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Pluggins question

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  • I've been cheerfully downloading lots of lots from the STEX archive. After I download the zip folder, it automatically goes into my unzipped folder. I unzip the folder and, unless the Read Me doc says otherwise, I copy and past the contents into my pluggins. Is this how it's supposed to be done? Or am I supposed to place the entire lot folder into the pluggins folder?


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    Since you're just starting, now's a good time to organize them in seperate folders that are very well labeled. Your plugin folder is going to be extremely large and unorganized, otherwise. And yes, just drop the folder into /plugins.

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    personlly I always save the file to a directory outside the game  (personelly use my d:    STEXdownloads\( quite few differnt sub-folders)...this aviod me having to download a file more than once...4.gif

    yea...keeping your plugins folder orgainized from the start is the best thing you can do if your going to use the STEX and mods

    before starting to use the STEX start with this thread...point zero in my opoin to play SC4 correctly:


    you may have as many subfolders in the plugins as you see fit

    having a folder for each of the lot makers..and sub folders for RES, COM,IND, Parks etc etc is a common way to do this...there are other methods as well...as long as you have one where you can easyly and quickly find the lots yourself...if you happen to run into a conflict or troubles intalling a lot...this will make it easier to find and fix the problem

    I also suggest downloading the SC4Tool program...just for it ability to scan custon content an have it tell you all it stats...also has editing capabilites so you may alter a lot you like the look of...to suit your personel playing style

    try to set up a sandbox region for testing lots before you use them in your favorite region...use cheat mods in it if nessasarey...as it's just for test purposes,  to make sure they function correctly and the way you want to...plus gives ya a chance to view the lot and make sure you have all the proper dependancies (other files you may have to download seperatly to have the lot function and appear correctly)  I suggest Rapl Ninja's Radical ordinace mod and the tileset mod  also to help you out...4.gif

    most important thing to remeber...go slow with the pluggins...ST not going anywhere...aviod throwing a lot of lots in your game at once...and always read the readme file with any download...as they are the lot maker's instructions on how to install the lot correctly into your game

    Welcome to ST...4.gif

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