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  • Greetings from Ray101,

    I have been playing Simcity4, for a long while now, at least three years; and I've also been a member of Simtropolis for a while also, Great site by the way. Although I would not consider my self a "pro", I do have some experiance playing.

    Anyway, more to the point, I've been having a great deal of dificulty, creating realalistic looking suburbs. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get the suburbish look that is in a few of the CJs; granted they ARE pros. Mainly I'm looking for curvy, squiggly street road look; Like the pictures in the Suburbs: Creating Realism in Sim City 4. So would it be possible to get some tips, or a good tutorial maybe?

    Also, another question; I'm also having dificulties getting Sims to use Mass Transit systems, Bus Stations, Train Stations, Subways, Monorails, ETC... I place them, link them together, power them, but nothing! Sims won't use them, so then how exactly am I suppossed to place them so Sims will use them?

    I also have a Problem; Whenever I have a large 3000 - 8000 sim apartment building, it usually goes black, and abandoned, due to commute time; I'm guesing because of the lack of Mass Transit by the Sims.

    Thank you,


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    First off, yes there is a tutorial in the Omnibus about building suburbs, which can be found here. Also, your mass transit systems: Some questions you should ask yourself are "Well, are my commute times thru the roof (60 minutes +)" or "Am I putting the proper system in the appropriate places?"

    As long as Sims can commute by car or foot comfortably on your street and road systems, then there is no need for mass transit, although it wouldn't be a bad idea to put them in early enough so when your city does become a decent size you won't need to destroy large buildings to make way for a 1x1 bus or subway station.

    Another thing, did you download and install the NAM (October 2005) Edition? It could be a lifesaver, trust me 2.gif

    Good Luck!

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  • Ah, thank you. Although I've already read that tutorial, I think the Mass Transit tip will help.

    I did install the NAM, and it did help, alot. But this also brings me to another question, Why is it that after I Zone Residential, even if It's connected to a whole network and other regions, it still has the Green Car with a Red Slash error?

    Any way, thank you for your help.

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    Thats a no road accsess zot. Leave them alone, and after a few years, they will dissapear. This will happen often with new zoning. Welcome to Simtropolis!

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    City centers are planned, suburbs just happen. It helps if you think like a subdivision developer; grab a chunk of land, parcel it, make sure you don't get a lot of through traffic cutting through your development. Subdivisions are carve-outs of bare land with some transportation in relative close proximity.

    If you start that way, space out your subdivisions initially, and then more neighborhoods grow inbetween, you'll get a jumbled, organic, and probably realistic looking suburban sprawl.

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