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LOTs that should produce city income

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  • Lottery is just one idea Have had recently, but it has bugged me  for  a  long time now; Public pools usually break even as the cost to use the pool covers it. Lottery agents take a percentage to cover city schools or other specified city costs.

    The zoo should not cost the city anything either or an amusement park etc, should give my city variable income based on amount or type of zones present in my city.

    Landmarks should cost to plop, but some of them should clearly produce a city income, not a cost.

    What do some of you other sitizens think?

    I have some Lottery signs already made and want to make the lotto store BAT.

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    it sounds like a good idea although I can neither confirm nor deny the profit potential of city or state run organizations. I would assume that if a "lot" is run by the government that there might be some laws or such that would prevent such a thing from turning a profit (or at least too much of one) and should at best break even thus costing nothing from a game point of view.

    the lottery idea is neat but lotteries are usualy the stuff of state governments and not cities. however, with region play i guess you can make the argument that a region is a small state and go with that.

    it should be easy to change the cost values of some lots using SC4Tool or ILives Reader. I think you should go ahead and make and release the lottery bat. I am sure many people would like it in their city. I would like to suggest that it also raise R$ and R$$ demand caps. R$ and R$$ love the lottery, R$$$ could care less.

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  • My State lottery collects a percentage towards school funding and cost to run it. The Lottery agent also collects percentages on winners. But maybe it should be a smaller amount for the game.

    But I agree with you fully, on the R$, R$$ and R$$$ part.

    Truthfully, if you had more lots that made economical sense and actually supported the city better; you could have a more relaxed design concept for that city. The probem with designing a realistic city, that veins out around a river and through some valleys, is those illogical costs, that should not be in the game. This is a realist point of view, IMO.

    This way I could design a city of tourist traps and long scenic beach fronts and without too many Modds, just lavish lots that bring in taxes and tourist attractions that bring in even more funding.

    State Parks also charge for parking and camping etc, to compensate the cost of maintaining the park. Specific reward Parks could offer effect but break eevn costing the city nothing to run it.

    State(same as region or city) campgrounds and hiking, zoos, lotteries, theme parks; usually produce private incomes also and should not cost the city anything. Even the Swimming park, if privately owned should pay a commercial tax to the city.

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