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Copyright on buidlings?

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  • Hello All,

    I was recommeded that I drop this community a note. I create websites and was wondering if anyone knew the legalities behind using the simcity building-tools to construct my own set of buildings for an on-line web-based product. The product is not a game, rather I'm just after creating my own design buildings (this could create commercial gain). Are there any copyright issues behind using this excellent software for this purpose? Does anyone know the rules behind this?



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    Well, GMAX is a free 3d-tool, so if you mean using it, no, thats not a problem. Using the BAT(Which is Maxis Export Tool), maybe, but then again, you would only want to use BAT to export buildings that Sc4 can read.

    Id say its perfectly okay, since your using a free tool!

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    gmax is free, so your work is up to you as far as copyright goes.

    SC4 BAT doesn't play much effect in what you're trying to do, as it simply takes snapshot pics of gmax rendering and prepares them into model files suitable for SC4 to accept.

    But if you are asking whether it's ok to use existing buildings available in STEX for your web application, that's a whole different story -- you'll need to check with STEX policy and author's licensing requirements.

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    Welcome to Simtropolis Britball! 39.gifI hope you enjoy yourself here! 10.gif

    Lots of free buildings can be found right here on the Simtropolis Exchange which can be found here, if you want models to use in gmax, there is a filter on the left to show 3ds Model Files which can be used on gmax.

    There is an Edit post button in the bottom right of your post as an alternative to double posting, just a tip for the future. 2.gif

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    Hi All,

    I'm a $%&^! to BAT and thought I 'd give it a go to make some buildings.

    I thought I might be able to get some animated gif's based on building art from the STEX disk.

    Without being flamed on this issue, are the files on the disk , and this site, royalty free / free available for derivative products.

    I'm not expert on intellectual Property law, but as long as I'm not infringing on brandnames, icons, logo's or slogans... Is the art available on this site available for my use for a derivative commodity?

    If not does anyone know where I might get some art that I could use for this?



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