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The Cities XL Planet Adventure.....

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The year is 2110, 100 years after present day, Singapore had been researching a far away planet which is quite possibly a habitable site. They sent a small convey 50 years later from 2010 after confirming the hospitality of the planet's surface. The destination was Alpha Centauri, a star located about 4 light years away from us.

Anyway, the Singaporean Parliament decided to hold a talk immediately after the announcement was made. The decision was this: To send a space shuttle over to Alpha Centauri. It was going to b poweed by antimatter, created by the LHC at Switzerland. No other government other than the ones from USA and Switzerland were supposed to know about it. The spaceship would launch at Changi International Airport at night, exactly when fewer flights were being carried out so as to not be found out.

"Ready Houston?" "Ready." "Launch countdown in: 5"






And immediately, the ship went off.

The simulation view of the spaceship in space as it pulls itself out of orbit:


As the spaceship arrived on the ne planet, it's crew awakened, looking at how long it has been. Soon, a 50 year old transmission was played out, coming from the Singaporean Parliament, informing them of their age and of their mission: To set an outpost on the planet for Singapore to colonise.

However, fifty years is a long time and alot happened in that five decades, so we'll do a historical recap after those other cities are done, ok? 1.gif

Anyways, back to the story. After surveying the planet for some time, they located a loction with tons and tons of water. The name of that area was nicknamed: Great Lake. So, the founders decided to call it Great Lakes City. The founders had other plans besides being an outpost. They decided to call back to Earth on a transmission, telling Singapore that they wanted independance of the area.

The response: "We're very busy, you got it."

Anyway, the founders setup a small town of 15 people. Here was the tour for one of them, an amatuer photographer called Mr William.

"Hello, there Mr William." The mayor, Mrs Jukis, said. "Welcome to Great Lakes City. My name is Mrs Jukis."

"Wow, doesn't look like a city at all. But it's nice, a humble place to start anyway. You've sure got a nice city hall, by the way."


"Why thank you, Mr William."

"Let us begin the tour now, shall we?"

"Gladly, Mr William. The first stop here is the town's roundabout, the center of activity for most of the stuff."


Mr William and Mrs Jukis were both walking, as she cam over to the shoreline.

"Here, we have the Great Lake, as some have called it. Many people have talked about how the place will one day become the center of this whole planet...... But I think not. Just enjoy theview here anyway."


"Now, here are the housing for a bulk of us. Quite rundown places we've go, especially the most rundown of all. Some say that the resident living here talks to haunting spirits who live here and this resident is talking to them. Don't believe their sillyness, though."


"I want to ask you someting, Mrs Jukis."


"What's that clean, suburban like house over there?"


"Oh, that's the mayor's house, which means it is my house."

"OK, I get it now. Let's move on, shall we?"


*After a couple of visits in the homes*

"OK, then. Ready to go back to the launch site?"

"Hold on, just a sec. What's powering all this?"

"Well, the Utility Center. Here, have a look."

After a drive in the mayor's car, they stopped outside a tall well located beside a fuming funnel.

"This is the Utility Center, I presume."

The mayor only nodded her head.

"OK, then. I'd just like to take a picture of this, OK?"

After a snap, he noticed a kimtrail in the picture. And a small black dot in front of it.


"What's that?"

"Oh, those are the new planes carrying inspection all around the globe."

"For what?"

"To find more locations to build another city. In fact, we plan to find perfect spots to create a giant hub of cities and towns to construct the network."

"That's one ambitious plan."

"Yes it is."

Of course, after a small chat, they were back in the city hall. Mr William decided to leave then and after bidding farwell, he got on the plane.

As he flew from the small sirstrip to go to the launch site, he managed to shoot a small, yet perfect shot of the town now.

"Let's hope that the town becomes huge and strong....."

The snapshot was this:


OOC: Comments accepted. 2.gif

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  • Well, the search continues. And as it turns out, there are two considered locations. They have manage to settle on one: A small, yet powerful stream of flowing river on the continent. They've found this site one day when two pilots found this plot of land just below them. They've already seen the land via satellite, as shown below:


    Soon, the two pilots, Mr Husto, and Ms Yousi, were above the land of the place.


    "Hey, Ms Yousi," Mr Husto said. "We're just above the ground,could you find a good place to land this thing? It has been, like, several hours."

    "Yes, Mr Husto." Ms Yousi said in response. She soo took a photo and marked the spots for their plane to land and where they'd go.


    "See, the red area is where we can land." Ms Yousi explained. "And the green area's where we'd collect soil samples to check its fertility."

    "Alright, then." Mr Husto replied. "Let's land this baby!"

    A slow landing soon followed before the pair began to explore the land for awhile.

    Of course, after hours of collecting those samples, they looked at some subtle clouds flying through. Ms Yousi had checked the weather forcast for that day.

    "Mr Husto, I think we had better return to Great Lakes City." Ms Yousi said. "The predictions are that a storm is brewing over this land right now."

    "Alright, then. Let's go!"

    Soon, Ms Yousi showed a picture that she took nearby the airplane.


    "What are you doing?!" Mr Husto exclaimed. "You can't take any evidence other than the soil sample home!"

    "But why not?" Ms Yousi asked.

    "Because..... oh, never mind. Just get rid of it."

    "Hmm..... what are you hiding?" Ms Yousi.

    "Oh, nothing. I'm just kidding! Take it back if you want." Mr Husto said, jokingly.

    "Oh, yeah." Ms Yousi said with an eyebrow raised.

    As they were on the plane, Mr Husto decided to take a shot in their cockpit, which was what he considered a great picture.


    "OK, then. Let's get this baby off the ground!"

    Mr Husto started the engine, flew off in the plane, and came over the same scene again. A beautiful mirage of trees and rivers.

    Comments: None so far....

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  • Original Poster
  • My Nightly Response Column:

    @Damastius Thanks, it will in a very short while. After the third part, or part c, of part 1, we'll start the mega development.

    @BroJanek You'd get it. No prob.

    @Aelencia Yeah, the LHC was there. My bad. And Houston is just the fancy talk, if I remember, for Nasa.

    There will be a daily update, don't ya forget that. 3.gif

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    Great, but (I am speaking out of experience) it would be better to stick to updates every couple of days, maybe once a week.

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  • Original Poster
  • Morning Commentry (Yeah, it is around morning to afternoon where I am) :

    @Damastius Yeah, I know, but ya see, I'm actually a little different from everyone else here. I actually have alot of time here on the internet. When I go back to school next year, the result would be that I might lag the timing for updates a little more. But my goal is to update as much as possible. BTW, do ya have some good, free picture editing software? If it is online, tell me where. If it is offline, gimme one that's good for Windows 7.

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  • Original Poster
  • Oh, ok. Thanks.

    Also, I am announcing that the thread will be closed to make way for a revamp.


    1. I am in need of changing how I post updates.

    2. A lot of 'crap' not related to the CJ is in here.

    3. I'd be using the editng programmes, so I might n have that much time on the game itself. And the structure of the thread has become wrong.

    That's all. Seeya. In the next edition.

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