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When you install your game(s) do you look around with windows explorer

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I want to know what was added to my machine.  If you don't, well, ignorance my be bliss, but it can also be no excuse when you mess up.

After a neat install of SimCity 4 Rush Hour or Deluxe you get two directories (or folders if it makes you feel better).

The playing directory is in your Documents directory and is called, of all things, SimCity 4, and it has sub-directories of:

Regions, Plugins, and some others, but those two are the important onse.

The Region directory is copied from the game repository, of which more anon.  the Plugins directory is for your use to add plugins.  If these two directories exist when you do an install (re-install) they are left as is.

The other place things are put is in the windows Program Files directory where you should find a directory named

Maxis.  In this directory your should find one called SimCity 4 (or mayve SimCity 3 Deluxe), and, wouldn't you know, you also find a Regions and a Plugins directory.  The Regions directory contains the default regions for the game.  If you need to, you can copy one of the regions back into your playing directory, and it will be like new.

The Plugins directory contains your sky textures.  Unless you are quite computer savvy, I wouldn't touch this.

There is another directory here called Apps.  That is where the program lives.  It is named Simcity.exe.  Other stuff lives there too, and if you add the Lot Editor, it will be there along with the uninstall program, etc.

The default Maxis tables that operate the game are at the Simcity 4 level with extensions of .dat.  No touch unless you are very good with something like ilive's reader.  The graphics rules are there with an extension of .sgr as well.

People who are not operating system savvy would do well to stay far away from this directory unless you know exactly what you want to do there.  Experimenting here can result in needing to do a reinstall.

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I used to be very keen on checking everything when a game installs, but with monstrous modern games taking more than 10gb on the drive, I don't anymore! I do check the My Documents folder to see what it deposits, as I detest the way Windows lets programs dump any old rubbish here unchecked!

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  • One of the biggest problems with bloat ware games is that they often mess up your registry as well.  MS says that the registry is a great place to store parameters and other related stuff, but one can get over enthusiastic with this and try to put too much data in there.  Can slow the machine drastically.

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    If you mess to much around the files in the program directory then can happen this:


    It's better to make a backup befor you change anything there.

    And at my tests i don't found any changes which SC4 had done in the registry.

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