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What puts me off playing SimCity

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  • What puts me off playing SimCity is choice, there are too many land plots to choose from. Also, coming up with a city name and even designing a city.

    I like films/games based on realism. I am trying to create a city from scratch, small farms - few houses to a metropolis of iindustry and towering residences.

    But I don't know where to to start? I am using the landscape in the region 'London', the biggest plot of land. Any suggestions?

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    yea, create your own cool map with terraformer, or simply load and render one of the awesome maps here.

    Then, select a spot and start off with a small rural something like 10 houses or 15, a small commercial (I repeat: SMALL) and some farms around. A lil pump for water, a windmill or 2 for power, and then wait for the cashflow and expand slowly.

    EDIT: cops, firefighters and schools are not needed that early, sou you can keep them away for quite a while. usefull for budget!

    DON'T hesitate to tear down old zones for expansional reasons, that's realism and necessary.

    and, after a while, you get a sweet metropolis....

    And don't hesitate either on building with a regionwide concept. With some help and some experimental journeys though your map, You'l figure out quite fast how to do it...

    The result is definately worth the effort, I promise (and I don't promise much)

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    I do agree that the amount of choice, especially in BATs can be somewhat daunting. After I re-installed SC4 this time around, I did not get back to playing it for almost two months. Largely, this was due to the fact that I am a micromanager and was considering lot choices, map choices, and all of that stuff, without actually playing the game. The easiest way for me to play SC4 is to do so with minimal planning early on and massive planning later in the game. I probably waste a lot of money and time with my approach, but I am the kind of person that can plan something for months before doing it. Remember, this is a game and it is supposed to be fun. I know I have to keep that in mind or else I would never be able to play it. 4.gif

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    As far as naming cities, think about how cities are named in real life. 

    Geographical features are big factors, like Riverport, if it's on a river, or Fox Hill, if it's a rural hill, etc. Farming towns could be called Greenfield, Farmingdale, etc.

    Bayview, Newport, etc good names for ocean cities.

    Directions good to use, like Cape West, Eastdale, Weston, etc.

    If you draw a blank, use Google maps and check out a comparible region to what you're building.

    Good luck!

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    ah yes, your problems were mine many moons ago. what I lacked was inspiration and vision. When I saw the CJ's in the City Journal forum I found my inspiration. When I started playing with the terraforming tools I found my vision. now I have a masterpiece in the works and everything else is just falling into place. I no longer build cities I am painting a world!

    as for the city naming conundrum try picking up a thesaurus or a dictionary. Try to name the cities after natural formations within the city. do you have any idea how many words there are in the english language that describe a river? quite a few. I think I have 6 or 7 cities in my region right now that are named with synonyms for a river: Rive Creek, Brooks Bend, Beckburn, Forkfont, Rindle Haven, Rill Run, Riverdale just to name a few and I have a whole thesaurus of more city names to come.

    Then there are synonyms for trees and forests; timber vale, wetwood junction, Nouvea Verde, Harvest Hollows, Blissful Acres, Arbor Glenand more. then you can just add some directions to nearby smaller cities like West Verde, South Verde, SouthEast Wetwood,  etc.

    You can even just use words that describe the city in some way. I have two small city squares named Iota and Scintilla. I have a dump city named Rubbish Hill (it has a big landfill in it). there are a myriad ways to name a city. I have been known to sit for hours just comming up with new names. I have a whole list of neat words that I have not even used yet.

    dont give up, just keep plugging away. when the inspiration and vision hit, you will be working on your masterpiece in no time.

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    It's hard to be creative with a flat map. Get a map with plenty of terrain features. Build lots of scattered villages linked together by farms. Have the roads follow the contour features, but later allow interstates to cut through features even if you have to tunnel or flatten terrain.

    Farms like big expanses of flat lands. Villages, towns, and cities like to be at transportation junctions. You can ship ten times more freight for the cost via ships, so your largest population centers should be adjacent to navigable rivers or seas. Larger urban areas should also be close to large supplies of fresh water, so that usually means rivers and lakes.

    Taking this approach, you don't have to be very clever, and certainly not well planned out. Just study the terrain, lay down transportation while you still can, and then let development happen. Once you're ready to go from the rural to urban stage, you can grab the graph paper and bulldozer, but by them the simulator should have already provided suggestions to act upon.

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