlantica city.


    Another missions proved, that Terra Palmis is an Island. Not big island. Maybe the all remains of the Atlantis. On this island visualisation can be Atlantica city seen on small peninsula on the south.


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  • Original Poster
  • New Entry:

    Year 266


    And expeditions to the India started. More than 24.000 soldiers and explorers were marching to the east. Th the wild east, where was roman empire totally unknown... This time, canal city was very rapidly expanding to the southern marshes. It is now four times larger, and it has more than 120.000 inhabitants, and much more are expected. So, we will look:


    Many new parts were built, and square of ceres is now part of the city too. Caesar Antonius built huge palace in the canal city, probable the largest building ever built in whole empire.


    The flower gardens in the canal city:


    Another huge wiew:


    Finally, I would like to present... Exclusive regional picture of Optimia (forum cannot be seen there):


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  • Original Poster
  • Do you know, that this CJ is now celebrating one month anniversary? So, this is one massive image(it is photoshopped, of course, It would took years to plop this amount of buildings and PED malls - approx. 50.000 buildings and million PED´s)


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  • Original Poster
  • The new entry is there:

    We can now look on the big enemy of roman empire, The Persia. After destruction of Alexander the great´s empire, the persia was rebuilt, and many huge cities were built there. Grand armies marched against Roman empire. Romans were stronger than Persia, but Persians lived in huge desert forts, and dry and warm conditions there can kill hundreds of soldiers...

    For some computer problems, I cannon post antique newspaper and frames, so there is one of largest persian city, the Orathvon.

    temducapr3001296071839.pngPersians used great egyptian and roman architectonic skils there, they built there huge obelisks and grand hanging gardens there too, with king´s magnificent palace. These hanging gardens are the main recreational area in the whole persian city.

    temducapr3001296071902.pngPalace of the silver is the supreme palace of Persian king Dareios XVIII. It has many silver domes, and towers, and it is considered luxurioust building in whole Persia.

    temducapr3001296072015.pngThe tower of desert is a big shrine to old egyptian god Horus, now worshipped by Persians too. It is really massive, more than 1000 tons of sandstone were used to built it.

    temducapr3001296072327.pngAnd, finally, the grand overwiew of the city.


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  • Original Poster
  • Year 272


    And this time was starting the massive colonisation of Terra Palmis. Hundreds of ships with thousands of sailors, men and women, and also the children, were heading to the Terra Palmis, to colonise it. The sea was peaceful, and without and big storms, but still with some good wind.

    shippa1.pngTerra Palmis was very near. But on Terra Palmis the settlers found something impressive. The new district of Atlantica city, strangely located more than 15 miles to the west. Was it another city, or not? Romans colonised and repaired it. This city was brick paved, instead of sandsone, so it was supposed that it was really another city, maybe built in another time period.

    atlantica1.pngRomans started to build new, big harbor there, for all these ships what sailed where, But it was full after one week. So Romans built many and many harbors through whole Atlantica land shore. Terra Palmis was prospering and thriving province, with more than 90.000 inhabitants.

    atlantica2.pngAfter some time, the forests on the north of city were replaced by farm fields very fast, because Terra Palmis was shown very fertile. Many square kilometers of forest were replaced by wheat and corn fields, and some exotic fruit fields too.



    Also, many exotic fruits with strange shape and color started to be used in the richest patrician feasts as most expensive food there.


    The small, not important camp in deserts eventually grew to a thriving desert village. Walls were rebuilt, and a road was built there too. It was now called Campus Palmis.


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    Wow, your CJ is coming along very well! Beautiful sceneries and good work. Moreover, nice photoshopping- this looks like ancient Rome, on the coast, though.

    May I PM you for the ships you used? These are gorgious!

    Thanks a lot in advance and thank you for your tip about the Colosseum,


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