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Lot Sizes

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  • I was wondering if anyone could direct me to information regarding zones and high density lot sizes or any lot sizes period?

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    That's a pretty broad query. What were you looking for in particular?

    Lot sizes vary from 1x1 all the way up to 6x6, in all kinds of dimensions. They're not tied to any particular wealth group or density. Although, high-wealth buildings tend to be on larger lots than middle or low-wealth. (That's not always the case, though.)

    Since there are hundreds of different lots in the game, I doubt you'll find a post that lists all the sizes.

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    Download the SC4Tool program :


    this is a modding and edit program...(some research and reading maybe required to use it effectively),that allows you to scan custom content and get the true stats of any lot (stage wealth type, zoning size, #of jobs/Res, etc etc)...also comes with a complete Data base of all the original buildings from Maxis...4.gif

    way kewl program...thank you Sim and Andrea and the rest of the SC4Tool program team...4.gif

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    I haven't used SC4Tool program in ages, but from what I remember it allows you to view and edit buildings, not lots. Lots and buildings are very different things.

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    No in-game R/C/I lots are bigger than 6x6.

    There are no residential lots bigger than 4x4, with the exception of a couple of low-density R$$$ mansions that are 4x5 and 4x6. (Basically, they're the same mansions that grow on smaller lots, but they can also fill up very big lots too.)

    There are a couple of CO$$ lots that are bigger than 4x4.

    Fisk Insurance can sit on a 5x4 lot.

    McClellan Inc. can sit on a 4x5 lot.

    There aren't any CO$$$ lots bigger than 4x4.

    CS$ lots are generally small; the only big lot is the 4x4 Willmott Drive-In.

    In CS$$, the only lots bigger than 4x4 are

    Lee Shopping Mall (6x6, 6x5, and 6x4 lots)

    Harris Galleria (5x4)

    Multiplex 13 (5x2, 3x5)

    In CS$$$, there are

    Bilyk Galleria (5x4)

    Grand Hotel (5x2)

    Andrews' Fashion Centre (6x4, 6x5, and 6x6 lots)

    Any for the various industries, there are several lots bigger than 4x4, but you don't have to worry about zoning specific depths for them to grow because they'll make their own lot sizes.

    Of course, some of the buildings I listed above will also grow on smaller lots, but the bigger lots have more decorations and stuff.

    If you want to ensure every lot size can grow, then make sure to zone depths from 1 deep all the way to 6 deep. If you're using downloaded BATs, they might want even bigger lots than that, but the in-game lots only go to 6 deep (including industry lots). You can also zone lots back-to-back that are only 2 or 3 deep each, and the game can combine them to form deeper lots.

    To zone deeper than 3, hold down the key while zoning.

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    To zone deeper than 3, hold down the  key while zoning.quote>

    This is probably a stupid question, but hold down which key? I normally hold down shift when I zone to keep streets from appearing; is this what you're talking about?

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    Barbyw has a mod and a tutorial on the the Boards to be able to make larger than 6x6 RCI growable lots now...4.gif

    though these will only be custom content lots such as Pmillers 10x010 LOTR lots...4.gif

    you will need the file listed here to do this:


    holding the following buttons while zoning will allow the following things:

    "ALT" = turns the arrow key of the zone lots 90 degrees

    "SHIFT" = eliminates auto roads

    "CTRL" makes the zone one size (though the game may later on chop up these zones)

    keys can be use 1 at a time...or in combination...4.gif

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    Oops, yes, for some reason, I thought I typed "ctrl" enclosed in angle brackets. I think the forum removes that text. Sorry.

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    sc4tool does allow you to view (and edit, although editing some files is not intended) all sc4 compliant files, that includes lot, desc, and model files, as well as dats

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