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Problem with the Update Patches!

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  • Hi!

    I'm from Portugal (Europe, for some of you that may not know where it is!) and I'm addicted to SimCity, since the very first version!

    First of all, excuse my rough English!

    So, my "little" problem...

    I've got SC Original + Rush Hour, the 1st European and 2nd USA version (bougth on e-bay).

    So, I downloaded the update patch SK2 (Europe) for the SC Original and the SK1 (USA) for the RH.

    I read the instructions and run the patches, but (I don't know why!) some files weren't updated.

    For example: the main file "simcity 4.exe" still is the version 1.1.610.0 (the one without the update) and not the one they say (in the website) it should be: 1.1.638.0!

    The game runs ok, i guess, but i stil can't get rid off those annoying "brown boxes"! I think it has something to do with those files that are not being updated...

    Is there anyone who may have some suggestions? Or simply someone who can look to the files that are supposed to be changed and say if they are like this:

              o SimCity 4.exe should be updated to version 1.1.638.0. File size should be 8,407,542 (Rush Hour)

              o Graphics Rules.sgr should be updated to 20,171 bytes

              o SimCity 1.dat should be updated to 144,596,245 bytes

              o SimCity 2.dat should be updated to 168,588,181 bytes

              o SimCity 3.dat should be updated to 115,117,583 bytes

              o SimCity 4.dat should be updated to 125,624,858 bytes

    .... because my files aren't!

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    PS: by the way, I shearched in this forum for answers and didn't find them!

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    having a rush hour version that differs from the original versions can cause several in-game problems, especially when you mix the left-hand drive European version with the right-hand drive US version.

    unfortunately for you, the only probably way out is to either buy a copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe, or a European version of Rush Hour.

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    Those figures look to be about right for what the updated ones should be.

    Two suggestions (actually three):

    1. Try the SKU2 update for Rush Hour.

    2. Get the BAT Update (available on the BAT page on simcity4.com)

    3. Buy a European version of Rush Hour (or Deluxe) like prince_of_sims said.

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  • Original Poster
  • I feel so stupid...

    Thks tchaos713! I tried your 1st suggestion and IT WORKED, of course!!!

    It was the only thing logical I didn't remember to try!

    No more "boxes" and the update went perfectly well!

    Hope someday I'll have the possibility to help you too!


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    Ah, Portugal.  Cork trees, fine wines, sunshine on the western Iberian peninsula.  The home of Prince Henry the Navigator.  Some of us know where you are, and something of your history, my friend.  Maybe it is because I have had my own yacht and studied navigation or maybe it is my general interest in history.

    Welcome to our conversation.  I am glad you fixed your problem.  It is one of the deadly mistakes people can make when purchasing expansions on e-Bay.  Have fun with the game.

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