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The Greater Terran Region

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  • Hey everyone,

    It has been more than 5  years since this CJ has been updated (wow time flies!), and I do not plan to update it with new content. However, I have decided to 'update' it with content that has been lost between December 2007 and May 2008.

    If you look at the first pages of this CJ, you'll notice that a lot of images are not loading. A lot of content was lost in this period due to image hosting servers going down (I used Webshots and Imgur back then) as well as the famous Simtropolis site hack of 2008.

    I thought I had lost all of this content, and reorganized the entries as best I could to compensate for that. However, while digging through some old family photos from backups of mine on an external hard drive, I discovered something I did not expect: the Cache of the original GTR updates from Simtropolis from December 2007 to May 2008. The files successfully restored from backup, and includes text and photos. Even posts from other members from the Simtropolis thread are included, which totals 21 pages of content.

    Over the next little bit, I will be posting these updates on this thread for completion and nostalgic purposes. This is in direct contrast with my SC4 Archives project, which aims at restoring historical images of value, and these definitely qualify for that!

    This goes to show ya: Always back up your data, even browser Caches. You never know when they could come in handy!

    So before I press on, a few things to keep in mind:

    -These entries are from the first 21 pages of original GTR updates from Simtropolis

    -Some of the updates may be elementary/incomplete due to losses from a hard drive crash or the Simtropolis site hack

    -Most of the images are still in their 'full resolution' (1440x900-1920x1200), but for simplicity's sake I am going to resize the majority of them.

    -Posts/comments by the community are more than welcome

    -I consider this CJ 'retired' or 'archived'. Nothing new/current will be posted.

    ...Anyways, back in time we go: Entry #1. Date: December 18, 2007. It was my first CJ update ever.

    I am going to skip the introduction as it is pretty redundant to what I have here on page 1. Let's get right into it!

    A major artery and junction.  A baseball diamond and a large intersection is on the right, and Times Square and a rail station is near the top.

    A major interchange in the centre of town

    Arteries carve through the dense city

    The dominant skyline swallows up the majority of this image

    A hockey arena and an expensive golf course.  Bullet train and GLR lines provide excellent links with the arena

    A "super" avenue

    Landmark row

    8 lane highway

    The triplet towers

    Elevated avenue

    Collector and express lanes

    Bullet train junction

    Parclo interchange

    A typical bullet train line

    Residential high-rises and a small bullet train junction

    The buildings scrape the sky

    A stack interchange.  This particular interchange has become a landmark for the city!

    An old cloverleaf.  It was going to be demolished, but the city instead eliminated the weaving lanes and added eyecandy to the interchange

    The gateway to downtown Downtown

    The sleeping city

    A major stadium and the end of a highway at the crack of dawn

    A volleyball interchange.  The RHW has a wide median, allowing it to be widened from 4 to 8 lanes if needed.

    A partial interchange along the RHW.  It was designed to have a very positive approach to the city, increasing demand around it.  Most people don't want to live near a highway in real life, thats why this one was built with that in mind.

    A complex intersection

    A whirlpool interchange.  When it was built, it was designed to have 4 lanes pass under it.  However, when the RHW was widened from 4 to 8 lanes, this design flaw resulted in massive bottlenecks.  The outer lanes of the RHW now lead to the connecting ramps while the inner lanes pass under it.

    A GLR to elevated rail transition

    A typical neighbourhood

    Elevated rail junctions

    RHW interchange.  South of this junction the RHW doubles its capacity from 4 to 8 lanes, allowing it to handle its large volumes of traffic with ease.  The outer lanes start/end here to connect with various roads in the area.

    A central park

    An avenue with a elevated highway beside it with a rail line/interchange beside it

    A cruise ship preparing to dock with the terminal

    A medley of RHWs shown at night

    Up, down, right, left.  Theres a road/highway going everywhere!

    The Greater Terran Region's favorite casino!

    RHW intersection with GLR routes and stations at sunset

    Whew!  I went a little overboard for the first update of chapter 1.  Oh well, I hope you liked it.  Future updates may not be as big as this one.  I wanted my first update to be huge, so I made it huge.


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  • Replies:


    Schulmanator: Thanks! I see you are still going strong with Schulmania! I should drop by sometime ;)


    Benedict: !!!


    nathanthemayor: Ya I see it that way too, thanks! Its a little sad a lot of old pics are being lost on some great CJs. At least I have an opportunity here to fix some of mine!


    Tonraq: I don't think I was even updated to version 1.640 back then... Probably on 1.638. That is likely a good reason why some of the night lighting looks so odd.


    jmsepe: I can't really compare this to newer CJs or even my newer cities in SC4. This was made when the RHW was in its infancy, and my city designs radically changed as the RHW evolved.


    simlink: It's always nice to take a trip down memory lane. I've got gigs upon gigs of SC4 photos dating all the way back to 2003 (in backups). Every now and then I'll check them out to see how far I have come as a city-builder and also how the community has influenced my city designs.



    Anyways its time to go back to the past again, this time with an update from December 20, 2007!


    All text found below this line is from the original update itself.



    High rise Jungle:

    A new complicated avenue roundabout.  This new junction is open, and helps minimize the criss-cross of traffic you would find in a standard intersection/roundabout.

    Some vacant space for sale near a stack interchange:

    A new compact parclo interchange opens on the edge of the developed area designed to handle larger volumes than that of the former diamond interchange.

    A RHW/GLR intersection.  Demand on one side of the RHW is high (skyscrapers), but on the other, oddly enough, its lower (drive-ins)

    A municipal interchange built to handle increasing congestion from neighbour connections.

    The highway divides itself into thru and exiting lanes

    GLR, rail, and bullet train lines all meet together at this large and complex junction.

    Roads are aligned together to prepare for a future expansion of the city.

    A close-up of the new alignment.

    A RHW bypassing the area through a forest.

    GLR is a new component used in the expansion projects.

    Some more info about the city, displaying the aging population.  An issue that may become a problem in the coming years...
    -Also shown here are other measurements: The map, funds, population (ignore the population/funds, this photo was taken a while ago), and demand bars.
    -In the background, several office buildings and connections are shown.

    Lastly, a funny pic from an overhanging prop.  I call it the "Sky-port" LOL


    Anyways, thats it for this update.  Let me know how I did and what you think!


    I also found this pic in the update's cache but there's no text for it... Might have been part of another page or just a lost pic. Either way I'll post it here while I have my mind on it:

    And that was the GTR's second official update!




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    Uow! Maxis highway with six lanes!!

    Please, do not bump a CJ that's been inactive for so long; it is against this forum's rules and etiquette.

    - TekindusT (CJ forum moderator)

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  • Terran Settlement's first RHW interchange throughout the years.

    2007- No interchange

    2008- Raw interchange

    2008- Eyecandy added

    2008- Development

    2008- New RHW texture

    2009- New onramp added

    2011- Retrofit- New overpass, HOV lanes, new offramp

    2014- Retrofit- New overpass, new allignment for 6 through lanes, rebuilt ramps

    2014- Eyecandy and development


    Large mosaic of the area as it looks now:  http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Haljackey/photos/yay.jpg

    Imgur album here: http://imgur.com/a/4ELyG

    UDI videos through this interchange.

    2008: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGnXxTMdkks

    2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YpiR2djjCo

    2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxOdLbqoLuk

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  • 4 minutes ago, RobertLM78 said:

    Kickin' sweet. 
    Where'd you get the Triforce Master Sword looking plaza?


    Sorry but I have no idea, I don't even know what the file is called in my plugins! Probably from a Japanese site. I'll try asking in the Can't Find It? Ask Here! thread.

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    Just now, Haljackey said:

    Probably from a Japanese site. Try asking in the Can't Find It? Ask Here! thread.

    Hehe - no worries - I really just like the city, the fact that there's a Master Sword plaza is just a bonus  ;)

    Nice work - I hope I can get my current region to such a mature point - I have yet to even complete a single region, which is my basic goal with this one.

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    That's a terrifying mess Hal.  :lol:  I'm curious just how long it has been since you've loaded that city; I noticed in the news ticker bar there's a message welcoming you back to town that I've never seen before.  If you get the chance to open it and read it I'd like to know what it says.

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  • 1 hour ago, Indiana Joe said:

    That's a terrifying mess Hal.  :lol: 

    Best City Journal 2008 :LlamaTrixie2015:*:P*:P*:P

    Shows us how far we have come in terms of planning / play styles! *:no:


    1 hour ago, Indiana Joe said:

     I'm curious just how long it has been since you've loaded that city; I noticed in the news ticker bar there's a message welcoming you back to town that I've never seen before.  If you get the chance to open it and read it I'd like to know what it says.

    I load this city every 6-8 months or so, just to derp around in it and maybe make some upgrades / tweaks. My recent work expanded city population from about 3.1 to 3.5 million (serious intensification and air pollution cleanup)

    I have some advisor mod that gives me all sorts of new ticker news. I think it's this?

    The full headline:


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  • 2 hours ago, raynev1 said:

    Cool update  , it's been a while . Is it going to be more active ?

    BTW Congrats on your population achievement . 

    Thanks, and sure, why not. This region has been sorta resurrected and now forms a part of a mega-region. Part of this integration work included building new connections from one region to the next, sometimes involving some extremely major rework.

    I posted this in various show us your threads a while back but I'll stitch it all together here. Major transformation to building a new connecting highway. This city was once entirely within the GTR, but after the region merging the eastern half changed hands. They did a lot to of expropriation to build this highway.

    Here's the new bridge, showing the route it will need to take to get through the developed part of the city. Now check out the transformation.


















    + Video of the new bridge



    Here's what it looks like today. Another project is underway to reconstruct more of that north-south highway from Maxis Highway to RHW.


    The Maxis Highway on the extreme east edge is slated to be completely demolished and not replaced. Capacity upgrades to the other will make up for that loss.

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