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Got a big round number to post?

Your 100th, 500th, 100th, 1234th post?

Getting flamed about oversized smileys in peoples CJ's?

Well post it HERE!

This thread is also to talk about forum posts in general, to make sure it doesn't just turn into fresh, creamy, SPAM!

To start the chain... This is my 2200th post... I'll be back here when I get 2222!

PS. Go nuts with smileys!

milestone.jpg Have fun!

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I think I just passed post 1900.

I used to frequent a forum that had a thread similar to this - however, posts in that thread in that forum did not count towards the overall postcount.

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Originally posted by: Duke87 I smell a spam thread. Can this be gotten rid of, please?quote>

It can only be rid of if:

A) The author of the thread wants the thread closed.

B) A staff member moderating this forum believes it to be a spam thread.

We don't want this in the thread though:

Getting flamed about oversized smileys in peoples CJ's?

Well post it here!

PS. Go nuts with smileys!quote>

If people want to post their progress on forum count or post a special post of theirs, it could be done here. Only if this thread becomes a nuisance to handle and it violates forum rules will it be shut down.

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  • Original Poster
  • Oh don't worry, It was in my intentions to keep it as SPAM free as possible...But, we all know what can happen when things get out of hand...

    I guess I can see it is already starting to head in that direction... Gee, it's so hard to get a good forum going...

    Maybe I should change the title to something like:"Post Discussion" or the like... Good idea?

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    I'mn afraid this isn't my milestone...was going to post a thread but it's not llowed...congratulaytions jacky on 20,000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Original Poster
  • Jacky you are unbeliveable! (In a good way of course 4.gif)

    20,000... Gee I remember you just last year being at about 7,000...

    Holy poo!

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    Well, it isn't 20,000 posts (You are amazing Jacky!), but I just put my 100th upload on the Stex. What a long strange trip its been. Thanks to everyone for the support over the years!

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    Well then, I have finally hit the 2,000 post shelf!!! yay!!! I'm what you call 1/10 of jacky's post count, or 18,000 less. Lol!

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    Well, I passed 1, 000 post a few days ago in Mr.Cinatit's CJ.

    I thought about posting a few over sized smilies and a great big WHOOHOO!!! In there but then i decided that it might disturb his great new CJ.

    So, without further ado...


    PS: Post quality is better than post count.

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