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which modd caused this:

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  • hi there,

    well I was very supprised when I saw this in my city:


    my sims are comming in from another city, very cool IMO!

    mostly I check my downloads very well, but this time I've no idea what I've downloaded to create this. so does anybody knows which modd this is?



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    I am pretty sure that this is supposed to happen. I have seen it all the time, but never thought anything about it. I am sure it is not caused by a buggy mod or anything like that. When sims leave one city to commute to another, they always appear in the next city that they are commuting to. Sometimes, they seem to go straight through the second city and into a third. It is a sign of a well working city, like vester said.

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    LOL - I like how two people have managed to tell you, without any hint of irony or sarcasm, that you're seeing people commute from the neighboring city because that's what's supposed to happen and that the reason you didn't see it before is probably because you weren't very good at the game until now.

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  • shame on me that I haven't seen this before in any of my cities. well it's probably caused by my change in city building. I used to mix zones, now I make specialised cities. lol

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    This is a very important subject to discuss.

    Pay attention: commute between two cities are affected ONLY for the demand. It is not important to have a bus stop in the other city.

    Resuming: Why is that sims coming to work in your city? That's because the other city DEMAND jobs, and you have made a rail connection to the other city.

    To explain better, i put a picture from two cities that I build.

    In the first city, you see 16 OMG thousands going for work in a single subway line.

    In the other side, you have NONE sims traveling message, because there is no subway network in the other side.

    Resuming: i have 1,4 million sims in the first city, obviously encountering unemployment problems. So, I build the second city to give around 150k dirty industries jobs.

    When I made the subway, connection, i had two things:

    The hands the other city need to work in the factories,

    and the connection.

    So I have the proper network only in the residential side. Thats the same with you, do you see?

    you have your city, with lots of jobs, and a rail connection. The other city have sims and demand jobs, so you will always see commuters in the rail line.

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