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Land O' Bays

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  • Welcome everyone, thank you for viewing my CJ. This is a very large region that I will hand craft as I go along through it. I wasn't thinking clearly when I decided to start taking pictures and editing them, oitherwise I'd start with the Historic District, but instead we are starting with the Big City part of this particular city called Dietrich City/Josef Bay. Dietrich City is the historic district of Josef Bay, where as Josef Bay is just the area/big city part.
    So Here we start off with City Planning.
    I'll start with the interchanges. The main roads and highways through the city are I-241, TOLL S.R 989, US 75, US Business 60 US 60 and S.R 979.
    Here are the JCTs.

    The Main Road through Josef Bay and I241



    I241 and US 75


    End of Multi Lane

    I-241 and US Business 60

    I-241 and The Cross Town ExpressWay

    I-241 and US 60

    The Express Way and US 60

    At the time of these pictures the expressway wasn't completed, it's projectioned ending point was on S.R 979. So we Will now venture to the city center, Tampa St (US 75) and Josef Brisko Ave (Business US 60)
    I do not have the city hall I want to use in this city, so in most of the pictures it is blank, but in pictures I just took today, it will be the Red Square.
    We'll first look at the first parks in Josef Bay.

    Courthouse Square

    and Roosevelt Park

    Riley Park

    Jason Almcranz Park

    Here is the Police HQ and a Luthern Church.


    Here is the Central Fire Department Head Quaters and Josef Bay High School.

    Now to look at the entertainment block in the city center (Awaiting the movie theater by Jasoncw)
    There are several restaurants and bars on this block. conviently located next to the stock exchange.

    Here is the Court House block

    Now to take a look at the Chicago Blocks


    For the Next Update I will show you the progression from the city planning into the development and also show you the Zoning. I had to cut the opening short due to wrestling practice, enjoy and check in tomarrow for more updates.


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    So many BAT's, Pure eyecandy, nice!!! What fire station is that? and the police station?? I'll see you in your next update

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    Battlecat: Thanks 4.gif I don't like seeing the same thing over and over. I want the most unique set of stuff.

    Mikeaut1: Yeah, I want something that stands out and works effectivly to avoid having traffic problems

    Cityhawk: I have so many BATs, I have so many so that everything is unique and nothing is the same. I try to make all my parks different looking and unique.

    GaBoR: I do a lot of lot editing so that everything in the city matches or lines up how I want it to, for instance, the Fire Station is Palmercr's Central Fire Command, found here -> http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=2261
    My Police HQ is 2 seperate Police stations.
    One is Porkissimo's Paris Large Police Department, found here http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=14192
    And the other is ill tonkso's Modern Glass Police Station, found here http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=11712
    I will update later tonight. as soon as I finish making sure that I do not have two of the same buildings.

    To show you the region so far here's what it looks like in a road map. 4.gif enjoy

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    You've made a great start here! The buildings and parks all look great together and it looks like you've done' som great planning on your highways. very nice!

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  • Growth in Josef Bay is absolutely ridiculas. In a few short years it went from a medium sized city into an out of control metropolis.

    I was having problems growing things that I wanted to grow in certaint spots. So I just tried to contain the things that were repeating and place ploppables over them.

    I've tried everything to slow down the growth, however it's growing so fast, that the medium density squares are now growing sky scrappers.

    So here's my update.

    We'll start up with the completion of the Cross Town Expressway.



    The Transportation Comittee tried its best to move around all historic buildings, and sucessfully did.



    The US 75 Exits

    The End of the Cross Town is on Bevin Sivitz Blvd (S.R 987) but is projected to be expanded to West Josef Bay.

    So let's get on with the city now!




    This is the city right after I finished the City Planning and put in zonning, it grew up fast... It skipped a few stages.

    So the city begin bussling and because of it's beautiful bay front location it was the ideal place for many High Wealth Condos, hotels and etc.




    Once the City reached 70 Thousand People, they commissoned a Sports Arena.

    The Arena is located on Bevin Sivitz Blvd and John F. Kennedy Blvd.

    There is a better picture below.


    So Let's look at the historic Items here in Josef Bay


    Historic Row Housing by, Odd from Sweeden.


    The First Sky Scraper, the Carnel Tower by NDEX.


    The Large Residential Tower construction, you can see the Arena in the background.


    The Beautiful Marina Crown by Cobb

    Here are some random shots to show the beauty of the city.








    Now we venture to the neighborhoods surrounding the city, Bayshore and North Park




    North Park



    Next Update the Bayshore and North Expansion.

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    well it looks you have the skycrapers growing in your city!!! Thanks for the links and the time to answer my questions, See you in your next update

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  • I have some bad news. I'm going off to Wrestling Camp on Sunday, and I won't be back until Thursday.

    I'm afraid I don't have enough time to really start making my CJ awesome, so this will be a very irregular update patturn.

    But the updates will be more storyish, since I can't get the whole thing done maybe I can atleast tell the tale of my one city I have made.

    Thanks for all your comments, I'm trying to fix up things in the city right now. I just replaced a run down abondoned shack with a new park in name of Odd from Sweeden.

    also, the Crosstown is being dubbed the Odd Crosstown Expressway.

    In ohterwords, Thank you very much Odd for making that prop for me. 4.gif

    The Park is unfinished because I didn't have enough time to finish it.


    There are suppose to be seasonal trees on each corner, but I didn't have time to let them appear.

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    This has in fact inspired me a lot 9.gif Thx Josef, for these great pictures and neat details.

    Makes me think about starting a CJ too..

    Wish you the best of luck with futher updates and im really looking forward to see some news 4.gif

    -Greetings from Denmark

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    I'm glad to see you have a new CJ. Looks nice, I like the interchanges, and the downtown looks realistic. I'll look forward to seeing what the suburbs look like.


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