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  • (Apparently I.E. hates this page. You might want to view it on Firefox if the images go alllllll the way out to the end of the page. You don't have to, but it makes for easier viewing.)

    Welcome to my thread. It's called Terketmek.

    Screw the story, let us get right into city building, shall we?

    Table of Contents? We don't need no stinking Table of Contents.

    At least not yet. It's up to you, dear readers, if I'm gonna need one later.

    (No sense of future accomplishments here. Don't you always like reading a new CJ that has the first post

    Reserved for Table of Contentsquote>
    and then dies before make it through 30 replies to get to a second page, therefore making a Table of Contents worthless? I do.)

    So, on that note, we make with the pictures.

    ...Actually, hold that thought. Here, read this first. I'm not using cheats. (Not even God-Mode Trees yet!) while taking FULL advantage of the new Painted Desert Terrain Mod by cycledogg. Ok, not full advantage. I have not yet gone the whole gauntlet of terrain heights, so I have not yet seen all the textures available, but that's a minor detail.

    So, after those formalities, on to the photos!

    Ok, one more thing...

    Just kidding.

    A picture, in a link. I know, it's not what you expected, but it is rather large. This is before development, the city tile where I will be starting out. Although...


    Hopefully this works?

    (Edit: Hurrah! A picture link! Let me know if it all works for you cause it works for me!)

    Ok, now that we got the land done, where to build?


    That looks like a lovely spot.

    Now on to some constru....

    Wait, something's missing. I don't know what though....

    Wait, yep, got it.

    Trees! (With apologies to chocolatemax285, this isn't what you would find if you were walking in, oh, say Green Depra. But they are trees nonetheless. Juniper Pines with a dash of Shore Pines along the water's edge.)




    I must say, cycledogg's terrain makes it really easy to place trees. You just look for places that have some scrub or grass amidst a field of sand. And then maybe in a few ravines, wherever water may pool.

    And there you have it. This would be the city tile all ready to be built upon. And you know what that means...

    But I can't do it. At least not yet. I'm extremely happy how it turned out, therefore I can't build on it right now. But that's alright, I'll let you in on a little secret.

    I've already built on it!

    I know, shocking. I was working on it last night, and today I posted these images. However, as we speak, there is development on the very ground that you have just looked at. How could I have ruined the perfectly good canyon valley floor by building on there? Easy. I'm gonna let you in on another secret....

    I made a back-up of the unbuilt city.

    Yep, right now, on my desktop, is this city square ready to be called up in a moment's notice if I don't like how the development turns out. Sneaky, I know. But essential. You have no idea the qualms I had about destroying this pristine desert land. I almost shut down SC4 because I was so torn at whether to build on it or revel in it's orange glow.

    But enough!

    I leave you with a little teaser. (God I hate when people say that. It's not really a teaser. It's a freaking picture. Now if I put up a totally black picture with a caption like "What I shall show you next time," that would be a teaser. You would all be like "I wonder what is under there." That would be a tease. Anything more than that is a picture you just couldn't wait to show us.)

    So, with that being said, here is one more picture (or three) that I had planned on showing you in this post all along, I was, however, going to wait until the end to show it. Consider this not as a teaser, but instead, as a parting gift.


    (Edit:Works for me!)

    Wow, that took a lot longer than I had expected.

    (Log of Edits:

     Removed Hyperlink

     Strike-out text

     Added caption under Picture Link

     Added caption under Photo Montage

     Attempted Uniformity in Font and Color of Text)

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    Wow... well, I've got two impressions:

    First: finally something that looks different.

    Second: It looks very promising.

    Overally: I'm looking forward to more! 44.gif

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    Nice start!  The Painted Desert Terrain looks fantastic and you've done a fantastic terraforming job there.  I enjoyed your writing style as well, it's terribly amusing. 4.gif  

    Can't wait to see where you will be heading, and how the rest of the regions terraforming turned out. 

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    You have a great start! I also like the style of writing you have, very humerous. Too many people take their CJs to seriously. Can't wait for more!

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    That's a VERY nice looking region! The trees are a nice added touch, and I can't wait to see the development pics! Nice writing, too!

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  • Why thank you, everyone. It was good to see (double digit!) replies to my thread when I got back from work. Glad to see it hasn't found it's way into obscurity yet. We'll give it a week.

    That being said, actually, I must let you all readers know this:

    Only 11 replies with 101 views!?!


    Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I'll never speak of that again. Unless it's me commenting on how many replies and or views I have as a whole, not in relation to each other. (Actually, I don't know what the 'proper' reply to view ratio is, I'm at about 10% which sounds pretty good. Not tooting my own horn or anything.) (I just checked the reply to view ratio on other journals, and 10% seems about right. So yes! I'm average!)

    But, in all seriousness, I don't care about replies and such. Sure, it makes it easier on 56kers because it pushes my posts further apart and makes the likely hood that posts with pictures will be on different pages. And it does make me feel good to see multiple comments after my posts....

    But, again, replies are not that important. Because, my name is brtim2 (ever notice how not many people capatilize the first letter of their handle?) and I am a lurker.

    Seriously, I am.

    Sure, I have over 600 posts, but I am a CJ lurker. I like looking at all the pretty pictures and the bright colors. If you can find a way to get shiny metal objects in your posts, then heck, I'll be there all day. Why I enjoy the pictures, I rarely comment. And that's not saying the CJ's are bad, it's just that I like to toil and view in the dark. But rest assured, I remember what I like and always return, so your work is not wasted.

    So, to follow up, there are some people that like to post, just like there are people that don't want to post, for whatever reason. Both are appreciated and welcomed in their own special way. I don't want anyone to feel threatened into posting here, just like I don't want anyone to think they can't post here (at least not yet). So if you are visiting to see the pictures, great, enjoy them. If you have a question, do not hesitate to post, I'll try and answer it quickly (and correctly). If you just want to let me know how I'm doing, good or bad or indifferent, that's fine too. The only way one grows is by listening to other's advise (it can also lead to sticky situations, but that's not relevant here). And if you want to post an advertisement here, well then I'm gonna have to get you banned. It's that simple.

    And right now is where I would make with the personal replies, if I was going to do that sort of thing. You see, szarkoz, Battlecat, sloppet, SC4Noobie, jacqulina, mattb325, cityhawk, andymcnab666, GMT, collgab, and GaBoR are all waiting for me to reply to their message, you know, personally. They were kind enough to be the first to reply to the thread, therefore they should rewarded, right?

    Well, yes.

    And no.

    They were rewarded with their name in bold up there. But that isn't to mean I won't reply. I just won't do it publicly. You see, there's something about a 'Personal Reply' in public form. If it's a personal reply, it should be between the two, not for everyone to see. That's just me. Almost everyone else is Publicly Replying to A Direct Message. Sure, it's a bit longer, but more accurate.

    Also, I read a boring topic the other day. About the mechanics of a City Journal. One of the posts was readers do not care about what I have to say. They try and block out the messages that have been left by others and anything other than pictures by the author. Anything more and it clutters up their viewing experience.

    And I happen to agree.

    I know, it doesn't make any sense because of the abundance of words here and the lack of pictures thus far, but they were right. That's how I read a City Journal.

    Page Down until I see pictures.



    Next page.


    So as to make this easier on lurkers I will respond to messages via PM. It might be more work, but I assure you it will keep the flow of the Journal that much better. (At least that is what I hope.)

    So, with that I must start with the sending of messages. I'm sorry there was not more pictures to show you, but there will be more coming.

    And I'd leave you with a teaser shot, but I don't have a black box handy. Oh, wait!

    A white box works just as well! Enjoy the teaser!

    (Holy crap that's a lot of writing. And what did I say? Absolutely nothing of importance.)

    (Edit: How come my font isn't uniform! This bugs me! Gah! Need uniformity.)

    (If this doesn't work I quit. But now the font is too big. I'm picky, I know.)

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    WOW - very beautiful desert you got there! (those reds look amazing

    especially in the shadow areas) the pines look great , although

    i think  you might need a little scrub brush or tumbleweeds

    to thicken it up a bit here and there...but thats just me....46.gif

    quick question though - did you do anything special (tips or tricks)

    to get those nice plateaus, or just alot of patience and alot of coffee? 16.gif

    (Props to cycledogg as well)


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    that canyon is really cool and the desert mod looks great. i can't wait to see how you've built in it. it's also good to see a cj with a new style. can't wait for more!

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  • Well you all thought this was gonna be another one of those 'one and done' city journals. Nope.

    I've already done one of those, eep! (And it has since been deleted, thank you very much.

    But no, I've been working on the region and I hve gotten some pictures, alas, it is slow work. Repatative slow work. And I even tried a downloaded map of the Grand Canyon, but it would take more work to get it to look decent that I'm trudging through the process of creating this region by hand.


    This is what I have so far, as you can see I've been busy. The only tile done by the first update was the center one with anything built on it.


    I've found it really hard to try and duplicate what was done in the first city tile with the Canyon Walls and such. That was me just fooling around, not having a clue what I'm doing. 

    If only that worked in real life.

    The hardest part is getting those ridges to line up. While they look awesome and realistic in the region shot, they also create lines across city borders if not done right. Stupid lines.

    And that little buldge to the far right? That's an attempt at a the start of a series of mountains. I know, I know. Stop laughing. If it wasn't for the canyon wall that is built into the map I would have deleted the whole city. It's ugly. I'm gonna hold off on that side of the map for right now.

    And for those of you that care, I have uploaded a second item to the STEX. Crazy.

    It's a surface water plop, it can be found here. (Many thanks to dedgren.) This is in addition to my other BAT, which is a Cell Tower and can be found here.

    That's everything right now, not what you expected, probably, but a sign that I am alive. And that's a good thing.

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    It seems like your having a hard time terraforming. Don't stress over your CJ too much. Why did you start the CJ? You enjoy SC, and you want to have fun with it. Don't feel rushed. rushing makes EVERYTHING worse. Nothing is as good as the original if you rush, and you don't want that to happen. Just show us some close ups while you continue terraforming. If you are bored of terraforming, take a break until inspiration returns. Start building. Work on another region. Do something else, besides SC. The biggest thing is to just relax...

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    Well, I think the terraforming is comming along quite nicely so far.  The second tile does have that same character as your first one.  I've found terraforming to be quite frustrating because reconciling never seems to work right.  I wish there was a ghost version of the neighbour visible while we are terraforming.  Anyhow, I like what I see, keep it up and don't let the game get to you!

    Also, thanks for uploading that ploppable water! 

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    If this can serve you of encouragement, the terraforming is amazing, it's incredible realistic you are very good at it, I can't even gete a river to match it's counterpart in the next city lol! Don't get exasperated, get calm, breath deep, and bolw our minds away with your magnificente terraforming!!! Great antena an water Thank you very much!!! and thanks for your reply you are very well manered

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