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  • Hey everyone and welcome to my new CJ!

    I'm going to start playing a region I call Montañas Arenosas (in English: Sandy Mountains).

    The map is Patience County by MAPP SQUAD. I liked it very much the first time I saw it and decided to build it. So thanks to mapp squad for the nice map.

    Anyway, I wanted to build a more desertlike city so I downloaded Teirusu's Desert Mod.

    Here's a pic of the region:


    My aim is to build a large metropolis with downtown by the little island in the centre of the big valley and suburbs around it on both sides of the mountain.

    I'll post updates as soon as I complete the first little city in the north, El Norte.

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    Welcome to Simtropolis! Don't be afraid to PM me or others if you need help.

    That's an interesting region you've got there, and I look forward to seeing you develop it.

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  • Alright time for the first update.

    I've built the first city on this region, it's called El Norte. It's made of up 6 districts; Traxon, Norte, Easton, Clayton, Upland and Idlewood. In this update I will also show you Glen Park Harbor, which will later on be connected to Glen Park.

    First image; an overview of the City of El Norte.


    Let's start down south at Glen Park Harbor with the Electra Norte Nuclear Plants, just by X 18


    Below: Glen Park Harbor, still under construction.


    And north of the harbor, we have Idlewood which is built up quickly to house workers from the harbor and the industries around it.

    It looks pretty boring from close, but when you look at it from far up, it's pretty okay.


    A little bit more nicer suburbs from western El Norte in Traxon.


    As I discovered PEGs stream and channel kits, and also found the dam, I wanted to test them. So I came up with the idea of placing a water source on top of the mountain, and run it down the slopes into a straight channel. That's why you will see a little river on the El Norte map.

    Here's the source.


    And the Upland Dam.


    A general shot of Upland. You can see the stream running down the slope and ending up in a channel (transition was left out of the pic for some reason).


    That's all for now, hope you like it.

    If you've got some good ideas for my cj, please post them. I'll be glad to try and create them.

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  • Before I start building new cities, I thought of making a little plan for what's coming.

    This is what i came up with:


    As El Norte is almost complete, there is still two main city areas available.

    My idea for this region would be to have three major centers. I am still thinking of a good place for the commercial downtown of El Norte.

    The San Pedro highrise district would be where the letterts SAN are. For the unnamed city, I thought of placing the skyscrapes on the little island in the middle of the cicle.

    There would be two major harbors, one in Glen Park where i've already started building it, and the other in south of San Pedro in the bay.

    I am totally out when it comes to inventing names, so i'll need your help. If you come up with any good names for my region, please post them here or pm me.


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    I really like the suburbs. That one avenue in the Idlewood pic is crowded, I can see. The quality of living must be high there! I also like your use of PEG's stuff. Also, it's good that you've got a development plan, but as for the names, I don't have any, but a good way to get city names is to take letters from two or more words and combine them, or you can take names from a list of all the cities in the world. Anyway, I look forward to more of this!

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    That's very cool. I really like the landscape, layout of the suburbs is ok..

    Great work,  can't wait for more. and for future picture taking, turn grid off by pressing the 'G' key.

    The pictures will look a lot better.

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    great job so far.... idlewood is very griddy but hey every city has grids somewhere... good start and keep up the good work!


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  • hey everyone!

    thanks for your comments!

    for those of you who wanna see more, i'm building new areas right now. and for those of you who've been saying el norte was griddy, there's gonna be some variety in the next update.

    the next update will include at least the northern suburbs of san pedro (including the port sherman harbor).

    stay tuned for more updates soon.

    @tommy_vercetti3 thanks for the G-reminder. i must have been focused on something else when i took the screenshots.

    @collgab the grafitti-style font can be found here if you wanna try it yourself.

    i will post next update hopefully already this weekend, but at latest next week.

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  • Alright people, update 2, little sooner than I thought.

    Let's start where we finished last time, El Norte. I will show you the beginning of the San Pedro Expressway (aka. X29). From here on, I will only give names for the major roads, since numbers only confuse me.

    Here's a pic of the desert highway going north beyond the region.


    Going towards San Pedro, we come to a medium-sized town, Widowfield.

    The town is divided into two medium tiles, Widowfield is the northern part, and Mount Starfish the southern.

    Below: northern Widowfield and a local grocery store and some other small shops.


    Here's a region shot of the new areas.


    I tried to make the main roads a little bit visible on this one. The highways can be seen in red.

    Going south towards San Pedro, there's a major passanger rail track (in black).

    In Kingswood, it crosses the tracks coming from Widowfield going to Swifton.


    More Kingswood


    Swifton Highway goes from the SP expressway to the island of Swifton.



    Here's a shtot of a local highway that mainly collects all the trucs going from the industrial areas to the harbor and towards El Norte.

    You can also see the natural gas powerplants and the gaspipes going to the rigs in the ocean.


    A gas storage facility in Port Sherman.


    Much of the produced natural gas is shipped to other regions aswell.


    That's all for now.

    To make this cj as interesting as possible, I ask you readers to tell me what you want to see more of! Anything is possible!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Excellent ports and industrial areas. The pipelines and embankment walls add to the industrial area's realism. You seem not to be afraid of making large, sprawly industrial areas, unlike me, who hates reserving space for industry.

    Everything else is great as well and I am suprised that there have not been that many replies.

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    Originally posted by: pickled_pig

    Everything else is great as well and I am suprised that there have not been that many replies.quote>

    I'm surprised, too! I just don't think many people are reading CJs like they used to.

    I really like your industrial areas with the pipelines and all, and I always love a good highway. Nice "busy" region shot as well. I look forward to more!

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