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I new to SimCity 4 Need Help

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  • 17.gifHello guys i am new here and playing simcity 4 for about a month. i want to know about some term here i found in stex exchange section bat , lot and prop what are these three word mean in the game and one more thing what i  understand the lot is the size each square is equal to a lot.? am i correct.

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    Prop also means Polp or Ploppable; meaning that it can be placed right onto your map without building.

    Lot means that the building is Growable; meaning that you cannot place it straight onto your map, it has to built by the in-game machine. When the time comes where sims population, demand and sims wealth is suitable the building will be built automatically.

    I'm not so sure about Bat. Hoped that helped =)

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    sigh...if you dont know the answer, dont confuse the new people here at simtropolis

    Bat means it was made with the building architect tool (B.A.T.)...Lot means that it was made using the Lot Editor...

    Now if you meant Prop, that means it is nothing more then something that is used in other lots, and not to be used by itself ingame...it is also something that you can use in Lot Building...if you meant Plop, then yes, that means you can place the building right away in your city

    hope that helps 4.gif

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    A quick definition of the terms to be found on the STEX.

    1. BAT: Building Architect Tool. When something on the STEX is described as a BAT it simply means that this is a custom building built using this tool.
    2. Lot : A Lot is a complete item to be placed ingame and may or may not contain a custom building. Definition on the STEX between a BAT and a Lot is that the former has custom content and the latter does not. However, no BAT can actually make it into the game until it has been placed on a Lot, so in effect both BATs and Lots are ingame custom content created as an addition to the game.
    3. Prop: A prop is a small custom item (for example a tree, or a sign) that can be used to create custom lots via the Lot Editor. Props are, in effect, small BATs.
    4. Plop(pable): A custom lot that can be immediately placed in the game.
    5. Growable: A custom lot that cannot be immediately placed in the game, but instead will grow when the right conditions are met in game.
    6. Lot size: When a lot is descibed as being 3x3 this means that it will occupy an area of the ingame grid that is 3 squares by 3 squares. Squares within the game are also sometimes referred to as tiles.
    7. Dependencies: When you download from the STEX you may find that the item you have downloaded has a list of dependencies. These are packages of props, textures etc., that are required to make the download work in game and you must therefore also download these for the relevant item to work correctly in game.
    8. Installation: All material downloaded from the STEX should be placed in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder for them to be found by the game. For ease of use it is recommended that you create folders within that folder and store each download either individually, or grouped by type or the name of the person who created the item on the STEX. Many downloads even come with installers, so that makes the process very easy as it will automatically place them. However, not all people like or use installers, so you simply have to unzip the contents of the download into the plugins folder.
    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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            Welcome to Simtropolis!

    I believe onlyplace4 has given you great info and as he says, don't be afraid to ask anything.

      Also remember you need RH(just telling you).

                  Your Sincerely, Sim_Air

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    well only did cover the basics in the terms catigory...but there are so many, many more that are unique to Simcity 4 , and Simtropolis itself....almost like learning a new language ... there is a Glossary of Terms that are used by most members on the site, a pinned thrread at the top of the "New Members Forums" if you need to search later on to find it (gets updated from time to time as new term come about, which happens often) I wouldn't recomennd memorizing all of them , just refere to it if you start running into things on the forums that don't seem to make sence in normal English...4.gif



     PS to Only... you might want to update the Glossary to include what the heck BLAM" stands for....3.gif

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