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How to build canals with in-game tools?

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  • Hello, this is my first post! I've been reading here for a long time and I never had anything to add, but now I have a question I could find nothing about :

    I want to build canals, for water access (ferries + seaports) accross my region, but

    I don't want to use plug-ins (i just have the nam and hole-digging lot).

    I prefer to use terraforming and too bad if they are not as beautiful... My point is I don't want them to be eye-candy.

    So I started diggin, but unfortunately the "water ways" are not used.

    My question is : how wide do they have to be?

    I dug a 4 tiles canal with the 1tile terraforming tool, that's 2 tiles flat underwater and 2 that link to the land -> \ _ _ / ..

    Is it too narrow ?

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day/night wherever you are!

    ps : The depth is the same as the sea's (with the easy levelling thing), and the bridges height are all ok.

    There is demand in this 100k city : a ferry and a seaport near the sea work and move people and freight ; but the ferry in downtown won't work, and i also want seaports in other cities (connected to this city with canals) to work.

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    With a canal or narrow river there is not enough room for the ferry to turn around and embark/disembark. I am not sure what the minimum area must be, but I am certain its wider than 2 tiles, so try opening out the canal or river around the ferryport area.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Thank you for answering but it doesn't help a lot : i still wonder what the minimum needed width is...

    I enlarged it to \ _ _ _ _ /, but it's still not enough.

    Does anybody know the how many " _ " have to be underwater to make a water way work?


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    Yes, as battlecat says, I've been putting up a small tutorial on this very subject in my CJ entitled  Queenston

    I belive ferries will travel along a three tile wide canal, but I'll have to check. I am certain four tiles is sufficient. It could be the water depth, I'm not sure what the minimum depth is for ferry transportation. 

    Other than that, I couldn't guess what the problem is

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    Good question, posted in the right forum, resulting in useful info for everyone. Reminds me of joesocwork's advice, "lurk before you leap."

    Though your screen name frightens me, nice to meet you and welcome, cannibal_bill.

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